Get Allergy Relief in Minutes with Blue Tansy

We personally tested Blue Tansy essential oil, heralded for its allergy-relieving action, and it was profoundly effective. Want immediate relief from itchy, watery eyes, sinuses and ‘hay fever’? Irritated skin?  Read on!

Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Tannacetum annum - The 'Blue' Tansy Flower. The essential oil turns blue during distillation process from the presence of anti-inflammatory compounds.

It’s that time of year, where grasses and other plants all around us are spreading their pollen. Our owner comes home from a run on the trails with eyes that he just wants to scratch so badly. Our herbalist’s skin gets intolerably-itchy when working on the garden. So they gave Blue Tansy a try, as suggested by many leading aromatherapists.

How We Used The Oil

  • For itchy, watery eyes, one drop was massaged under each eye. Yes, you’ll have a little ‘war paint’ on, but it’s remarkable how quickly you’ll feel the results! Be careful not to get the oil in your eyes, just around them.

    Don’t put the oil above your eyes, as sweat may lead to getting the oil in the eyes themselves.


  • For itchy skin, dilute Blue Tansy essential oil in a carrier in a 1:3 ratio, and apply liberally. You may also use the oil undiluted.

  • For itchy, irritated sinuses, massage one or 2 drops of the oil into the sinsus areas on either side of your nose.

The Results

We were astounded at how quickly the essential oil provided relief. In minutes, the itchiness subsided, without the use of any pharmaceutical antihistamines. If you’re an allergy sufferer, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Find Blue Tansy Essential Oil here!


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15 Responses to Get Allergy Relief in Minutes with Blue Tansy

  1. Natasha in Coquitlam says:

    Is blue tansy safe for use during pregnancy?

  2. J McGarrie says:

    Blue Tansy is from the same plant family as ragweed. Please explain further your success with it. I’ve found that plants from the Asteraceae family result in allergic reactions, the same or similar to ragweed.

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi ~ The essential oil contains no pollen, nor any components of the plant that may be allergens. The essential oil is only the 100% pure non-water-soluble, steam-distilled extract of the plant. I personally get very unpleasant symptoms from grass pollen, yet the blue tansy’s anti-inflammatory action, fantastic aroma, and very gentle profile make it ideal for the application.

  3. J McGarrie says:

    Thank you, but I’m not convinced. It’s the chemical properties of the plant that cause allergic reactions. Chamomile is another culprit as are Calendula and Comfrey — all very healing and benign — unless you are ragweed sensitive.

    • Ariel says:

      I am allergic to ragweed-but not Blue Tansy oil. Infact, I love it! I am also allergic to fennel seeds but not the oil :)

    • Tamara says:

      I have a daughter allergic to peanuts and tree nuts but she can eat food from Chick-fil-a that’s been cooked in peanut oil and can apply almond oil to her skin with no reaction.

      So obviously the oils are missing some chemical component that is an allergen.

  4. Nancy from Indiana says:

    I’ve had great relief from allergy symptoms using Blue Tansy, thanks to a recommendation several months ago from Ananda.

    My eyes are affected by allergies the most–more so than sinuses. I massage a little Blue Tansy under my eyes and over sinus cavities before applying makeup and often add it to skin care products, as well. It really helps prevent or reduce itching and redness in the eyes. I’m glad to not have to rely on eye drops and Claritin D every day.

    If my eye allergies are really acting up, I apply cotton pads saturated with Chamomile hydrosol for several minutes. Great soothing relief!

  5. Alice says:

    As someone with severe ragweed allergies, tree pollens also, and terrible allergic reaction to biting flies of all kinds, as well as allergies to chamomile and henna, I have found great relief using blue tansy and helichrysum. If I am bitten at the beach by green flies, I get hot, golf ball-size hard swellings which I used to treat with Benadryl. Still, they took weeks (like 6 weeks!) to go away. I found that alternating helichrysum and blue tansy, neat, relieved the swelling within one or two days. Just gone! and with no side effects. I have never tried either one on my face, however, as have not had the need. Blue tansy, helichrysum, lavender, and rose are my must-haves.

    • Maya says:

      Thank you for your post, Alice – I’m like you. How do you take/use your blue tansy? Not on the face, do you … drink it? How much and how do you consume or apply it? Thanks! – Maya

      • Eric@Ananda says:

        Hi Maya – I’m not sure that Alice will see your question, but yes, we apply the Tansy to the face. Looks like a little ‘war paint’, but it sure beats itchy allergies! Only a drop or two massaged under the eyes does the trick within minutes, and will make the difference really anywhere on your skin where an allergic reaction is occurring.

  6. Christy says:

    As soon as I feel that familiar itch in my eyes, I put a little Blue Tansy under them and the itch immediately disappears. Love it! Thanks for the advice and free sample!!!

  7. Kim Hamilton says:

    I also am allergic to ragweed & have had good results with blue tansy oil. I put it on the back of my neck to help relieve the headache aspect of allergies too. You can also put around the outside of your nostrils. Wonderful oil thank you for the free sample!

  8. Emily says:

    Just wanted to say that this stuff is wonderful!

    Over the weekend, I had a 2 day headache. Nothing was helping, and peppermint oil wasn’t even making a dent. In desperation, I took several drops from the sample of blue tansy that was sent with my previous order and rubbed it under my nose and on my sinuses.

    Within 15 minutes, I could feel the headache going away. Whenever this sample runs out, I’ll definitely be buying more.

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