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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Natural Medicine Getting More Attention from Mainstream

An article in the Miami Herald has noted that the use of natural and complementary medicine in the US is on the rise - well, we knew that, but it's always nice to see it in print.

From Dr. Martin Dayton:
``There are many things we can do with alternative and complementary medicine that may have advantages above that offered by staying strictly with conventional medicine.''

Particularly about Flower Essences, the article said:
One of the more popular alternative therapies today is flower essence. These homeopathic, nonmedicinal liquid preparations are made from the blossoms of flowers and, using each flower's particular DNA code, are said to help a person tap into their own natural healing ability. They're taken orally or applied topically.

At 78, New Yorker Florence Zinman, facing knee surgery, tried flower essences to seek relief from her pain. ''I didn't want to jump into surgery immediately,'' Zinman said.

Physical therapy helped a bit but the pain persisted. She went to flower essence therapist Linda Cohen in New York, who says she prescribed a mixture of Star of Bethlehem, for the release of shock and trauma, Self Heal to stimulate healing and awareness, arnica to release toxic energy trapped in a body part, echinacea for sudden jolts or accidents and dandelion for the release of muscular tension.

To totally refuse the benefits of modern medicine was cautioned, and for good reason. There are many conditions for which it can be effective - though even in these cases, there are often natural remedies that can be supportive.

Read the full article here.

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