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Flower essences are vibrational medicine - intention is important! We are a small company with folks who understand this in every part of fulfilling your order. A little healing intention is added to every box! Bach Flower Essences by Healing Herbs    38 Organically and Biodynamically produced original Bach remedies from    Healing Herbs of England. These may be the most potent version of the    English flower essence line.
North American Flower Essences by FES    102 Organically and Biodynamically produced North American flower    remedies made by Flower Essence Services. FES takes great care in    making some of the highest vibration flower essences available.
Flower Essence Frequenly Asked Questions - FAQ (.pdf)    An excellent introduction into all aspects of using flower essences.
   If you are new to flower essences, this is the perfect place to start!

How to Use Flower Essences (.pdf)    Flower essences can be used in many ways. Use this guide to find the best ones for you.
Essence Selection Questionaire (.pdf)    A VERY complete guide to selecting and using flower essences with a test
   to help you choose which of the Bach and North American essences
   are right for you. We highly recommend downloading and printing this
   wonderful resource.

Complete Flower Essence Kits    Complete sets of the North American and Bach Essences.

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Flower Essences for Healing Ananda offers the complete lines of flower essences from Nelson Bach and Flower Essence Services

Flower essences provide wonderful tools for healing, emotional support and personal growth in an area of practice known as 'Vibrational Medicine'.  From this page, you can find all our guides on Bach flowers and the North American flower essences.

Nelson Bach supplies the original 38 flower essences developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's, including the famous Rescue Remedy. These are known as the 'English' flower essences, as they are from plants originating in Dr. Bach's home of the British Isles. Doctor Bach began using flower essences to treat underlying emotional conditions of his patients, which he believed was the true source of their illness. In addition to these essence from Nelson Bach, Flower Essence Services (FES) also distributes all 38 English essences, organically made by Healing Herbs of England.

In addition, Flower Essence Services also makes the 'Quintessentials' line of North American Flower Essences. These are from plants originating in North America, organically produced at their farm in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. FES also offers the complete line of English Essences (soon to be offered here), the Five Flower Formula (containing the same flower essences as Bach Rescue Remedy) and Yarrow Environmental Solution (for protection in modern environments).

If you are new to Bach flowers or FES flower essences, you may wish to start with one of our online guides: What are Flower Essences?,  Choosing Flower Essences, and Using Flower Essences. Our complete flower essence product and resource index is here. Also, the PDF documents, available under 'Online Guides' below, provide a wealth of detailed information on flower essence selection, including using flower essences with animals.

If you have any questions regarding flower essences, please contact us! We're happy to help - you may send us an email at email us, or call 303-440-3766.

English 'Bach' Flower Essences from FES:

North American and English Flower Essences from FES:

Online Flower Essence Guides:

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