Get A Free 3-Bottle Lavender Sample Pack for Free with Your Next Order, and Try Each of Our Exceptional Varieties!

Lavender essential oil

Receive a free 3 bottle sample pack including each of our Lavender essential oils with your next order!

Hi All – the Lavender sampler special is over, though we’re now offering our incredible Heavenly Skin Serums for Men and Women with every order over $89, plus free shipping for first time orders, and all orders over $99!

Lavender is hands down THE most popular essential oil used in aroma-therapy. And we carry 3 exceptional therapeutic grade Lavenders…and everyone has a favorite!

Now, with every order over $79, you’ll be able sample them all with a full 5ml bottle of each: our French Wildcrafted Lavender, our High-Elevation, and Bulgarian organic varieties. Please be sure to enter ‘Lavender Sampler’ in the comments box of the checkout page when ordering.

Distilling Rose Essential Oil

Distillation of Rose Oil, and Producing the Hydrosol

REMEMBER! With this order, you’ll also receive a free 60ml bottle of Rose Hydrosol (enter ‘Rose Hydrosol’ also in the comments box – this is for any order over $49) AND Free Shipping if it’s your first order with us, and on EVERY order over $199 (for either, enter ‘free-ship’ in the coupon code box after selecting the standard shipping method and clicking ‘apply’).


We carry three, each with unique aromas, yet each with the profound therapeutic qualities of Lavender. The Wild is very rich and full, the High-Elevation (grown and distilled at high elevations for lower temperatures and greater essential oil concentration) is a little softer (perhaps our most popular of the three), and the Bulgarian you’ll find very well rounded, with pronounced ‘middle notes’.

Lavender Flowers in Full Bloom, Fragrant and Ready for Harvest!

Lavender has SO much research backing its use for healing and stress reduction – much recent research has even uncovered its ingestion as a long-term stress reliever. Studies have shown that the ingestion of just 2 drops per day has the same effect as common anti-anxiety pharmaceutical drugs, with none of the potential side effects!


Plus, we’ve many ongoing specials you can take part in at the same time! With all orders over $49, you can receive a free bottle of our very wonderful Organic Bulgarian Rose hydrosol. This is the ‘rose water’ produced during the steam distillation process of our beautiful Rose Otto. It’s considered one of the premier skin toners (spritz a little on your face anytime of day!). Enter ‘Rose Hydrosol’ in the comments box of your order, and we’ll add it here when we process your order.

Our very-loved Boswellia Sacra(Sacred Frankincense) is on sale, at 20% regular pricing. No code is necessary.

Plus, all our nebulizing diffusers are still on sale, and come with a free bottle of our Super Immune formula – great to keep the household well, and smells simply fantastic as well. These are the finest diffusers for therapeutic use of essential oils, as they diffuse ONLY the oil, without water, so you can easily control the oil’s concentration.

And, as always, there’s free shipping on first time orders, and ALL orders over $99 (enter ‘free-ship’ in the coupon code box after selecting and applying your shipping method, and click ‘apply’ to make your shipping free.

We hope you enjoy all these!



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One Response to Get A Free 3-Bottle Lavender Sample Pack for Free with Your Next Order, and Try Each of Our Exceptional Varieties!

  1. Denese Washam says:

    I am very excited to have discovered you! I just placed an order for 1 full oz of helichrysum essential oil -what a luxury!!!! I can’t wait to receive it.

    On top of that I understand that I will be receiving a few special goodies:
    60ml of Rose Hydrosol
    the sampler of lavender oils
    and I saw this as well – a bottle of bergamot.

    What a fantastic deal! I can’t wait until my goodies arrive.

    THANK YOU!!!!

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