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From FES's 'Quintessentials' line of North American essences.

Directions: Take 2 drops, 4 times daily.

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('Hibiscus' bottle shown - All bottles have similar design) Profile Black Eyed SusanPositive qualities:
Awake consciousness capable of acknowledging all aspects of the Self; penetrating insight.
Patterns of imbalance:
Avoidance or repression of traumatic or painful aspects of the personality.

Black-Eyed-Susan flower essence is a powerful catalyst for confronting parts of the personality or traumatic episodes form the past that have been kept locked away in the recesses of the psyche.

Often these unclaimed parts of the psyche operate as shadow parts of the personality; for example, a person who as raped or abused may begin to exhibit the same behavior toward others later in life. In other instances this enormous repression does not manifest outwardly, but inwardly, in self-destructive tendencies or as mental or physical illness. In many cases Black-Eyed-Susan is indicated for individuals who suffer from emotional amnesia and paralysis, and are totally unaware of the healing issues they must confront. What is needed in these circumstances is an increase of awareness; the ability to shine the light of consciousness into the shadows of the psyche.

A great release of energy is felt in the soul once such buried parts of the psyche are consciously encountered and addressed in an appropriate therapeutic environment. Black-Eyed-Susan restores great light and conscious awareness, helping the soul to integrate and transform unclaimed parts of the psyche.

- from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz. The most comprehensive and user-friendly flower essence book we've found. Highly recommended for any practitioner.

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