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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ananda Adds a Special Massage Oil Blend

New at Ananda Apothecary: Earth Goddess Massage Oil Blend:

Pure Massage Bliss for Balancing Vata - This is a wonderfully lucious blend of essential oils, with a higher concentration than is normally found in the massage oils. It is made for topical application in an aromatherapeutic manner - rubbed into the soles of the feet or the solar plexus - or wherever feels good! To use as an all-over body massage oil, dilute further either 1:2 or 1:4 in the carrier oil of your choice.

Earth Goddess Massage Blend divinely lush, warming, grounding blend created specifically for balancing Vata (air and ether) energy. This deep fragrance assists one in finding their connection to the magnificent earth energy. Earth Goddess contains the following essential oils:

Cedar Oil - Well known for its fragrance, Cedar trees are revered in many cultures and are often used in connection with sacred events (baby blessings, weddings, vision quests, fasts, and so on.) and the Cedar wood has a long history of being associated with the Summer Solstice. The oldest Cedars in are held to be very sacred and the Cedar may be considered the ?Tree of Life?. Well know for its visionary properties, Cedar is burned is used to invoke the wisdom of the prophetic teachings. This tree is associated with the Feminine Earth sign of Virgo. Plants that support Virgo help one to set boundaries and to recognize what is appropriate responsibility and when to let others be responsible for their own activities. This frees the natural wisdom energy of Virgo gathering and supporting the harmonizing of excess Vata. Consequently the creative forces of air and ether can be harnessed and used for manifesting dreams as well as transformation.

Vanilla Oil - A natural aphrodisiac, the energy of vanilla infuses this blend with loving vibrations and a sense of grace, elegance, and flow. Associated with Venus, love, the feminine and elemental water, Vanilla restores lost energy and improve the mind. Connecting to the energy of flow, Vanilla removes stagnant Kaphic (water) energy and assists one in dancing with the energy of the universe

Juniper Berry Oil - Juniper is used to keep one healthy and aid in the healing of all varieties of karmic wounds. Associated with the masculine energy of Aries Juniper supports once independent and free nature. Complimenting Vata by harmonizing one?s Pitta (fire) energy, Juniper is used to boost one?s natural chi for those with an inquisitive, inventive, spirit. Juniper is used to connect with one?s ancestors in an honoring and reverent manner

Frankincense Oil - With strong associations to the Sun, Frankincense has been used to honor and balance Yang (masculine) energy. It is believed capable of bringing forth soul and compassion of the Yin (feminine) nature of the Universe. In its unique capacity of balancing the Yang and Yin energies, Frankincense represents divinities ability to move into manifestation. It assists the conscious mind in maintaining focus and generates a sense of reverence for the spiritual in the mundane and the stunning beauty of manifest world. Frankincense brings protection as well as purifying energy to one?s astral and physical body.

Jasmine Oil - Jasmine is associated with the divine feminine, maternal aspect of the universe as well as with the Vishnu, Kuan Yin, and Mary mother of Jesus. Jasmine brings protection and health to one?s aura. Jasmine promotes mental creativity and innovative thinking. Worn by high priestesses, Jasmine is truly a flower for goddesses.

Sweet Orange - Given as wedding gifts in ancient culture, orange is symbolic of romantic love. The blossoms are often worn by the bride as an offering to love, romance, and fertility. This orange plant is said to strengthen and invigorate the seeker. Associated with the planet Neptune. Orange supports the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract system. It assists the thinker in letting go of structured and concrete mental thinking, allowing one to open to their imagination and dreams. Herbs of Neptune have been used in religious ceremonies, for they are capable of inducing divine visions. When used by priestesses in the past, such rites followed fasting, prayer, and abstinence form worldly contact. Orange is associated with the parathyroid and pineal glands. Often thought to be the home of the ?third eye?, the pineal gland tilts upwards towards the heavens. Galen considered the pineal to be a ?regulator of thought?. ?The Chinese liken the pineal gland to the tiger force by the pineal gland is the primal yang power of heaven, The pineal is the male crown chakra which finds its outward expression in the right eye and the upper brain and releases spiritual essences into masculine energy of spirit.? (Dr. Farida Sharan)

Vetiver Oil - The rich earthy fragrance of Vetiver is used in love potions, to increase luck and abundance and as a protector against dark energy. Associated with the Earth energy of Virgo, Vetiver is both uplifting, calming, and restoring. Belonging to a family of plants that feeds the world (Gramineae, or grass family), her rich roots are naturally grounding and nourishing. According to the Indian philosophy of Vedanta, Prakriti is a feminine symbol of universal energy and the power of manifestation. Through its capacity to reconnect us to our vital capacity, Vetiver instills in us her potency. Vetiver instills in us the reassuring strength of Mother Earth and a deep sense of belonging.

All based in Organic Sunflower oil - Associated with Yang solar energy, this light oil is used as a base to assist one in connecting to their naturally joyful heart. Opening the solar plexus chakra allows the inner radiance to shine as bright as a thousand suns. Sunflower naturally lifts depression, sorrow, and loneliness. A protective oil providing a natural fire to assisst one in inviting in Pitta.

Earth Goddess Massage Oil Blend can be found here. Enjoy!

*The FDA has not evaluated the statements on this website. The information presented here is for educational purposes of traditional uses and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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