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From FES's 'Quintessentials' line of North American essences.

Directions: Take 2 drops, 4 times daily.

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('Hibiscus' bottle shown - All bottles have similar design) Profile MilkweedPositive qualities:
Healthy ego strength; independence and self-reliance.
Patterns of imbalance:
Extreme dependency and emotional regression, dulling the consciousness through drugs, alcohol, overeating; desire to escape from self-awareness.

Milkweed is indicated for extreme states of soul dependency and regression, characterized by lack of an independent ego identity. Such a condition can develop for many reasons-an accident or other trauma which has made the individual overly dependent on family or institutionalized care; or gradual addiction to drugs especially narcotics such as sedatives, opiates, and tranquilizers.

Milkweed can sometimes be indicated for those on spiritual paths who deny the awake conscious ego function, or who believe that initiation can proceed only if the ego is annihilated. These regressive tendencies may also be the result of a disturbed maturation process in childhood which creates an unconscious desire for the ego to return to an infantile state. At its deepest karmic level, some souls may incarnate with impairments which disturb the natural maturation of the ego function.

Because the core identity is poorly defined, there is difficulty coping with the normal demands and responsibilities through drugs, overeating, excessive sleep, accidents, illness, or extreme spiritual practices. Milkweed nourishes the soul at a very deep level leading to the ability to rebirth that part of the core self which has regressed. As the soul learns to experience the healthy function of its ego, it grows in strength and independence.

- from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz. The most comprehensive and user-friendly flower essence book we've found. Highly recommended for any practitioner.

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