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About Ananda Aromatherapy - Ananda Apothecary brings you some of the world's most wonderful oils.

While we are continually expanding our line of certified organic oils, not ALL our oils come to us this way. It is far more important to us that we offer you the finest of every oil variety
, and if they're from a small distiller whom does not yet, or whom does not intend to acquire and organic certification, so be it. The medicinal value and the fantastic aroma of that oil is of the utmost importance! Many of our oils are 'claimed organics', or tested pesticide-free. In these cases, while we may list the oil as organic, we have not listed it on this page.

RosePeppermintThe cultivation and extraction methods for each oil are listed on each oil's page, linked above. Prices and summaries of each therapeutic essential oil can be found in the summary listings in alphabetical order. All our oils are appropriate for diffuser use, most for topical application (almost all require proper dilution - usually around 3% - in a carrier oil), though skin sensitivity should always be tested. These are all unadulterated, completely pure oils!

We at Ananda Apothecary are practioners of aromatherapy. We use these oils ourselves in Naturopathic treatments of reflexology, massage, skin care, and other means. We care about our clients and customers. We want you to have the best available products for your health, at prices you can afford - and this intention is part of our essential oil offerings.

LavenderThis page includes all resources Ananda Aromatherapy's pure organic and wildcrafted essential oil products. This includes single oils, blends, infused bath salts and massage oils, as well as organic carrier oils for dilution and creation of your own aromatherapy massage blends. If you have any questions regarding our oils, please contact us! We're happy to help - you may send us an email at, or call 303-440-3766.

Alpine LilyAngelica FlowerArnica FlowerBasil FlowerBlackberry FlowerBorage FlowerButtercup FlowerCalendula FlowerCalifornia Wild Rose FlowerFairy Lantern FlowerFawn Lily FlowerForget Me Not FlowerFuchia Flower
We hope you enjoy our selection of pure therapeutic grade essential oils from Ananda Aromatherapy. We care about your health, and want you to have the best nature has to offer! 
Ananda AromatherapyAnanda's special list of organic and wildcrafted essential oils. While our essential oils are unadulterated with chemicals, these oils come to us as certified organic from the distiller, or as wildcrafted products.
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