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Saturday, July 16, 2005

New Oils: Vanilla CO2 and Vanuatu Sandalwood

It's that time again! Ananda Aromatherapy has added two fantastic oils to our lineup:

A Vanilla CO2 Total essential oil, with a high 26.5% vanillin content. This is truely pleasureable, very smooth and complete. A great addition to many blends, as vanilla tends to 'smooth the edges' of other oil combinations. It's emotionally soothing, and some say a bringer of great childhood feelings.

The second addition is a Sandalwood Oil from the South Pacific island of Vanuatu. This is a great Sandalwood - really nice from start to finish, with a distinct beach-like sandalwood we've not encountered elsewhere. Farmers on this island have over 7000 Sandalwood trees under cultivation with the intention of a sustainable harvest of the wood. This is a wonderful thing, as there is much environmental pressure on the world's Sandalwood sources. AND, this oil is offered at a reasonable price.

Finally, we've created a blend of the two oils in our 'Vanilla Island' - a long lasting natural perfume with a smooth tropical island aroma. We invite you to give it a try...a favorite here at Ananda.

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