Free Rose Hydrosol Still Available with Every Order over $49!

damask rose

The Damask Rose, source of our wonderful Rose Hydrosol.

Here’s the scoop on ALL our sales and specials going on! Due to the overwhelming demand, our free Rose Hydrosol has been available with every order over $49, we’ve decided to continue the offer (and here’s out to get them included in your order!)

Rose hydrosol, or ‘rosewater’ is one of the most amazing ‘spritzes’ for your face. It tonifies and gives a youthful appearance to almost ANY skin condition. Read more on this post here: All About our Rose Hydrosol, how it’s made, and what it can do for you...

So, to receive these, simply place an order over $49, and BE SURE to make a note in the comment box of the checkout page: “Rose Hydrosol”, and we’ll include it with your order.

ALSO still on sale is our fantastic Corsican Helichrysum here…marked down an incredible 20%…Plus, each of our cold-air nebulizers is still on sale, and they each include a free bottle of our very finest immune-booster: Super Immune.

Remember, it’s still always free shipping for our first time customers, and free shipping with ALL orders over $99. Check out how to receive these discounts here!

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One Response to Free Rose Hydrosol Still Available with Every Order over $49!

  1. Rivkah says:

    Is the rose hydrosol in a spritzer bottle? How many ounces is it?

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