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I suffer from allergic rhinitis. It gets so bad that it turns into repeated sinus infections. I have tried putting some oils in my neti pot but my sinus is so imflammed that it just stings too much to tolerate. It is always much worse in the winter and just the cold air seems to make it worse. I use steam inhalation every day and I started wearing some oils on a banana scarf around my neck while I'm out skiing. But I still need to stay on a prescription nasal spray for the inflamation. Isn't there something I can blend up that will address both the inflamation and the allergy? The essential oils just never seem to be able to calm things down enough. I never get congestion with this, just a constant clear drippy nose. Help! I am fed up with having to take anti-biotics.

Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:08 pm
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Post Re: Allergies

It is Blue Tansy that's recommended for reducing allergy inflammation in the aromatherapy literature. It's a very gentle oil, meaning it can be applied directly to the skin ~ one drop massaged each side of the nose...of course, it is blue, so will leave a little color while it absorbs. You might try using it in the steam as well. EO's in the neti pot need be EXTREMELY, ONE drop in the entire wash (are you using enough sea salt in the water so it's not rough on the mucus membranes? I've found mostly that more is better ;)

Another oil to give a try to is Cape Chamomile ~ like the Blue Tansy, the aroma is heavenly, yet it wont leave any 'blue' on you. While chamomile CAN be an allergen, this is a reaction to its dry, water-soluble components that should not be in the essential oil, and Cape Chamomile may be significantly different regardless.

Both may be worth sampling ~ the sample vials only have 10-20 drops, but should be enough to give you some idea of their affect for you.

Hope this helps!

Mon Feb 25, 2013 9:28 am

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Post Re: Allergies
I will give the Blue Tansy and the cape camomile a try. I think I put too much EO in the neti pot solution(my bad :roll:) so need to retry. I used german camomile, lemon,lav and peppermint. What about making an ointment with these which I could dap around my nostrils? Has anyone you know tried the 3 phase treatment from Schnaubelts book? It has you ingesting thyme thujanol and thymol on a carbon tab. where does one get carbon tabs? Plus it uses Pine eo and I think i'm allergic to pine but mainly i'm allergic to dust. thanks soooooo much for your help. I know I have to keep trying until I find what works for me. ;)

Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:47 am

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Post Re: Allergies
1. allergic to dust (house dust, dust mites?) I am spraying eucalyptus over my bedding and in house.. inactivates the dust mite faeces allergens and kills them too.
2. If sinus infection occurs after the rhinitis, I would do sinus drainage massage.. lean back so cheekbones highest, then rub hard in little circles with finger tips from between the eyebrows above the nose, round the bone the sides of the the eyes, under cheekbones and up the side of the nose to the Point of a 1000 Perfumes.
3.Adding some xylotol to the neti rinse mixture should stop pollens or whatever sticking to your nose insides. Its an indigestible sugar. Stops microorganisms holding onto ones innards.

Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:02 pm
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