July 4th Special: Free Sandalwood with all orders over $75

From now until July 5th at midnight, we’ll include a 5ml bottle of sandalwood with every order with a subtotal of $75 or more. (We thought we’d give you an extra day, ’cause you’re usually pretty busy on July 4th as it is :)

Sandalwood Oil Bottle

Exquisite Sandalwood Oil for our 4th of July Special

Simply type “July 4 Sandalwood” in the Comments box (rather than web code box), when your subtotal is $75 or greater, and we’ll include it with your order.

This incredible sandalwood is a formula often called an “extra”, where pure essential oil sources have been combined to make an even finer oil than either individually.This oil has fast become the favorite sandalwood at Ananda.

It’s a combination of pure oils: 4/5ths high-santolol (92%!) East Indian sandalwood, plus 1/5th Pacific Island (Vanuatu Island) sandalwood oil. We have yet to put this oil on the site, though 5ml will be about $20 when it becomes available.

The Indian sandalwood is a relatively fresh distillation — it will gain a  depth and complexity by being stored away for a few years. Yet with some experimentation here, we found the unique “smokey” notes of the Vanuatu Island oil brings the oil alive. We created several formulations of the pure oils together and found this the absolute best. The soft, sweet, floral and delicate notes of the Indian sandalwood shine through, while the Pacific Island sandalwood adds middle and bottom notes for a wonderfully complete overall aroma.

Again, this is free for all orders only with a subtotal over $75 placed before 12am July 6th. Remember, simply type “July 4 Sandalwood” in your order ‘comments’ box, and we’ll include it for you!

We’re hoping to get more feedback on the oil too — we all like it :)  ….what do you think? Here’s your chance to let us know. Cheers and Thanks!!!

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4 Responses to July 4th Special: Free Sandalwood with all orders over $75

  1. donna b says:

    I Just received this oil and it is out of this world good….. It is one of the best sandalwood EO blend I have ever had the pleasure to expedience… It is has soo much texture and depth and gets better after it “breaths” a bit. I put some in my hair this morning and hours latter it is still strong and lovely. I can’t wait to blend it with some other EO’s. If you are a sandalwood junkie this is the stuff it is sensational on many levels.

    dmb )O( <3Thank YOU for this fantastic blend!

  2. Alan Gibbs says:

    Yes, I too have got your blend of the East Indian & Pacific Sandalwood oil. I’m a sandalwood snob and this is one of the finest blends ever. If you are looking for the true essence of a great sandalwood oil this one is for you. Was not in time for the July 4th special but, I will be placing an order for more.

  3. Keith Morgan says:

    I heard that sandalwood oil is a good pre shave treatment. Will it help to get rid of some reddish spots on your face?

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi Keith,

      Sandalwood is in a lot of men’s skin care products, though I would use it after shaving instead of before. You’ll want to use it at 5% in a carrier oil, an anti-inflammatory one, such as our Super Skin Care Base or virgin coconut oil – both on our carrier oils page.

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