Registration and Account Update:

For shoppers who have created accounts at The Ananda Apothecary, we have chosen to deactivate this feature offered by our webhost.
We dearly apologize to those who had entered their information, only to have the system turned off. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the change, please email

While our host, "Yahoo Merchant Solutions", thought the "OpenID" system would be beneficial (using your username and password from one of three major service providers: Yahoo, AOL or Google), many shoppers did not find this easier, and in fact found it more complex.

We are seeking means to provide this service while we are still hosted with Yahoo. At the same time, The Ananda Apothecary will soon be changing platforms to more flexible shopping software, and a more standard and efficient means of account creation will be available.

Again, please email us with any questions or concerns at; it is important to us that you feel this has been handled with the utmost care.

Thank you!

All the Best ~ The Ananda Apothecary Staff.

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