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Synergy Diffuser Questions 
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Post Re: Synergy Diffuser Questions

No 'spec sheet' on the diffuser - It does cover up to 1600sqft, yet this number is entirely up to the configuration of walls, etc. in the space - along with drafts and air changes which may clear out the essential oil in the air.

Size of particles - this number get's quoted sometimes in other literature. It's really almost irrelevant. As with any nebulizing diffuser, there are a range of sizes being produced. The unit does make a mist of essential oil which naturally rises and disperses throughout the space. The largest, heaviest particles are returned to the reservoir, and the lighter, smaller ones are emitted from the top of the unit. There is of course a range of particle sizes between the two.

NOTE that particles that emit from the top of the unit disappear almost immediately. Why? Because they are evaporating - becoming smaller and smaller and dispersing throughout the air space. No matter what, these are eventually becoming 1 molecule units, very easy to breath in and receive benefit from (When I'm really wanting some Frankincense in my lungs, I'll simply put my nose over the diffuser and inhale deeply - whatever the size of particle, I know the essential oil is getting in me!) ANY marketing discussing the particulate size is really meaningless, unless you're finding essential oil on the table around your diffuser (not the case with Ananda's diffuser).

It works by drawing up essential oil from the reservoir into a very fine glass tube by capillary action. Another tube sends pressurized air across the top of the first tube, making a mist of the oil on the spot. Small enough droplets travel upward, ones that are two large return to the reservoir for another go.

It is very nearly silent. With the top glass 'silencer' in place, one can detect the faintest of air sound. It's easy to sleep in the same room as the unit when on.

If run eight times per day, conventionally it is run less than 5 minutes each time. This is for aromatic purposes only - if one was wanting to support their health with a specific oil for a specific condition, the may use it much more frequently. For example, Frankincense has shown in several studies it's ability to destroy cancerous cells. If one wished to recreate this effect for themselves, they may run the diffuser for a longer period of time, or even continuously on a low setting.

How long will 15ml of essential oil last? THAT is the $64,000 dollar question. Think instead, how much of this oil, and how fast, do I want it in the air around me. All diffusers are 100% efficient. All the oil put in the diffuser is evaporated into the air. How fast and how much is completely determined on how high you've set the output dial, and how many number of minutes you'll run the diffuser each hour.


Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:14 pm

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Post Re: Synergy Diffuser Questions
Hello - I am new here and have a slightly different question about the Synergy Professional model.

I have a smallish motor home with a mildew problem. I bought some of the Plant Therapy Germ-Fighter blend (same ingredients as Thieves Oil, at a fraction of the price) then realized the wall plug-in diffuser with the pads I have isn't the right thing for mold killing. Your Synergy professional diffuser is the most beautiful thing, but with a 1600 sq ft range, I'm wondering if it is overkill for this particular situation. Or would I just run it at the lowest setting? Or does it even matter?

I'm inclined to buy it anyway, as I'm sure I will use it in my house as well (looking for something to diffuse in my bedroom at night for sleep issues), I just wonder if I should use something smaller for the small-space mildew issue.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:24 am
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Post Re: Synergy Diffuser Questions
Hi - Thanks for your inquiry. No! Definitely not 'overkill' - it has an adjustment that's essentially the 'volume' for your needs, you might want to run it on high for the periods it's 'on' anyway (these units were NOT designed to run ALL the time; aroma diffusers in general are only meant to run a few minutes every hour, as our olfactory sense will become sensitized to any aroma very quickly).

The units don't have a rated 'lifetime' in this respect, but they are under a 6 mo. warranty, just in case you work the motor a little hard during your mold-clearing process.

BTW - we do have PuriFy, same blend as Thieves as well.

All the Best,

Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:50 am
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