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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kukui Nut Oil: An Excellent Carrier for Dry, Damaged or Irritated Skin

Coming Soon to Ananda Apothecary: Kukui oil
Botanical name: Aleurites moluccans
Origin: Hawaii
A semi-clear oil liquid with little to no odor. Blends well in most essential oil formulations.

In 1959 the Kukui nut tree became the official state tree of Hawaii. Of all the Hawaiian trees, the Kukui has the lightest colored foliage. A lovely silver powder on its leaves make it quite conspicuous in the forest makes it easy to spot. The trees often grow in gulches and on the lower slopes of the mountains with the branches reaching 30+ feet above the ground. Trees branch 30 feet or more above the ground and at the end of the branches small greenish-tinged white flowers. These Kukui has small green tinted white flowers that are often seen entwined in leis. The Kukui nuts are contained within the fruit.

Scientists have found traces of Kukui pollen in ancient geological deposits, making the assumption that the Kukui tree is indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands. Many natives to the Hawaiian islands use Kukui nut oil to protect their skin as well as the skin of their beloved children.

The oil is naturally high in Vitamin C, D, and E and various other antioxidants. Kukui oil contains 8.1% saturated fatty acids, 15.3% monounsaturated fatty acids, 43% linoleate, and 33% linolenate. Kukui nut oil is invaluable for rejuvenating and healing skin providing moisture and nourishment to dry, mature, and damaged skin. Excellent for use on skin with psoriasis and eczema as well as skin that has been damaged by the elements. Kukui oil does not 'cure' psoriasis or eczema (as this requires a complete systemic protocol), but it does provide effective relief from the symptoms. Currently, Kukui is being used in some Hawaii hospitals and in several cancer centers for the care of radiation burns on cancer patients. For care of damaged, sensitive and irritated skin, consider blending with the following essential oils: Calendula (an excellent wound healing oil with a profound array of therapeutic actions), Lavender (the all-purpose soothing oil), Helichrysum (for inflammation reduction and regeneration) and German Chamomile (very soothing, also with great inflammation-reducing effects).

Kukui is a wonderful carrier for massage blends as it is excellent for dry and damaged skin and leaves a fine and silky feeling to the skin. Additionally Kukui nut oil is great for those with sensitive skin making it a wonderful oil for natural skin and body-care products.

Do NOT expose Kukui Nut Oil to extreme heat.

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Click for the latest reviews!
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