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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Essential Oils praised in Well Being Journal

The Wellbeing Journal, a premier monthly news and information source for natural medicine lists several essential oils, including Tea Tree Oil and Oregano Oil. A quote from the article:

In The Complete Aromatherapy Handbook (New York: Sterling Publishing, Inc., 1990), Susanne Fischer-Rizzi writes, “Oregano is one of the most effective antiseptic essential oils for all kinds of infections. This antiviral remedy helps stimulate the stomach and the appetite and helps treat hiccups and dyspepsia. Oregano also loosens phlegm, calms coughing spells and helps treat chronic bronchitis. Topically oregano has been used to help treat cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, and chronic skin problems. Using oregano in a sitz bath or as a massage oil may help relieve menstrual problems. Dosage: Take orally 1 to 2 drops, diluted, one to two times daily. Caution: Do not use during pregnancy.” For external application, dilute oregano essential oil in a large quantity of carrier oil, such as 5 drops essential oil per teaspoon (15 drops per tablespoon, or 30 drops per fluid ounce) of olive oil. Caution: Stronger solutions can burn or irritate the skin.

From the Wellbeing Journal

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