Essential Oil Practitioner’s Kit’s On the Way: Win One by Give Your Suggestions!


Rose, for exquisite care of female skin.

At the end of this month we are releasing our aroma-medicine practitioner’s kits! And we’re having a drawing for a free kit — all you need to do is to look at what’s currently going to be in the kits, and give us your opinion, posting your reply at the bottom of this page (or the one with the listing of the kit ingredients here). These include the following:

In exchange for your opinion as to what you really think should be a part of these kits, we’ll enter your email in a drawing for 1 Home Medicine Chest Kit or 1 Therapeutic Skin Care Kit, whichever you prefer.


Lavender, the "Medicine Chest in a Bottle".

The items in each kit as we have them now are listed here. To enter the drawing, submit 5 (five) suggestions as a reply to either this post, or the page where the kits are listed. Let us know 5 things that you’d add, change, or that are already perfect. Should we add an oil, take one away, exchange it for another, include more bottles, less pipettes – whatever you think! We value your opinion! Each kit will come with a booklet all about the oils that are in that kit, and how they can be used. Remember, adding oils to the kits will increase the price, so if you think something should be added, would you be willing to pay for the additional oil?


Chamomile, for soothing what ails you.

The drawing will be held at random at the end of October, when we’ll officially launch The Ananda Apothecary Aroma-Medicine Kits. We’ll notify the winner via email, and ship them their Home Medicine Chest, or Therapeutic Skin Care Kit I, whichever they prefer!

Thanks for reading ~ we can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


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