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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Aromatherapy for Sports and Fitness

Today more than ever we are turning into a health conscious society. We watch what we eat and drink with a scrutinizing eye. Many of us are doing some sort of exercise routine in order to stay fit and increase our energy levels. No matter what level of athletic ability you have, therapeutic grade essential oils will aid in relieving sore and strained muscles, help tone your muscles, give them greater definition, and even help to increase performance! So if your routine consist of mall walking or you are a professional athlete you owe it to yourself to experience the benefits of using essential oils before and after your workout or game.

Sports Creams. There are hundreds of creams and lotions on the market designed to ease your muscle aches and pains, strains and sprains. Most of these creams do a pretty good job of reducing the aches and pains and easing your sore muscles. However, are you aware that many of these products contain aluminum. Not only are you getting some relief from your pain, you are also getting a dose of aluminum. Did you know it is thought that aluminum may be a leading cause of Alzheimer?s disease. So in your attempt to get healthy you may very well be making yourself sick.

Pre Workout. Before you start your exercise routine blend a massage oil using 10 drops of Eucalyptus, 10 drops of Rosemary and 10 drops of Thyme diluted in 2 tablespoons of the carrier oil of your choice. Rub this blend over your feet, ankles, calves, thighs, buttocks, lower back and arms. This formula is excellent for the lungs and respiratory system. It is also helpful for the structure of the muscular and skeletal frames. If you desire to build yourself up, make up another blend of essential oils using 15 drops of Eucalyptus and 15 drops of Rosemary diluted in 2 tablespoons of your carrier oil. This blend should be applied every day for 2 weeks as an all over body rub after your shower following your workout.

Performance Enhancement. All athletes strive to reach their peak performance each and every week. Rather than risking your career on performance enhancing drugs or steroids consider this formula. Use 5 drops of Bergamot and 5 drops of Basil blended in your favorite carrier oil. The aroma from this blend has a great effect on the psyche so breath deeply as you massage this blend all over your body. This essential oil blend strengthens the muscular system and keeps motion of the body flowing so that peak performance becomes easier. This blend should be reserved for game day so as to not diminish the effects. Another way of keeping your body in peak physical condition is by using the following essential oils. Eucalyptus, Birch, Wintergreen, Tea Tree, and Rosemary. Physiotherapist and sports therapist choose these oils more than any others.

Over Worked Muscles. We have all been there and done that. In our attempts to improve our physical well being we occasionally push ourselves a little to far. The no pain no gain mentality comes into play. On these occasions prepare a hot bath using 3 drops of Marjoram and 2 drops of Lemon essential oil and soak for as long as possible. Following your bath massage your muscles with this essential oil blend. Use 5 drops of Eucalyptus, 5 drops of Peppermint and 5 drops of Ginger diluted in 1 tablespoon of your carrier oil. This will cause your muscles to relax and have you feeling better in no time. It is important to note that your carrier oil should be a vegetable oil base and not a mineral oil base.

In Conclusion. As a health conscious society we need to be aware of what we put on our bodies as well as what we put into them. Many of the over the counter products available may actually be hurting us in the long run. The natural approach using essential oils will not only fend off the cramping, it will also give your muscles better tone and definition along with a natural performance enhancing edge! Remember to use only pure therapeutic grade essential oils for optimum results.

The author, Sallie A. Peterson is a stay at home mother of 2 boys and husband. She has been involved with the natural health industry for the past 15 years. Sallie has done extensive research with herbs and essential oils and has also been involved in helping to create essential oil blends for massage therapy, treating a variety of conditions.

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Ed. Note: We also highly recommend Helichrysum essential oil for all sports injuries. It is a quick acting anti-inflammate, with important regenerative properties. Use 'neat' to reduce swelling with acute injury, or in a 5-20% dilution in any carrier oil for chronic pain.

*The FDA has not evaluated the statements on this website. The information presented here is for educational purposes of traditional uses and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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