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Hi Merlin,

Actually, there are great pump tops that mate with the 30ml violet bottles -- I've used these for just about every blend in a carrier, including 20% Helichrysum in the Jojoba/Coconut cream base. Granted, with just Jojoba, it'll be slightly thinner (and I've used blends without the cream as well)... these are the most functional, and aesthetic, pump bottles in the store.

I haven't tried the 2mm orifice caps with a carrier oil based blend; I expect it would work, though you may just be tapping out 1 drop at a time (may be what you're needing, maybe not).

The same bottle also adapts a glass eye dropper, but the pump top is more convenient for the majority of applications, except - for example - applying to the scalp through hair.

When measuring from the 5 and 12ml bottles with pipettes, it's really very easy to take the orifice reducer out of the neck to get at the essential oil with a pipette. If you'll be making blends from these oils in measured amounts most of the time, you can just leave the orifice reducer out. Sometimes I'll take off the black plastic ring left from the cap to make sure the top seats all the way when closed, but honestly I haven't noticed a difference with the ring left on or taken off -- meaning I haven't seen oil leak with the cap on and the orifice reducer out, ring or not; though I have seed others not knowing the orifice reducer was gone, open the bottle a little too vigorously, and lose a little bit of essential oil.

Hope this helps!

Sat Sep 24, 2011 4:18 am
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Post Re: Bottles
In reverse :) I believe we have 'treatment tops' for the 60ml bottle - request along with bottle purchase in the comments box of the checkout page.

Yes, I've used just that blend: 20% Helichrysum, 2% Ginger CO2, 3% Frankincense CO2 and 1% German Chamomile CO2 in the Jojoba Coconut cream base, in the 30ml violet bottle -- it always seems to go a long way -- or I give it away to someone who's hurting more than I am...and THEY tell me the wonders it did for them.

THE CARRIER IS NOT IMPORTANT except in these two ways: 1) Consistency, which relates to ease of use. The cream base is like lotion; it could be challenging to measure into your bottles, but it comes in a pump top lined aluminum cannister. Verry functional for that. Fractionated coconut will make Jojoba seem thinner; it's a nice base if you're massaging large areas. 2) SOME CARRIERS ARE KNOWN TO REDUCE INFLAMMATION - most assured is the action of Borage. Some arthritis sufferers use it alone topically (don't they know about helichrsum? :) Evening Primrose has about half the amount of "GLA" as Borage; despite it's higher cost, Borage is more cost effectve as a GLA (Gamma Linolinic Acid -- reduces formation of inflammation signaling hormones, though this may not be its direct action). Other oils known to have anti-inflammatory properties of signficance: Hempseed, Coconut, and Tamanu. Likely Pomegranate seed as well.

If I were thinking to include therapeutic activity of the carriers to synergize with that of the essential oils, I would first try a 50:50 blend of Borage and Coconut, and/or 2parts Borage, 1 cocconut, 1 hempseed. Want to really get farr out? 1 part each Borage, Hemp, Coconut, and Tamanu. Not sure if these would be better than Borage alone (it's so well researched, which skews the perception of its efficacy compared to oils possibly just as good - maybe better - but have yet to be examined in controlled research.

YOU CAN make an appointment to pick up an order next day; these are the only visits we are currently prepared for.


Sat Sep 24, 2011 6:53 pm
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