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We are having such awesome results using these blends to keep the biting bugs of Summer off us ~ and smelling great while we’re at it. You can too! With any order over $59, enter your choice of Catnip or Geranium Bug-Be-Gone in the comments box, and we’ll include it with your order here. Try both with orders over $99!

We would really love your feedback when you try these! Please do let us know which of these great blends you like the most, and why…they’re not yet available on the website, but after this special, we’ll put them up, along with your reviews :)

Using Essential Oils to Keep Away Those Biting Bugs

Several essential oils are traditionally therapeutically used for repelling mosquitoes, including Catnip, Geranium, Citronella, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and many more…In these formulas, you’ll find these oils precisely blended for greatest efficacy.

Geranium-Bug-Be-Gone includes: Geranium, Eucalyptus Citradora, Pine, Clary Sage, Rosemary, and Lavender. Catnip Bug-Be-Gone includes: Catnip, Citronella, Sage, Rosemary and Lavender.

Catnip: Loved by cats and despised by mosquitoes.

Neptalactone, the primary constituent of Catnip essential oil, has been laboratory-tested to be 10 to 20 times more effective than DEET, or ‘diethyltoluamide’.

DEET is the chemical found in many over-the-counter synthetic products which has been noted by many professionals as a safety concern for children (which really means “everyone” doesn’t it?)

The Science of DEET, Catnip and Mosquitoes

The repellency of DEET and Catnip oil were compared on a scale from -100 to +100. A rating of zero meant that half of the insects stayed on treated side of their container, and half on the untreaded side. In the tests, Catnip ranged from +49 to +59 by comparison, whereas DEET’s repellency rankied only a +10.

Researchers says nepetalactone is about 10 times more effective than DEET because it takes about one-tenth as much nepetalactone as DEET to have the same effect. Most commercial insect repellents contain about 5 percent to 25 percent DEET. Presumably, much less catnip oil would be needed in a formulation to have the same level of repellency as a DEET-based repellent ~ at the same time, because netptalactone is a volatile, easily evaporated essential oil constituent. So it does require more frequent application ~ perhaps once every two hours.

So Why Use Anything Else But Catnip?

The essential oil of Geranium, with many other essential oils, is a staple in insect repellent essential oil blends.

MANY essential oils have been traditionally ~ and effectively ~ used in biting-insect repellent blends. Citronella candles are a classic example…and these blends both include several essential oils which synergize for the greatest efficacy and most pleasing aroma.

The best of insect-repellent blends are the ones you and your family both find effective and enjoy the scent of. That way you’ll want to use it, and hopefully you’re children will too.

Geranium essential oil has a truly beautiful aroma, and has long been used as the foundation for insect-repellent blends. Some practitioners even use it as the sole essential oil in their recipe, though we blend it with other oils too, to potentiate both its efficacy and scent.

So take this opportunity to try one or both of our Bug-Be-Gone formulas for free, and let us know what you think!

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Research Finds Certain Essential Oils and Carriers Support Hair Growth as Well As, or Better Than Rogaine®…*

We’ve Precisely Formulated These Oils In a Blend Called “Happy Hair” to Stop Hair Loss and Stimulate Hair Growth Whether You’ve Been Losing It, or Just Want to Grow More!

Happy Hair Formula: Essential Oils Scientifically Shown to Stimulate Hair Growth!

(This will ONLY be available as a free gift while we prepare to add this wonderful formula to our ‘regular’ collection!)

Are you a man or woman of any age managing hair loss? New studies show several essential oils and carriers work at least as well as a single pharmaceutical product. How about we put all these oils together? Hope exists! These compounds address the true cause of hair loss (inflammation and lack of circulation at the hair follicles – which is only now being understood as result of an imbalance of hormones such as DHT and Estrogen).

The Science: Essential Oils Compared to Rogaine®

Research has been performed on mice using several single essential oils, using Minoxidil (generic Rogaine®) as a comparison treatment, along with a control using no active ingredient. Every time the essential oil was at least as effective as the Minoxidil.

Each essential oil likely has it’s own mechanisms of action (anit-inflammatory, circulatory stimulant, cellular-regeneration stimulant and others). At Ananda, we’re putting them all together in Happy Hair.

Here’s a summary of the research:

  • Peppermint Oil Promotes Hair Growth Without Toxic Signs”, published in the Journal of Toxicological Research, 20 Dec 2014 by authors Oh JY, Park MA, Kim YC. Their abstract sums up that Peppermint essential oil actually worked better than Minoxidil!

    From their abstract: “This study investigated the effect of peppermint oil on hair growth in C57BL/6 mice. The animals were randomized into 4 groups based on different topical applications: saline (SA), jojoba oil (JO), 3% minoxidil (MXD), and 3% peppermint oil (PEO)...Of the 4 experimental groups, PEO group showed the most prominent hair growth effects; a significant increase in dermal thickness, follicle number, and follicle depth. ALP activity and IGF-1 expression also significantly increased in PEO group. These results suggest that PEO (Peppermint Essential Oil) induces a rapid anagen stage and could be used for a practical agent for hair growth without change of body weight gain and food efficiency.”

    Editor’s Note: Hair follicles go through 3 phases: anagen (beginning or mid-cycle growth), catagen (transition to rest) and telogen. Essentially Peppermint induces follicles into the anagen phase to GROW HAIR!!! And the reason peppermint works (though it’s not elucidated in the study) are it’s circulation-enhancing actions – it helps get more blood, and therefore more nutrients to the hair follicles. Note it was the Peppermint Essential Oil group which showed the greatest results, even better than Minoxidil!*

  • Rosemary oil vs minoxidil 2% for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia: a randoRosemary  Stimulates Hair Growth In Researchmized comparative trial”. published in the journal SKINmed, Jan 2015, by Panahi Y, Taghizadeh M, Marzony ET, Sahebkar A. Their abstract conclusion was not as dramatically stated as the Peppermint study; However, they did find 3% Rosemary Essential Oil to be as effective as the Minoxidil treatment, with fewer side effects. Rosemary, too, is acting as a circulatory stimlulant, though we’ve gone one better and included Rosemary c.t. verbenone. The “verbenone” is a constituent which is widely thought to stimlate cellular regeneration as well – growing your hair even faster.
  • Lavender Oil“Hair Growth-Promoting Effects of Lavender Oil in C57BL/6 Mice.”, published in Toxicology Research, April 2016 by Lee BH, Lee JS, Kim YC.  Again, the essential oil was compared favorably to Minoxidil, with the authors stating: “These results indicated that LO has a marked hair growth-promoting effect.” This result is highly likely to Lavender’s well-known anti-inflammatory action.

  • Helichrysum Oil – While there is little research surrounding Helichrysum and hair growth, we’ve included it in the formula as it is both anti-inflammatory and stimulating of cellular healing.

These four essential oils are based in carrier oils which each have their own hair-growth promoting promoting properties. Most importantly is virgin Organic Olive Oil. Research has shown that the phenolic compound which gives Olive Oil its “spicy” flavor,  ”oleuropein” ALSO had the same results of each of the oils above – it worked by changing gene expression, keeping hair in its anagen (growth phase) longer, stimulating this phase, and the whole oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties all around.

(From “Topical Application of Oleuropein Induces Anagen Hair Growth in Telogen Mouse Skin.” Published in PLoS One. 2015 Jun 10, by Tong T1, Kim N1, Park T1.)

Also included are just a little organic Castor oil and organic virgin Coconut oil. BOTH these carriers are inflammation reducing, as well as being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, features which have shown to be highly beneficial to those experiencing hair loss from any cause.

TO USE: This formula is to be applied topically to the thinning areas of the scalp, and MASSAGED-IN for 5, 10, or even 20 minutes. Massage further stimulates circulation to the scalp, enhancing the whole process. It actually smells and feels great. Oh, and unlike minoxidil, your new hair won’t fall out all of a sudden if you stop using it!

This formula addresses hair loss through several mechanisms, and will likely be highly supportive in hair regrowth by itself. If you are experiencing male pattern baldness, also consider supplementing with Saw Palmetto Berry extract. For women, have your hormones checked to see that you have a proper balance of estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, etc. FURTHER, ANY changes in diet and lifestyle that promote systemic reduction of inflammation are highly worth while (CBD De-Flame is a great choice!)

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CBD and Breast Cancer: Science You’ll Want to Know

CBD Anit-Cancer Formula

And for it’s introduction, we will be including this, and ALL CBD formulas in our 15% Off Sale (which we’ll get to below). For ALL items in this sale, please use Coupon Code ‘MaySpecial’ to apply these discounts on the checkout page.

CBD is perhaps the most important health supplement of the decade, and it synergizes remarkably with many essential oils. In this formula, you’ll find:

CBD: Cannabidiol — a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid CO2-extracted from the hemp plant — is gaining traction in medical circles as increasing amounts of scientific literature confirm its medicinal qualities. These include CBD’s ability to stave off inflammation, curb anxiety, depression, PTSD, psychosis, and seizures.

More astonishingly, and perhaps more urgently, CBD is proving to be a powerful anticancer agent (as recently acknowledged by the U.S. government’s National Cancer Institute).

We’ve reformulated our CBDx5 ingestible and topical blend to include, along with CBD, Frankincense CO2, Myrhh CO2, and both Hemp and Sandalwood essential oils. All these act via different mechanisms with research supporting their anti-cancer activity.

Because we don’t have the space here, we’re going to link you directly to the research articles themselves:

This coupon cannot be combined with other discounts, though you are eligible for free shipping. You can use other coupons in the same order, just not for the same product. We’ll always give you the lowest cost for each product you order.

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