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  1. What about lemon tea tree oil? I ordered some of that today. Can you just diffuse it like you are saying or what about maybe adding it to a spray bottle. Of course, spraying it with water may not stay suspended in the area long enough? One of the things I don’t fully understand is how to diffuse and/or use the essential oils. I use them in cleaning supplies mostly and in massage work mixed with a carrier oil.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Don – Yes, absolutely, lemon tea tree is great. I’d forgotten too that we’d got a lovely organic variety at a cost low enough to make it useable as an insect repellent. Spray bottle in the air technique will probably not do the job (though it might! it’s worth giving a try!), but really any ultrasonic or neblulizing diffuser will. Regarding the rest of your question, there are SO many ways to use oils ~ the best thing to do is start with a guidebook, like the Complete Guide to Aromatherapy or The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy — these discuss all the applications, which oils to choose for each use, etc. If you need more help, email me directly at ‘eric at anandaapothecary.com’ — Thanks!

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