You’ve Loved Our Special, So We’re Extending It! Try 3 Amazing Pure Frankincense Oils for Free with Your Next Order!

Frankincense Tree

A Boswellia tree, source of Frankincense resin and the Essential Oils.

Our Frankincense Essential Oils are among the most therapeutically and aromatically valuable in the world! We’ve continued our special so you can try them all…Receive a free sample pack of these exceptionally-fine Frankincense varieties with every order over $79: Our Boswellia carteriBoswellia seratta CO2′s and hydro-distilled Boswellia sacra.

Plus 60ml of organic Rose Hydrosol, and you’ll get free shipping if this is your first order with us, and with ALL orders over $99.

You’ll receive a 2ml bottle of each of these incredible essential oils, and a measuring pipette for each, PLUS a free 60ml bottle of organic Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol – if it’s your first order with us, it’s shipped for free…and so is with ANY order with a subtotal over $99! (Please read the details for receipt of each offer on our Specials page :)

Frankincense Resin

Dried Frankincense Resin - Source of the Amazing Essential Oil

Frankincense is one of our most adored essential oils in our collection…not only because it has such a broad range of therapeutic activities (both ‘practical’ and ‘esoteric’), but because ours in particular are from such incredible wildcrafted sources and artesian distilleries.


Why Are We So Fond of Frankincense, and What Makes Ananda’s Different?

We’ve done a lot of research and work with all Frankincense essential oil varieties, and have come to realize a few very important pieces of knowledge about these oils:

  • ALL these species share the same PRIMARY therapeutic properties. This is because, regardless of the variety, the essential chemical properties are similar. They all contain large-chain sesquiterpine molecules that are unique to Boswellia tree resins.
    Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil

    Our Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil

    There are many, many published studies investigating the anti-cancer properties of Frankincense essential oils. The ability to cause natural cell death of otherwise ‘cancerous’ cells – and leave healthy cells unaffected – has been shown with EACH species: Carteri, Seratta, and Sacra (see our post summarizing this research here).

    In The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, Salvatore Battaglia calls Frankincense oil: “THE immune system modulator” - meaning that it can have a complete, holistically-stimulating effect for the immune system…not only by affecting the immune system itself (many essential oils have been shown to increase activity of immune system cells in defending the body), but assists in bringing the mind and body to a state which it can be at its most healthy in every way.

  • It is these sesquiterpine molecules that stimulate the pineal gland (our ‘third eye’), which leads to the oils being suggested for use during meditative practices.

    One can place a drop of the oil on the ‘third eye’ point between the eyebrows, diffuse the oil, or get a hint of the scent by placing a drop on each wrist – the aroma has the effect of calming and/or grounding many people for such practices, and may be useful to just wear as a natural perfume for this purpose.

  • Frankincense Tree

    An up-close image of the bark of a Boswellia tree, exuding resin, which when dried, is called 'Frankincense'.

    The distillation method of all Frankincense varieties makes a difference in the brilliance of their aromas, and potentially their therapeutic effects.
    Our Carteri and Sacra varieties are SCO2-distilled from wild-source Frankincense resin. This  is the coolest-temperature extraction technique for the oil, and actually brings a greater array of the resin’s largest molecules (considered among the most therapeutically-important).

    Our Sacra oil is hydrodistilled, which also happens at lower temperatures than the classic ‘steam distillation’. Both these distillation methods result in very, very smooth, yet wonderfully-complex and rich aromas.

While therapeutically-similar, the three oils are quite unique aromatically - and you’ll more than likely quickly find you’ll have a favorite…The Carteri, perhaps the most popular, has beautiful citrusy and woody notes that give it its primary character. It is quite uplifting and broadly appreciated.

The Seratta is quite unique in its deep and smokey tones, somewhat reminiscent to the smell that many recall of Frankincense resin being burned in churches. And finally, the Sacra has the highest overall tone, with different sweet and woody notes that one can detect individually after inhaling the scent…it really is, simply beautiful.

So, to receive this special, with any order over $79, please make a note in the comments box of the checkout page: ‘Frankincense Sampler’.

As for our other ongoing specials!: ALSO available, for orders over $49 is a free 60ml bottle of Rose Hydrosol (these are combined for orders over $79). ALL first-time orders are shipped for free (use coupon-code ‘first-order’ in the web-code box, after selecting and applying a shipping method), and all orders over $99 are shipped for free as well (use coupon-code ‘free-ship’ in the web-code box also after selecting and applying a shipping method). SHARE on Google or Like/Share the Ananda Apothecary on Facebook and receive 5ml Organic Bergamot with your order. See ALL our specials and instructions here.

Finally, Frankincense ‘Sacra’ and Helichrysum italicum are on sale, each marked down 20%, and our very-popular wood-base neubulizing diffusers are all on sale as well.

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy the oils!

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