Turmeric Back in Stock! – And Some Science On It’s Anti-Inflammatory Action

Turmeric - Curcuma Longa - Essential Oil

Ananda's "CO2 Total" Turmeric - Curcuma Longa - Essential Oil

We’d just added turmeric a could months ago, and didn’t realize how popular it would be. It really smells great — just like the fresh root, and very potent. So we’ve got it back in stock for you, and here’s a few notes on the oil…(see Turmeric Essential Oil’s page here).

A search of PubMed.Gov of “turmeric inflammation” yields a surprising 160 results. A publication in the journal of La Clinica Terapeutica (from Malaysia) titled “Anti-Inflammatory effect of Curcuma longa (turmeric) on collagen-induced arthritis” noted: “Conclusion. The administration of CL (turmeric) extract arrested the degenerative changes in the bone and joints”.

The oil also is reported to have anti-coagulant action, to prevent forming of blood clots, and to have anti-cancer activity (reported in BMC Reports, “Activation of apoptotic protein in U937 cells by a component of turmeric oil” (2009 Feb 28;42(2):96-100.)

Turmeric root, from which the oil is extracted,

Turmeric root, from which the oil is extracted,

In general, the oil is considered to be helpful for inflammatory conditions, as an antioxidant, and as a gentle liver cleanser. You could add it to your culinary creations in small amounts (it IS potent) for a little Eastern flavor.

As an aromatic, it is considered relaxing, balancing, and stimulating. All at the same time? We suppose you’ll have to try. It is reported to be a stress reducer. We do know that the aroma IS enticing, and we plan on adding the oil to anti-inflammatory blends. Watch for it soon!

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