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Friday, April 29, 2005

Essential Oils - The Truth About Aromatherapy

The Truth About Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils, is used to provide
a balance in body and mind, prevent and fight infections,
and promote a sense of well-being. Essential oils are
derived by extracting base oil from plants through
distillation. The history of Aromatherapy stretches back
hundreds of years and includes a many diverse cultures.
Plants and their essential oils have powerful effects on our

Essential oils in can be used in aromatherapy in many
different ways. There are guidelines for using essential
oils, it's important to follow the guidelines because some
of the oils can be harmful if used inappropriately. Some
oils cannot be used directly on the skin and must be diluted
with carrier oil before being placed on the skin.

There are soaps and creams made with essential oils. These
items make it easy for you to start including them in your
daily routines. Each oil has an explicit purpose. The oils
are usually delivered via a base cream made up of several
blends. Look for creams that will give you energy, restore
vitality or even relaxation. You can have fun experimenting
by using unscented creams and mixing various essential oils
into them. It will probably take a few tries, but you are
sure to find some great experiences.

Inhalations are another popular method of aromatherapy.
This method is especially useful with essential oils that
help to fight infections. One of the easiest ways to
accomplish this is to place several drops of a particular
oil, such as tea tree oil, into a bowl of hot water and
inhale the steam that comes off the water. It is very
important to not use too much of each essential oil. Start
off with only a couple drops, some people find certain oils
very overpowering. You can also use essential oils in a
diffuser. While the effects may not be as powerful as
direct inhalations, the effects of certain blends can be
very calming and leave a pleasant scent in your home.

A few words of caution when using essential oils for
aromatherapy: many oils are not recommended for use with
children or animals. If you have children, especially very
young ones, you should be sure to check the properties of
each type of essential oil before using it, even if it is
just in a diffuser. If you feel that a child could benefit
from direct contact with an essential oil you should check
with a pediatrician first. Many animals are particularly
sensitive to essential oils, even when used in very small
doses in a diffuser. Overuse of essential oils can
actually cause liver damage in some pets. If you share
your home with animals, please try to limit your use of
essential oils in a diffuser and perhaps stick to using
them in creams. Before considering using an essential oil
directly on your pet please visit your veterinarian.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to enhance your life
through balance in your body and mind. The use of
essential oils can have not only profound effects on a
person~s mood, but it can affect your body as well.
Essential oils can be very powerful, and must be used
carefully and responsibly, especially when being
administered to a child or pet. The world of aromatherapy
is vast and complex, and the benefits can improve your life

Claire Evesham is the owner of
Feel Good Aromatherapy,
the #1 source on the internet for information about
Aromatherapy. For more articles on Aromatherapy visit:

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ananda Expands Article Index on Essential Oils and Flower Essences

Ananda Apothecary is continually expanding its database of articles on Aromatherapy, Essential Oils and Bach Flower Essences. We hope you enjoy our new offerings:

Essential Oils for Emotional Wellbeing
Aromatherapy, Essential Oils and Emotional Response
Using Essential Oils for Minor Ailments
and a new Introduction to Bach Flower Essences

Balancing tea blends for women

Female balancing blend
1/2 cup dried red raspberry leaf and berries
1 tsp. powdered wild yam root
1/4 cup dried red-clover blossoms
1/4 cup dried chamomile (unless you are allergic to ragweeds)

This blend is rich in bioflavonoids, phyto-estrogens, and B-vitamins; assists in balancing hormones; safe for PMS and menopause.

Fertility blend
1/2 cup red raspberry leaves
1/2 cup dried red-clover blossoms

This synergistic blend of raspberry and red-clover assists in balancing female hormones; balances the (delicate) vaginal pH needed for sperm survival.

Pregnancy blend
1/2 cup dried red raspberry berries
1/4 cup dried nettles
1/4 dried red-clover blossoms

This safe blend is helpful during pregnancy. It helps to prevent morning sickness; helps prevent leg cramps; is a uterine tonic. (As always, consult your personal health care professional prior to using any herbs or supplements).

1/4 cup alfalfa
1/4 cup chamomile
1/4 cup dried valerian/passionflower
1/4 cup dried skullcap

This blend is calming and nourishing to the nervous system. It provides the body with calcium, magnesium, and B-vitamins. Drink a cup before bedtime and enhance restorative sleep.
You can try substituting passionflower for valerian if find that your mind is 'busy' while you are trying to rest.
*Do not use the chamomile if you have allergies to rag-weeds.

Mental Alert Blend
1/2 cup dried basil
1/8 cup dried rosemary
1/4 cup dried peppermint leaves

The basil and rosemary heighten mental function and alertness. The peppermint leaves are stimulating, refreshing, and support digestion.

* Do NOT use in the evening (it will keep you awake)

Alkalizing tea
1/4 cup dried oatstraw
1/4 cup dried nettles
1/4 cup dried horsetail
1/4 cup red raspberry leaves

This blend is naturally Alkalizing and supportive of all systems.

Slimming tea blend
1/2 cup dried watercress
1/4 up dried kelp
1/4 cup dried chamomile

The watercress and kelp contain (naturally occurring) iodine which is crucial to the proper function of the thyroid. Hypoactive (under) thyroid can mean excess weight, dry skin and hair, and an extreme sensitivity to cold.

Nervous System Tonics

The following essential oils have been shown to be supportive as tonics to the nervous system:

Chamomile (unless allergic to ragweeds)
Clary Sage

A favorite blend includes:

Sandalwood essential oil (5 drops)
Spruce essential oil (5 drops)
Frankincense essential oil (5 drops)
Favorite carrier oil (1 tablespoon)

The following Flower Essences may benefit those who are feeling stressed or anxious:

Elm (for those who 'take on too much')
St John's Wort

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Our New Essential Oil Resource Page

Ananda Apothecary has improved it's navigation of our essential oil offerings by creating a new resource page: Pure Essential Oils and Absolutes from Ananda.

On this page you'll find an overview of Ananda Aromatherapy, Ananda Apothecary's brand of essential oils. You'll also find a complete list of our essential oils, with direct links to each, as well as an index of our on-site resources.

Ananda offers CO2 Extract Black Pepper Essential Oil

Ananda Aromatherapy is now carrying CO2 Extract Black Pepper Essential Oil from India. This wonderful, warming, slightly spicy essential oil is teriffic in small amounts for massage oils and natural perfumes.

A delightful earthy, tonifying, and sensual oil blend:

Black pepper essential oil (2 drops)
Ylang-ylang essential oil (3 drops)

Your favorite carrier oil (1 tabelspoon)

This blend of essential oils makes a great spicy massage oil. Our Naturopath says "Massage into your lovers feet...well, MY feet!"

Go here for more: Black Pepper Essential Oil

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ananda offers Tangerine Essential Oil

Ananda is now offering the wonderfully bright scent of Tangerine Essential Oil. Traditional uses of Tangerine Oil are calming of anxiety and for the digestive system. For anxiety, Tangerine Oil can be used in a diffuser or oil lamp, with the aroma gently distributed throughout your space.

For digestive issues, particularly flatulence, Tangerine Oil should be diluted to between 1 and 5% in the carrier oil of your choice, and rubbed in a clockwise direction into the stomach region.

Ananda is happy to be offering Tangerine Essential Oil for Aromatherapy. We hope you enjoy this wonderful new aroma! Go here to read more about Tangerine Essential Oil.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ananda Launches Essential Oil Recipes for Aromatherapy Page

Ok, so it's really just a start, but we'll be attempting to add essential oil and aromatherapy recipes daily to our new Essential Oil Recipes page.

We'll be including aromatherapy recipes for diffuser use and topical application. Recipes will include formulas for stress reduction, meditiation, romantic atmospheres and more.

Ananda will soon be adding pages for bath salt recipes and massage oil recipes - be sure to check back often. We'll do our best to keep you up-to-date with additions here on our blog.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Seasons of the Soul Essential Oil / Flower Essence Blends

Ananda is now offering the Seasons of the Soul blends from Flower Essences Services. A great vavorite of ours, these are organic oils infused with flower essence energy!

From FES: Seasons of the Soul are a bouquet of flower essences, pure botanical essential oils, and herbal flower infusions from six outstanding healing plants, in a base of safflower and olive oils. The preferred choice of professional body-workers and home-care users.

About the Dandelion Dynamo blend: Dandelion Dynamo is an excellent tonic for the spring season, but is also an important year-round formula for balancing the spring-like forces in the body and soul.

See the Seasons of the Soul Essential Oil / Flower Essence Blends page for much more information.

Ananda's Amber Essence Essential Oil Blends

A little product highlight: Ananda Apothecary's own Amber-based essential oil blends. The amber is a simply amazing aroma, with a deep, rich, woody and smooth character. Amber itself is actually a blend of extracts from tree resins, with the complete amber essential oil blend containing the following ingredients:

Amber Essence Extract
Premium Dark Amber Extract
Sandalwood CO2 Extract - Wild
Rock Rose Resin
Patchouli Essential Oil - Certified Organic*
Vetiver Essential Oil - Certified Organic*
Sunflower Oil - Certified Organic**
Jojoba Oil - Certified Organic**
Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols)

* Certified organic by Ecocert ** Certified organic by Quality Assurance International

We also offer the Ananda Special Amber Blend, with a bit of added Jasmine absolute. THIS is a fantastically alluring scent. The smokey jasmine perfectly compliments the slightly higher notes of amber essences. A real treat!

We invite you to browse these essential oil blends here:

If you would like a sample, just let us know and we'll get one off in the mail to you!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Highland Lavender Essential Oil Spotlight

A spotlight on Ananda Aromatherapy's Highland Lavender Essential Oil - Ananda has searched for the most exquisite of Lavender Oils, and found this one to be our favorite:

Highland Lavender Essential Oil

This is a wildcrafted Lavender Oil grown in the mountains of France - hence the term 'Highland' in it's name. The beauty of this oil is twofold: First, it is wild-grown. A true organic, wild-grown means the plant has been allowed to grown in a pristine environment, unfettered by humans. No pesticides, no fertilizers - only nature. Second, Lavender's natural home is at higher elevations. As the plant truly thrives here, all of it's most fantastic qualities can be expressed. One can absolutely detect this in the aroma of this Essential Oil. The Highland Lavender Essential Oil from Ananda Aromatherapy is very complete - the middle and high notes of Lavender are pleasantly balanced in this magnificent oil.

We have our Highland Lavender oil available in 4 sizes: The 1 milliliter sample, and 5, 10 and 30 milliliter bottles. We invite you to view the Lavender page and give it a try!

Getting Started with Flower Essences

"What are flower essences and how do I use them?" WELL! Here is a great .pdf questionaire from the Flower Essence Society which answers just that:

This extensive downloadable document includes a fantastic description of what flower essences are, how they work, and how you can go about choosing one or more essences for use in your own life. The questionaire covers all of the English 'Bach' flowers, as well as the 102 North American essences in the Quintessentials line from Flower Essence Services.

It is important to give yourself some quiet time to take the test. It covers many 'major' life issues that you may want to give some thought to...

We carry all these flower essences at Ananda Apothecary; have a look at our new Flower Essence start page:


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Ananda Adds Organic Essential Oil Page

Ananda Apothecary has added a page detailing the offerings of organic and wildcrafted essential oils from Ananda Aromatherapy. The new page, found here:
includes all the oils offered as organic, claimed organic, and wild grown on a single page for easy searching. Just a note, the 'claimed organic' essential oils are those where the grower/producer claims to be using completely organic methods, but has not received certification as to such. We believe in our suppliers, and are confident these essential oils are of the purest available. Organic certification can take several years, and can also be very expensive...

We hope you enjoy the new offerings!

Ananda's New Flower Essence Page

Ananda Apothecary has launched a new flower essence resource page. All our flower essences, including the Bach 'English' flower essences and the FES North American flower essence line can be found from here. Further, we've also included a wealth of resources for choosing and using flower essences in your life, including .pdf documents downloadable directly from the flower essence society.

We hope you enjoy the new page, and that it makes finding the right flower essences for you or a loved one that much easier!

Check out the new page here:

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