CBD and Breast Cancer: Science You’ll Want to Know

CBD Anit-Cancer Formula

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CBD is perhaps the most important health supplement of the decade, and it synergizes remarkably with many essential oils. In this formula, you’ll find:

CBD: Cannabidiol — a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid CO2-extracted from the hemp plant — is gaining traction in medical circles as increasing amounts of scientific literature confirm its medicinal qualities. These include CBD’s ability to stave off inflammation, curb anxiety, depression, PTSD, psychosis, and seizures.

More astonishingly, and perhaps more urgently, CBD is proving to be a powerful anticancer agent (as recently acknowledged by the U.S. government’s National Cancer Institute).

We’ve reformulated our CBDx5 ingestible and topical blend to include, along with CBD, Frankincense CO2, Myrhh CO2, and both Hemp and Sandalwood essential oils. All these act via different mechanisms with research supporting their anti-cancer activity.

Because we don’t have the space here, we’re going to link you directly to the research articles themselves:

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