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Herpes Simplex 
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I contracted genital herpes about a year ago and refuse to take antiviral pharmaceuticals to control/ suppress the condition. I've had a reasonable amount of success soothing the condition with immune stimulating supplements and wonderful results with essential oils, but was surprised to discover that some of the popular EOs for HSV 1/2 treatment didn't have an effect, whereas some of the marginal EOs did. Example: melissa and tea tree oils aren't actually very effective for me, but star anise and lavender kicked its hindside when applied neat to the affected area and the lower spine where the virus lives (it hasn't gone into remission, unfortunately). I've also had some nice results with palmarosa. I had one raindrop technique session that helped tremendously for a few weeks.

I've only had one outbreak in the entire time I've had HSV 2 and never put EO directly on the open sore-- I was told by a naturopath that the best way to deal with an open sore is to mix a tincture of lavender, chaparral and lemon balm extracts to drop onto the sore and only treat with EOs after it's healed. EOs have prevented me from ever getting a sore, since applying EO topically seems to suppress further outbreaks.

I wonder if anyone else has experimented with EOs for treating/ soothing HSV 1 or 2 and what oils they've found most/ least effective? If the effects of EOs aren't universal, perhaps we all have EO allies? There is a strong emotional component to HSV 2 that I find is as important to address as the physical, and so have found heart-centered oils, calmatives, anti-depressants and of course nervines to help a lot.

C'mon, let's discuss & de-stigmatize this disease.

Sat Jul 05, 2014 7:55 am

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Post Re: Herpes Simplex
My husband has oral herpes but not genital, however, I assume they are similar?
He uses purify and melissa with AMAZING success!! Stops the tingle and burn in its tracks and gone in two days! Good luck!

Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:18 am

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Post Re: Herpes Simplex
wouldn't a melissa (lemon balm) tea be much more effective as it is consumed? I've never "applied" EO on my skin other than vanilla EO since the instruction on the back of the vial suggested it. I didn't know EO can be applied on the skin as much as it is for use with a diffuser as "aromatherapy". I guess some can be taken internally? Just depends on what is instructed on the product. I've used Lavender for sleep purposes. Seem to work for it.

I have herpes, I forgot which one, but it is an STD. Not sure if what is happening with one of my eye is now ocular herpes which is why I am looking for an EO that is for the eye thinking it may help. I looked up the symptom of ocular herpes and I believe I have it. Who knows. It just showed symptoms a few months ago, while I've had herpes for almost 10 years. I think when I took a zinc picolinnate supplement is when I noticed my eye issue (only 1 eye). Not sure if the supplement may have created the issue or if zinc will exacerbate herpes. I've tried stopping supplementing for a week but the eye issue is still present so I'm not positive if zinc is the problem here.

I do notice when eating those sweet baby carrots my eye irritation seem to vanish almost immediately. Must be the high vitamin A. I do have some eye supplement like asthaxanthin with lutein. I was told supplementing with vitamin A is not all that safe or necessary. I don't know.

Tue Oct 07, 2014 1:19 am
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