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Complete sets are available for the English 'Bach' essences and the North American essences from Flower Essence Services. These are a cost-effective means of having a wonderful selection of flower essences for your own blending, for friends and family, and for use by natural health practitioners. The essences are nicely boxed and can be kept in these containers for storage. We do not have carrying cases available yet for the FES lines. Flower essences are not considered to 'expire' - and may be used for a very extended period of time from the kits. You may always replace single bottles as they are utilized.

We also highly recommend the Flower Essence Repertory to accompany the purchase of a kit - it is a very comprehensive guide to using ALL these essences, with detailed essence descriptions and an extensive categorization of 'conditions' and which flowers would be applicable. An extremely useful and interesting resource for the flower essence practitioner. Please note: Due to the wonderful weight of all the essences in a kit, the shipping charge will be adjusted to $9 for a 1/4oz Kit and $13 for a 1oz kit upon processing of the order - these will be shipped USPS Priority Mail. We hope this is not inconvenient - it is still significantly less than UPS, and much faster ;-)

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North American Flower Essences
103 Bottle Kit

30ml $975.25
7.5ml $445.50
Five Flower Essence
The complete set of the North American flower essences
'Quintessentials' line by Flower Essence Services - available in milliliter or 30 milliliter (1oz.) or 7.5ml 1/4oz bottles. Includes the Yarrow Environmental Solution blend.
English 'Bach' Essences 40 Bottle Kit
7.5ml $260.00
30ml $385.20
YES Flower Essence
Distributed by FES, made by Healing Herbs of England
- These are the original Bach remedies, made organically by a student of Dr. Bach. Includes the Five Flower Formula blend, using the same recipe as Rescue Remedy.

Alpine LilyAngelica FlowerArnica FlowerBasil FlowerBlackberry FlowerBorage FlowerButtercup FlowerCalendula FlowerCalifornia Wild Rose FlowerFairy Lantern FlowerFawn Lily FlowerForget Me Not FlowerFuchia Flower
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