In Stock and On Sale! The Most Therapeutic Way to Diffuse Essential Oils: Synergy® Cold Air Nebulizers…

Essential Oil Diffuser

The 'Raw-Wood' Nebulizing Diffuser. Regularly $87.00, now $67.50

See our Synergy Essentials® diffusers, and customer reviews & comments here

The most therapeutically-effective way to diffuse your essential oils is by using air alone. Our professional diffusers make a mist of just the essential oil, without dilution in water or use of heat.

Antiviral Essential Oils

Receive 5ml's Super Immune™ With Each Diffuser.

Now, all three styles are available again, and all are on sale, for $10 to $15.50 off each. Plus, receive a 5ml bottle of our fantasitc Super Immune™ blend with each diffuser ordered! (Read up on Super Immune™).

What makes these Synergy Essentials® diffusers different?

  • They diffuse only pure essential oils and essential oil blends – the oil is not diluted in water.
  • Your essential oils contact only glass, not plastic.
  • They are virtually silent.
  • Output is completely adjustable.
  • They’re very easy to maintain. Simply fill the reservoir 1/3rd full with alcohol, shake, empty, and run a couple of minutes until dry.
Geometric Base Aromatherapy Diffuser

Back In Stock: The Geometric Base Diffuser. Regularly $84.50, now $65.00

It’s a great time of year to begin using our Super Immune™ blend too. This blend was carefully created with supporting scientific research. All the oils in it are noted for their ability to inhibit viral replication – either in the laboratory, or in the aroma-therapeutic literature. And it smells fantastic too.

Stained Wood Base Essential Oil Diffuser

The Stained, Round Wood-Base Diffuser. Regularly $89.00, now $69.00

When the household is all healthy, but it seems we’re encountering people that are catching (or have caught) a cold, we’ll diffuse the blend 5 minutes every hour for a few hours every day. If someone in the house is sick, we’ll run the diffuser 10 minutes an hour throughout the time folks are at home.

This blend is great to dab on the wrists and/or throat, something we’ll do when traveling - or when we feel we’re more exposed to pathogens than usual. A few drops per day can even be ingested if you prefer this method.

We also offer fully-programmable timers to go with these diffusers (you’ll find these at the bottom of our page of diffusers). In the aromatherapy liturature, it is most widely recommended that nebulizing diffusers be run only minutes on the hour…anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes, depending on your application (run less for simple aromatic use, run more for various therapeutic needs).

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