A Long Time Customer Tells Us How CBD Works For Him…

Looking for real user feedback? One recent, repeat customer had this to say about the DeFlame he uses daily:
I wanted to send you this note regarding the fantastic results which I have had using your CBD Deflame and CBD Plus formulas. I have been a competitive athlete for most of my 52 years, and a very active person for my entire life.
Because of years of high level athletic training, I have some rather used up joints. In fact in the same orthopedic appointment I was told to consider fake knee and elbow joint replacement surgeries. There is substantial to severe osteoarthritis in my left knee (in fact I wear a brace the better part of every day) and both elbows.
I start taking four to five drops of the CBD Deflame a couple of weeks ago, morning and night, and within 4 or 5 days I was noticing substantially less pain and weakness. I also noticed a lowered amount of general pain and soreness in the rest of my body and a more stable mood.
I have stopped taking Ibuprofen and just feel so much better in general.  Thank you so much for making these formulas that are helping me so much to live a more comfortable life again. — Doug W., Boulder, Colorado.

We thank Doug for his wonderful feedback, and are really glad he’s having such a positive experience with CDB ‘DeFlame’.

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