Essential Oil Practitioner’s Kit’s On the Way: Win One by Give Your Suggestions!


Rose, for exquisite care of female skin.

At the end of this month we are releasing our aroma-medicine practitioner’s kits! And we’re having a drawing for a free kit — all you need to do is to look at what’s currently going to be in the kits, and give us your opinion, posting your reply at the bottom of this page (or the one with the listing of the kit ingredients here). These include the following:

In exchange for your opinion as to what you really think should be a part of these kits, we’ll enter your email in a drawing for 1 Home Medicine Chest Kit or 1 Therapeutic Skin Care Kit, whichever you prefer.


Lavender, the "Medicine Chest in a Bottle".

The items in each kit as we have them now are listed here. To enter the drawing, submit 5 (five) suggestions as a reply to either this post, or the page where the kits are listed. Let us know 5 things that you’d add, change, or that are already perfect. Should we add an oil, take one away, exchange it for another, include more bottles, less pipettes – whatever you think! We value your opinion! Each kit will come with a booklet all about the oils that are in that kit, and how they can be used. Remember, adding oils to the kits will increase the price, so if you think something should be added, would you be willing to pay for the additional oil?


Chamomile, for soothing what ails you.

The drawing will be held at random at the end of October, when we’ll officially launch The Ananda Apothecary Aroma-Medicine Kits. We’ll notify the winner via email, and ship them their Home Medicine Chest, or Therapeutic Skin Care Kit I, whichever they prefer!

Thanks for reading ~ we can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


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11 Responses to Essential Oil Practitioner’s Kit’s On the Way: Win One by Give Your Suggestions!

  1. We LOVE your essential oils! We use them for our own health, and even use them on our hogs (we are a natural, pasture-based producer of hogs). We recently had a hog with a skin infection on her back and around one eye. I mixed lavender, oregano, and thyme in the super skin care base. One application was all that was needed for the infection to clear up. Her hair has started regrowing and she looks great. And she smelled great for a short while.

    My suggestions for the kits (which look pretty well stocked) are:

    1. At least 30 mLs of Thyme. It’s great for cuts and scrapes, for mixing in with hair shampoo, and I also add a few drops to the toilet when I clean it. A big bottle is a must!
    2. At least 30 mLs of Lavender. We use this a LOT, as it can be applied directly to the skin. It’s great for sprains, swelling, stiff or sore muscles, shampoos, and it smells great!
    3. Some sort of large size swabbies (you know – like the mouth care swabbies they use in the hospital). This would have been great for applying the thyme mixture to our hog, Ruby.
    4. For each essential oil in the kit, a one page document of general uses (best when mixed with…etc). Just the basics to get someone started.
    5. Castile soap – very gentle. Great to clean a scrape or cut on kids and for folks with lots of allergies.

    We love Ananda Essential Oils and use them literally every day!

  2. Crystal says:

    For the home medicine kit I would add more 1 oz bottles and some nasal inhalers. For all of the kits I would consider adding sesame seed oil, as many people are allergic to nut oils. For the Skin Care Kit I – I would add some gel base as well as the oils you already have. For Skin Care Kit II I would add more 30 ml bottles. You can never have enough bottles for blending.

    Great Idea, Thanks.

  3. Donna Schumacher says:

    Hi – I just placed my first order of essential oils with you today after comparing other websites the last few weeks. I choose yours, due to the prices and the abundance of information on your site; as I do not yet know the benefits of using them personally, but was encouraged by the many testimonials. I am looking for answers to health issues for my husband and myself (too many prescriptions), but will leave that for later.
    Here we go. Based on my own experience trying to figure out what to order to meet our needs I love the idea of your kits. My thoughts…
    How about some other themed kits addressing specific health issues with the specific oils or oil blends that would be beneficial. Something like that would have saved me days of reading, wondering, guessing just which ones, sorting through the varieties of each type, etc. (Sweet Sleep and Bright Eyes in the morning. Depressed no longer. Support during loss, grief, trauma. Relieving chronic pain and renewing hope. etc)
    Another thought is to include with your kits, specific recipes utilizing the oils in the kit for different applications. Purifying the air, cleaning the sinks, etc.
    I do love the idea of the skin care products for under $100.00. Who could resist a kit like that?
    When offering 2 kits on skin care be sure to identify the difference for us newbies..why would I select one over the other.
    And lastly you might consider a “build it yourself kit” with a listing of oils to select from and possibly a diffuser included or as an add on option.
    Looking forward to receiving our order and discovering their uses & experiencing their benefits!

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Thanks for all that Donna. Yes, it’s challenging mating oils and conditions at first, and still, after quite some time, it’s really such a huge branch of natural medicine with so many possibilities (and so many individuals)…we’re thinking of downloadable e-book(s) as well — the kits will certainly come with booklets. And many have suggested a diffuser as well. For sure we’ll make them an option. Saved you days of reading? That’s the only way to learn ;) It’s hard on the web — a good book is really worthwhile — though then again, there’s a good reason for the e-books…

      Thanks everyone for contributing — keep the ideas coming, please…we’re very grateful for all the input, as you’re the ones who’ll be using these. It helps immensely!

  4. K Gallagher says:

    I have also landed here after weeks of looking around and comparing. A well done peaceful website with flat rate shipping! The shipping savings means more money for oils. Yay! Posted on another page here’s a 5 points about the home kit.
    1. Clove bud oil. Toothaches. Can’t say enough good stuff about clove oil i’ve been using for decades.
    2. Dabbers for oral are a great addition. Cotton swans are okay but the oil absorbs into the cardboard/paper stems quickly losing some of the oil.
    3. a laminated (or lamination ready!) quick reference guide for the usual complaints in the home…. tummy ache, itchy skin, toothache, headache, upper respiratory ailments, stress, sleeplessness…. this list is brief obviously.
    4. Small bottles (even 2 or 4 ounce would be great and wouldn’t raise the price too terribly imo) of key carrier oils, jojoba and sweet almond.
    5. A small spray/misting bottle for blended oils. They replaced commercial air fresheners for me and I can tolerate the “aroma” far better than the perfumed chemicals.
    I would love to “win” a kit to share with my dad. I’m working on building my home chest now and look forward to a long relationship with the wonderful Ananda folks.
    Thank you!

  5. Danielle Monahan says:

    I love your oils, prices and diffuser! If you can, I would add your blend, Purify as it is such a good broad spectrum an\tibacterial, antimicrobial and anitfungal oil blend. Thanks.

    • Eric@Ananda says:


      You’ve won the Home Medicine Chest OR the Skin Care Kit I, whichever you prefer. The kits aren’t on the site yet, as we haven’t had the time to create the documentation to go along with them, but we’ll send a book with your kit instead :) We hope to have the kits up soon.


  6. Kelly says:

    These kits are great! I really like them all! I wish I could have purchased one before I started my collection. My suggestions would be 1. Beginner’s Kit with the basic 12 essential oils and a complete essential oil book or DVD. 2. A Carrier Oil Kit with booket detailing the carrier oils 3. An Add-On Kit that has different oils then the beginners kit so one can complete their kit over time. 4. A Choose Your Own Oil Kit – letting the purchaser choose from a set amount of specific oils for a set price which would be less then buying individually, (could even be a Combination Kit where someone can choose a set amount of essenital oils, carrier oils, bottles,etc.) 5. A Bottle Kit complete with a variety of different size and style bottles along with pipettes and sample vials. And one more suggestion is a Sampler Kit containing a sample size of all the oils. I really enjoy all the purchases I have made so far form you and absolutely love the Jojoba/Coconut Cream base you have! Thanks for all you do and letting us make suggestions! I’m looking forward to adding more to my kit!

  7. Cherrie says:

    I absolutely love the idea of having kits. I am fairly new to aromatherapy. A long term illness pushed me in this direction and I am so glad it did. I am amazed at how many benefits there are to oils and not one of my doctors ever suggested them. My first order with Ananda’s was over $500. I spent more than that at Young Living and DoTerra before finding Ananda’s. Because I am so new, I didn’t know what I should order. Looking at your suggested kits and the blogs, I still don’t have the basics. So, I would have loved to have been able to order a kit. Thank you for putting them together. And thank you for your information packed website and your incredible oils at a fair price. I feel like I have been taken advantage of by the other 2 companies I have bought from. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    The main things I would like to see in these kits are instructions on the uses of the different oils, and a quick reference chart on what oils to use for what ailments. Some sort of diffuser would also be nice. After my experiences with Helychrysm and Plai, I would absolutely put one of them in kit. Maybe the Plai would give more for the money. I would also like to see your super immune in the kit, along with Purify and, of course, lots of peppermint. I would also consider the “Five Flower Formula” Flower Essence Concentration. And maybe Mandarin or Orange instead of Lemon. And, my final suggestion would be to have them ready before Christmas. These kits would be excellent, excellent gifts.

  8. The only thing that seems possibly missing is arnica oil. It’s great for bruises, and I think you might want to include it for injuries.

    I think the kit idea is just great! What a good way to learn more about the uses of essential oils…and so nice if you want to experiment (as I think most of us do).


    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi Aliza,

      We’ve found Helichrysum SO much more effective than Arnica…not even in the same ‘ballpark’ in terms of efficacy! So, while we make Arnica available for those who find it useful, we always recommend Helichrysum for the same purposes.

      All the Best ~ The Ananda Apothecary Staff.

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