Free Frankincense, Lavender or Citrus Sampler Pack & Rose Hydrosol with Your Next Order!

Lavender essential oil

Our Lavender Sampler: A 5ml bottle of each of our wonderful Lavender essential oils!

Please note – our sampler pack specials are over, but we’ve got other wonderful ones going on! Check out our Sales and Specials page and find out how to receive one of our best-selling skin care blends of all time: Heavenly Skin for Women or Men!

With any order over $79, choose one of our sampler packs: a five bottle Citrus oil sampler, a three bottle Frankincense sampler, a 3 bottle Lavender sampler, or a 3 bottle Chamomile sampler. With any order over $49, you’ll receive 60ml of our organic rose hydrosol (yes, they can be combined!) And, as always, you’ll get free shipping on any first time orders, and free shipping with any order over $99. Read on how to receive these!

If you’re order is between $49 and $79, just request the ‘Rose Hydrosol’ in the comments box of the checkout page. If over $79, note ‘Rose Hydrosol’, and the sampler pack of your choice: ‘Citrus Sampler’, ‘Frankincense Sampler’, ‘Lavender Sampler’, or ‘Chamomile Sampler’.

Also, if you qualify for free shipping, enter ‘first-order’ (if it’s your first order with us), or ‘free-ship’ (if your order is over $99) in the coupon code box, after selecting and applying our standard shipping.

Each sampler pack includes:

These samplers are a great way to find your favorite oil of each variety. Plus, our Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol is a wonderful, all-purpose aromatic and skin care product. It is thought to ‘clear the air’ with a few ‘spritzes’ in any space – it’s also a fantastic skin toner for all skin types.

About Each Sampler Pack

Madarin Essential Oil

Mandarin Essential Oil: A sweet, beautiful aromatic, also known in France as "The Children's Remedy"

Citrus Sampler:

The Citrus Sampler includes our cold-pressed Italian Lemon, Italian Bergamot, Italian Red Mandarin, South African Pink Grapefruit and Wild Sweet Orange from the Dominican Republic – and incredible diversity of aromas and therapeutic benefits in one kit!

Organic Italian Lemon

Lemon essential oil is used most commonly for ‘cleansing’ – both the body, and around the home. It is ingestable (as are all these oils)…add 1 to 5 drops of lemon to a cool glass of water anytime of day (really, first thing in the morning is best, but it’s certainly refreshing at any time). The action of lemon essential oil can encourage the liver to produce more bile and flush out toxins.

Aromatically, lemon is the ‘highest note’ in aromatherapy. It is frequently used as an ‘uplifting’ aroma, particularly when doing mentally-active tasks. Research has found that diffusing lemon essential oil during studying and test taking actually improved test scores.

lemon essential oil

Lemon Essential Oil is the Great Cleanser

Add a couple drops of oil to each cup of warm water for cleaning surfaces in the kitchen and a around the house for a great, fresh aroma. We even sprinkle a little on the rugs before vacuuming when we’re really in a cleaning frenzy!

Organic Italian Bergamot

Bergamot is THE most widely-researched anti-depressant aromatic. Studies have shown the regular inhalation of bergamot essential oil, tested against a placebo, improve scores of mood – bringing about a positive, healthy outlook.

Bergamot Fruit

Bergamot fruit, from which the incredible sweet-tart essential oil is pressed.

Other research has suggested Bergamot be included as an ‘official’ complimentary medical therapy, as its inhalation has been noted to reduce the need for pain medication after surgery. Bergamot also has anti-viral properties, shown effective against the herpes virus.

And, well, it’s one of our all-time favorite essential oils to diffuse by its very own.

Italian Red Mandarin

In France, Mandarin is known as “the children’s remedy”, as it manages to calm younger kids in a twofold manner: It contains a unique molecule in its natural chemical makeup that specifically calms children. Put a little in a diffuser in your house when it’s that time of day to “wind down”, and see what happens!

It’s also excellent for tummy troubles - it seems to act by moving bile from the liver – thereby being a gentle stimulant to the digestive system in general. Add several drops to a 1/2 teaspoon of any carrier oil in the palm of your hand and rub on your child’s abdomen…both the aromatic calming and physiological support can happen this way.

South African Pink Grapefruit

Like Italy and its rich soils for Lemon, Mandarin and Bergamot, South Africa also has soils and climates to grow wonderful citrus fruit. From here comes both our Pink and Ruby Red grapefruit oils. Its aroma is out-of-this-world…

Grapefruit’s aroma, like Bergamot’s, is a real ‘bringer of smiles’. It’s a very uplifting scent – and like lemon, can be used to flavor your water, and add a little cleansing action.

On psychological and emotional levels, grapefruit is noted to assist in cases of depression where one may tend to overindulge in food or chemicals to pacify their pain. The oil may clear the psychological ‘heat’ and congestion that result from self-criticism and blame, promoting a lightness of spirit.

In aromatherapy applications, grapefruit is refreshing, cheering, slightly euphoria-inducing and slightly energizing. Grapefruit’s sweet and familiar aroma can evoke warm feelings that melt sour dispositions.

Wild Sweet Orange

Orange Essential Oil

'Sweet' Oranges - Not Just Great for Eating!

From the Dominican Republic comes our Wild Sweet Orange. While ‘sweet orange’ itself is a wonderfully-uplifting scent, the ‘wild’ sweet orange is an incredible, unique aroma not to be missed.

Its aroma is unlike any citrus fruit you’ve tried…it is ‘orange’, but with a twist. Uplifting, complex, sweet, yet not quite as ‘candy-like’ as the more common ‘sweet orange’.

Frankincense Sampler:

Our Frankincense sampler includes each of our most popular Frankincense varieties. From Ethiopia comes our CO2-distilled Boswellia Carteri, from India comes our CO2-distilled Boswellia Seratta, and from Oman, our hydro-distilled Boswellia Sacra (Sacred Frankincense).

Frankincense has a very diverse number of therapeutic properties. All these Frankincense varieties share these properties – though each has a unique aroma.

Frankincense Tree

A Boswellia Sacra tree, source of Sacred Frankincense from Oman. The Boswellia trees are unharmed in the process of harvesting the dried sap, called Frankincense 'tears'.

  • Anti-aging skin care: Frankincense is known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and general skin aging over time. Just add 12 to 24 drops to each ounce of any skin care base you like.
  • Aromatically, Frankincense is thought to be both calming and centering. A drop or two can be placed on the temples, the oil inhaled directly from the bottle, or from a diffuser.
  • Frankincense is the most thoroughly-researched anti-cancer essential oil. While no protocol yet exists, the oil can be taken internally – preferably with guidance from a health care professional.
  • Frankincense is noted as “THE immune system modulator” in the Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy. It is thought to strengthen the immune system for defense from any infection. Apply to the soles of the feet or inhale as above.
  • Frankincense may remove warts (we personally have had great results!)…simply apply a drop of Frankincense to the wart daily until it is reducing in size. We’ve found the wart will continue to reduce in size once this first reduction is noticed, without further oil application.

Lavender Sampler:

lavender essential oil

Lavender grown in the right places, harvested at the right time, and distilled properly offers many therapeutic benefits. Each of our Lavenders has its own unique aroma!

As you know, Lavender is probably the most diverse in its therapeutic applications of any essential oil. Lavender is well-known to calm anxiety when inhaled (and even when ingested), to aid with sleep, and to reduce pain and inflammation of wounds.

Each of our Lavender essential oils is of the highest therapeutic grade, though you’ll find each has its own unique aroma. The Wild is rich and full, the Highland is soft and sweet, and the Bulgarian is more pronounced in the middle notes than both of these (often appreciated by those who generally don’t care for Lavender essential oil, as it’s not quite as ‘bright’ in the ‘high’ notes).

Chamomile Sampler:

Each Chamomile essential oil has distinctly different aromas and therapeutic properties. Our organic Roman Chamomile is the most popular Chamomile essential oil of all, used for calming in a similar manner as Lavender. It’s also wonderful (as are all the Chamomile essential oils) in skin and hair care formulas.

German Chamomile is considered one of the most potent anti-inflammatory essential oils. It is noted by prominent aromatherapists to not use more than 2% of this oil in your blends, or it may be ‘pro-inflammatory’! It has a sweet, cooling aroma, and deep blue color, from the presence of the anti-inflammatory constituent ‘chamulzine’.

Cape Chamomile has the most widely-loved of all Chamomile aromas, with therapeutic actions that are somewhere between the two Chamomile essential oils above. It is beautifully floral and sweet, with a light blue color. It too can be used in skin and hair care formulas.

Rose Hydrosol:

damask rose

Damask Roses are organically grown in the Kazanlak Valley - 'The Valley of the Roses' in Bulgaria...this is the source of our magnificent Rose Otto and Rose Hydrosol.

Our organic Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol (a.k.a. ‘Rose Water’) is excellent for virtually any skin care application. It is well-known as a skin ‘toner’, and you can simply close your eyes and spray a little directly from the bottle on your face (and then smell like roses, too!).


It’s also great for ‘clearing the air’ in any space. Again, just spray as much as you like into the room and enjoy the scent.

Remember, you can receive both the Rose Hydrosol and ANY sampler pack of your choice with any order over $79, and receive the Hydrosol alone with any order over $49. Just be sure to make a note in the comments box of the checkout page of your selection(s).

Free Shipping

And don’t forget the free shipping! Again, all first-time customers can use the coupon code ‘first-order’, and with any order over $99, use the coupon code ‘free-ship’. If you have ANY trouble with the coupon codes, please enter them in the comments box as well, and we’ll remove any shipping cost before charging your order here.

Thank you! We hope you enjoy these specials!


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  1. Denese Washam says:

    I absolutely love the samples of the 3 different Lavender oils. They are all so unique. I went completely head over heels about the Highland Lavender oil. Thank you for expanding my sensory awareness of the differences in each of these exquisite oils!

  2. Lara Block says:

    Will this special still be going on this Monday June
    30th? That is when I am placing an order and would LOVE to take advantage of this.

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