Melissa Essential Oil: New Research, A New Lower Price, and Free Shipping on this Wonderful Oil

We simply love Melissa Essential Oil (also called “lemon balm” for many reasons. It’s got a great herbaceous aroma (which is actually an acquired “taste” by some!) and an incredible host of therapeutic properties.

Melissa Herb From Which The Essential Oil Is Distilled

And now, due to a relationship with an organic distiller, we’ve been able to reduce the cost of this oil significantly, and are passing the savings on to you!

And because we love this oil so much, we are offering free standard shipping for ANY domestic order that includes melissa essential oil. Simply select our flat rate $5.75 shipping, and enter “melissashipping” in the coupon code box and click “apply”. This will make the shipping free if you have melissa essential oil in your order. This coupon will be available until June 1st.

Melissa has been researched at improving mood and emotional outlook in elderly patients (small amounts may be used in a diffuser). It has also been reported to support deep rest ( a couple drops massaged on the tops of the feet, particularly with Lavender, might help many people).

Melissa is the number-one researched essential oil for treatment and prevention of HSV outbreaks. Some individuals apply one drop directly to the affected area 2 to 3 times per day, and ingest one drop a day as well. IF you find direct application is too intense, mix with a little virgin coconut oil (the dilution is not important) and apply this way. Some naturopaths also recommend application at the base of the spine, as this is though to be where the viruses remain dormant.

Meilissa Essential Oil Bottle

Ananda's Fantastic Melissa Essential Oil

Much research has shown melissa essential oil as an excellent treatment for Herpes Simplex 2, and has been researched as a potent antiviral agent against other viruses as well. It seems to both eradicate the viruses directly,  as well as prevent infection of healthy cells. Because of its antiviral properties, we’ve included it in our Super Immune blend, a combination of the most renowned antiviral essential oils — for both topical and diffuser use.

Melissa has also been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels in recent research. In  2010 report in the British Journal of Nutrition, melissa significantly lowered blood sugar levels and increased receptivity to insulin.

There has not yet been a protocol developed for humans, but the amount used was so incredibly small, that it may be that ingesting one drop of this oil daily may support blood sugar control. Also, diluting the oil in any carrier at about 1% concentration can be used as a massage on the bottoms of the feet, as well as the base of the spine.

Here’s some great recipes using Melissa essential oil:

For support of herpes outbreaks and prevention of their recurrence:

In one half ounce of Tamanu oil. Tamanu does have an interesting pungent aroma unto itself, but is highly therapeutic at skin healing. These oils are all very safe, and can be used regularly as needed.

For a simple uplifting and mind brightening blend for your diffuser, try 1 part Melissa to 10 parts Lemon. Lemon has been shown to have a host of benefits improving mental acuity, and Melissa will add an interesting touch to the aroma, as well as the effects. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to Melissa Essential Oil: New Research, A New Lower Price, and Free Shipping on this Wonderful Oil

  1. lindsey says:

    Ananda continues to make wonderful therapeutic grade oils more affordable and accessible- Nice!

  2. estarey says:

    I really think that any time you post an article and say things such as “Melissa has been researched…” or “Melissa is the number-one researched essential oil…” you should put the referred to or cited research reference at the bottom of the article.

    A reference citation isn’t hard to include if there really is an article, and it would greatly facilitate finding the research/studies that support what you’re saying so I could read them for myself.

    • Administrator says:

      Yes – I absolutely agree. These articles are freely available on PubMed.Gov, and going forward, we will reference the specific articles. Not only to add “weight” to the statements, but so our customers can view these same research abstracts themselves. Thanks for the comment!

      • Anonymous says:

        Having just completed course work for an AAS in CAM emphasizing aromatherapy, I absolutely support and heartily endorse the practice of citations, as that can readily lead readers to an abstract (and rarely a full article) that might well spark a search into the expanding base of published research regarding the burgeoning interest in EOs as effective alternatives in healing. It could start amazing dialogues on a blog of this nature.

        • Administrator says:

          Yes, we absolutely agree. As mentioned before, there are in fact PAGES of results on for essential oils — you might try searching the term “melissa herpes” and see the results. However, we will begin including the citations here as well. Thanks for your note!

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