Join the Forums, Make A Post, Get a Free 5ml Bottle of Lavender

Building a set of forums regarding the many applications of essential oils, their properties, which oils to use for what conditions, etc, was a primary request by our blog readers in this last two weeks.

Lavender OilsWe do understand that growing a forum full of valuable information takes time, and above all it takes contributions from users of essential oils for both their aromas and their biochemical medicinal actions.

Contributions such as these fill the forums with useful information as a reference for everyone. SO, if you simply register at the forum, and make a single post, we’ll send you a coupon for a free 5ml bottle of lavender essential oil of your choice to include in your next order. The coupon is for the bottle of oil only, so we recommend you include it with an order to save yourself shipping costs, though you don’t have to :)  Just make sure you add the bottle to your cart FIRST, then apply the coupon!

Also, PLEASE email us if you’d like a new forum or sub-forum created at — we’ll create it right away!

THIS OFFER is available for  7 days — from Saturday the 9th to until July 16th! Help us, and hopefully help you and make a post! Thanks!!!

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14 Responses to Join the Forums, Make A Post, Get a Free 5ml Bottle of Lavender

  1. Kathy Trujillo says:

    I absolutely LOVE Ananda Apothecary!! Excellent quality, excellent value, and excellent information – excellent across the board! Thank you for all of your hard work on your website, and your company!

    • Linda says:

      LOVE Ananda Apothecary’s essential oils. And I also love their aromatherapy sprays. My favorite is Uma. I also purchase the largest Peppermint oil and use it as a bug deterrant. Both on myself and around my house. No more chemicals!

  2. Michael Walker says:

    I like the forum, hope there is a lot of response, thanks

  3. This sounds great, you didn’t have to bribe me, ha ha. :)

  4. Kathie Biggins says:

    Hi ,I need a blend for restless and muscle cramping of legs during the night .

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hmmm…well, one should certainly be considering a high intake of miineral-rich juices and foods, and lots of water. There are many oils that can act as muscle relaxants, such as lavender, sandalwood and helichrysum. Simply these two oils together, in any carrier oil will likely help. Use as much Helichysum as you can afford (5% in the carrier would be great) and 5% of any Lavender oil. Even just the lavender at 10% (that’s 3ml or about 100 drops per 1 ounce of hazelnut, grapeseed or fractionated coconut oil carrier. Email info @ for more in depth discussion if you need :)

  5. Mia says:

    I know maybe this has nothing to see with this actual post. I wanted to ask this in the forum but seems a bit abandoned and I really need some help with this.
    I’m creating a blend for my skin, to fade scars and tiny lines and improve the overall texture. I don’t have very deep or very noticeable scars and lines, but they’re all over my face.
    I already have the carrier oils of my choice, but I need a blend of essential oils and I’m overwhelmed by the amount of choices you have, so I’m not sure which ones to choose.
    I’ve read here in this blog about some oils that can help fade scars and, in other places, about others that you haven’t named. The problem is that some of the oils you named, I’ve read that are very greasy and thick and not that suitable for oily and combination skin types, like Sea Buckthorn. I don’t know if there is any difference between the Sea Buckthorn carrier and the CO2, but I’m a little worried that could make my skin oily, I’m not prone to breakouts, but oiliness and probably some pimple because of my blend are a concern for me. You also named Carrot Root CO2, but I haven’t read much about this and I never considered this as an option, could you tell me if would be a good option?
    Definitely I’m considering Helichrysum and Blue Chamomile, could Chamomile helps?
    I’ve also read that Neroli it’s a greatly regenerative oil and I’m thinking on using this, is this true? I’ve also read is calming and as I’m planning to use this during the night, I want a calming and soothing smell. I heard that Jasmine is as potent as the same Valium and I want to blend this oil too because a good sleep night it’s really important for a good skin, has Jasmine any skin benefit?
    I know that probably I’m asking too much, but I don’t want to use many ingredients, I want something simple and light, as my skin could be affected if I use something heavy. I have a blend of 4 carrier oils and I don’t want to use more than 4 or 5 essential oils. Could you help me to create a blend with the essential oils you consider are truly necessary for fade scarring but are also nice and slightly astringent (just if this is possible) on combination skin?
    Hope you can help me.
    Thanks in advance!


    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi Mia,

      Thanks for the enquiry – the forum is actually a really good place to ask this. They’re actually just getting built, not abandoned :)
      I personally use the blend I noted in the forum, or something close – and I use the Sea Buckthorn CO2 because its nutrient density is so high, and it is supposed to help with acne. What base oils do you have? Yes, a small amount (1-2% German Chamomile is a good idea, and so is 2-3% Helichrysum (measuring with % concentrations is discussed in the forums too ;) Jasmine is good for dry, not so much oily skin. Lavender is good for both sleep and skin regeneration, as is Neroli. I would use Green Myrtle as the sebum balancer (Tamanu carrier oil does this as well). You’re really going to have to experiment a little, making small amounts and trying them, as it sounds like you may be more sensitive to what’s being put on your skin at this time. Again, send the bases you have that you want to use — in any case, I would recommend the essential oils be Helichrysum, Rosemary Verbenone, Myrtle and Sea Buckthorn, in a base of Tamanu, Coconut and Grapeseed — but that’s just to get the discussion started :) Cheers – Eric

  6. Bilqis says:

    You all carry the finest oils I’ve ever used. I’m a big fan. I can’t wait to try the Highland lavender.

  7. Mia says:

    I’ve noted that you said of forum and I’m already registered.
    My base is Hemp, Pomegranate, Argan and Rosehip, I’ve tried all these oils and are very light on my skin, I’ve also read fantastic things about all of them. Here, I’ve read great thing about Sea Buckthorn, so I’m already considering it. Thanks for you response!

  8. Grace Elizabeth says:

    I just found your site today while hunting information on Helichrysum. My husband recently had a Melanoma removed and now has a scar. I was thinking about combining Helichrysum with Frankincence (Boswelia Carten) in a Rose Hip seed oil. An associate told me that this Frankincence helps when cancer is involved. What do you think about this formula?

    I love your Ananda Apothecary site. I am so impressed with the thoroughness of your information. I have signed up for your newsletter too. And this is the first blog I have ever registered for.

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi Grace —

      My only change/recommendation is using a base of 50:50 Tamanu and Rosehip seed.

      Keep it out of the sun (obviously) – and you COULD add just a little Calendula; it has a lot of research backing it up as a wound healer. Tamanu too, perhaps more than Rosehip – it’s just more recently on “the scene”. Also anti-tumorial (see blog post on Tamanu oil – I believe there’s a bit about it in the forums as well.

      Example blend for 1oz:

      28 drops Helichrsum
      18 drops Frankincense (CO2, combination of 2 species you’ll see on our site)
      7 drops Calendula (optional)

      then fill 1oz bottle approximately halfway with Rosehip and Tamanu oils.

      All the Best,

  9. Andrea says:

    I need a blend for restless leg syndrome. I know Young Living has their Tranquility. Is there an equivelant in Ananda; OR a suggestion of oils I could blend?

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