Aromatherapy Practitioner Kit Development List

These are our plans for each kit — to enter our drawing for a free “Home Medicine Chest” or “Therapeutic Skin Care I” (your choice), send us
5 suggestions
as to what you think should be included that may not be, what you think doesn’t belong, or something you think is “just perfect” the way it is :) It could be essential oils, blends, bottles, diffusers, anything! Submissions must made as replies to this post, or the one announcing the drawing here.

The drawing is random, though we will certainly use your suggestions for creating the best kits our customers could possible want! Below are our 5 kits, their included products, and their prices (which represent a substantial discount relative to purchasing all the oils and accessories individually). Each kit will come with a booklet describing the use of the essential oils in that kit. Remember, if you suggest adding oils to a kit, the price goes up too!

So, please have a look, and post your suggestions as a reply on either this page, or on the post of the drawing here. Also remember, to enter the drawing, you need to give us 5 suggestions, and be sure we can contact you at the email you use (this is done by posting your reply — no one can see your email except for us, and we promise to use it for no other reason! :)

Kit #1 – The Home Medicine Chest
Oil, Blend, Carrier or Supply Size
Eucalyptus Radiata 12ml
Helichrsyum 5ml
Lavender Hi El 12ml
Lemon 12ml
Peppermint 12ml
Super Immune blend 5ml
Tea Tree 12ml
PuriFy blend 12ml
Shanti blend 12ml
Super Soother blend 12ml
Breathe Deep blend 12ml
1oz Bottles 2
Soothing Skin blend 1
MCT (Frac. Coconut) 4
8oz Liquid Soap in Pump 1
5 Pipettes 2
5 sample vials 1
Price 174.95


Kit #2 – Practitioner’s Kit I
Oil, Blend, Carrier or Supply Size
Tea Tree 12ml
Lavender Hi El 12ml
Peppermint 12ml
Chamomile, Rom. 5ml
Eucalyptus Radiata 12ml
Geranium 5ml
Rosemary 12ml
Lemon 12ml
German Cham SD 5ml
Bergamot 12ml
Frank C+S 5ml
Cedarwood 12ml
Lemongrass 12ml
MCT (Fractionated Coconut carrier oil) 4 oz
Jojoba (carrier oil) 4 oz
30ml Bottles 2
12ml Bottles 2
5ml bottles 2
5 pack pipettes 1
10 sample vials 1
Price $109.95
Oil Size
Eucalyptus Radiata 12
Helichrsyum 5
Lavender Hi El 12
Lemon 12
Peppermint 12
Super Immune 5
Tea Tree 12
PuriFy 12
Shanti 12
Super Soother 12
Breathe Deep 12
1oz Bottles 2
Soothing Skin type form. 1
MCT (Frac. Coconut) 4
8oz Liquid Soap in Pump 1
Pipettes 2
5 sample vials 1
Kit #3 – Practitioner’s Kit II
Oil, Blend, Carrier or Supply Size
Tea Tree 12ml
Lavender, Vera 12ml
Peppermint, French 12ml
Chamomile, Rom. 12ml
Eucalyptus Radiata 12ml
Eucalyptus Citradora 12ml
Geranium 12ml
Rosemary 12ml
Lemon 12ml
Helichrysum 5ml
German Cham SD 5ml
Bergamot 12ml
Frankincense Carteri+Seratta 12ml
Cedarwood 12ml
Lemongrass 12ml
Grapefruit, Pink 12ml
Ylang Extra 5ml
Sandalwood Extra 5ml
Rose Otto, Turkey 2ml
Melissa 2ml
Thyme, “Benchmark” 5ml
Super Immune Blend 12ml
Virya Blend 12ml
MCT (fractionated coconut carrier oil) 4 oz
Jojoba (carrier oil) 4 oz
30ml Bottles 2
60ml Bottles 2
12ml Bottles 4
5ml Bottles 4
15 sample vials 1
Pipette Pack of 5 2
Price $308.45
Kit #4 – Therapeutic Skin Care Kit I
Oil, Blend, Carrier or Supply Size
Spike Lav or Mrtyle 5ml
Lavender, Bulg 5ml
Carrot Root 5ml
Rosehip 5ml
Sea Buck 5ml
Cham CO2 2ml
Helichrysum 3ml
Rosemary V 5ml
Tamanu 1 oz
Argan 1 oz
Rosehip 1oz
Hazelnut 2oz
30ml bot. w/treat-pump 3
Pipettes 5
Price $87.50
Kit #5 – Therapeutic Skin Care Kit II
Oil, Blend, Carrier or Supply Size
Mytle 12ml
Carrot Root 12ml
Rosehip 12ml
Sea Buck 12ml
Cham CO2 5ml
Helichrysum 5ml
Rosemary V 12ml
Lavender V 12ml
Frank S+C 5ml
Sandalwood, Ex. 5ml
Rose Otto, Turkey 2ml
Tamanu 2 oz
Jojoba 4 oz
Rosehip 2 oz
SuperSkinCB 2 oz
30ml bot. w/treat-pump 2
60ml bot. w/treat-pump 2
Pipettes (10) 1
Price $198.35

40 Responses to Aromatherapy Practitioner Kit Development List

  1. andrea felesina says:

    The couple addition items I would consider adding to the kis is Cardimum, Ginger, Palo Santo, MQV, and Plai in the therapeutic kits;, and pump bottles in the bigger skin care kits.

  2. Bianca Guaraldi says:

    Hi Ananda! Working as a doctor, I get lots of benefits for me and my patients from Vetiver for grounding and nurturing and from Myrrh, for grief. I think they should be considered for inclusion in the Pract. II kit. I ordered Carrot Seed and Palmarosa oils from you (which were shipped today!) and they seem to be affordable and worthy additions for the Skin Care kit I. The inclusion of blends in the kits is a wonderful idea, it´s you guys passing on your experience to the world! I also think Rosemary shouldn´t be left out of the Home Medicine kit, it´s the most effective oil for me for ´cleansing´ heavy energies when I come home from work. Thank you for your wonderful website and resources!

  3. That’s easy, use the Rosalina Tea Tree Oil instead. Thanks so much.

  4. Christine says:

    I think the selection of oils in Kit #1 is just right, I would add 2 inhalers for respiratory blends, add a roll-on bottle, add a sample of jojoba oil.
    Kit #3 also has a great oil selection, I would add Ravensara perhaps reducing Rosemary by 1/2 to compensate, and add an inhaler sample.

  5. Shelley Trewern says:

    Hi all.
    I think the kits are a great idea, and eliminates some of the decision-making involved in selecting your own oils for a collection.
    I’d like to see Spearmint added to the Home kit, because it is a little gentler and especially good for children when making formulas for coughs and colds. For the same reason, I would possibly also include Mandarin.
    Since not all customers buying Home kits would have children, another idea is to create a second Home Medicine Chest kit designed especially for parents, to help treat the multitude of kids’ ups and downs. This could include Lavender (for minor burns, insect bites, scrapes, sleep etc), Chamomile, Mandarin (nice in a bedtime combo to encourage sweet dreams), Ginger (for travel and digestion), Spearmint, Tea Tree (excellent for an anti-septic wash for cuts and scrapes, and useful for blends to combat headlice), Eucalyptus smithii for bronchial troubles, and maybe for a really special touch, some Melissa oil.
    I’d also include some nice carrier oils (organic sweet almond…) and bottles for blending. And a spray bottle or two, for things like a bedtime blend to spritz around the bedroom, or a calming spritz blend for using in the car!
    As a mother of three active girls, I feel very fortunate to have such excellent essential oils to use when caring for my children. Thank-you to all at Ananda Apothecary, for all that you do.

  6. Lori says:

    I would add a pocket inhaler to kits #1 and #2. Also for kit #1 I’d add a rosemary. For kit #4 I’d add a small size bottle of both Super Skin Care Base and the coconut/jojoba cream base. Kits #4 and #5 could use some of the sample size vials so you could take your creations with you.

  7. Nancy Wells says:

    For the Home Med Kit: I really think you should include a small room diffuser since there are diffusing blends…so drop the Helychrsyum and drop either the Purify or the Super Immune as they are perhaps similar purpose. Then can you add a Rosemary or Thyme as they seem to be multi-use in the first aid. Or perhaps make 2 med kits: basic (with a smaller price point for beginners) and then have a med kit add on so a full kit complement could be reached in stages. I do love the roll on bottles as they are extremely handy for any of the kits. Skin care kit under $100….I love it and hope the quantities will be ample for mixing up some great lotions.

    • Terri says:

      I agree–maybe a small diffuser in the home kit would be great. I also use the copaiba often for many things, especially arthritis pain in my pets, which works so quickly and effectively, so I think this should be included. Hey, maybe there should also be an animal kit–I know so many people that use oils more for their pets than for themselves! These kits are great and adding pocket diffusers for the first two kits is also a good idea. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping your prices affordable and your shipping quick!

  8. Julie says says:

    Love the kit ideas! And, love your products & shared information. For the Home Medicine Kit, I would include a red mandarin or orange of some sort (uplifting for moods), geranium (stress relief/detoxing), rosemary (mental clarity/aid for respiratory issues), cinnamon (awakening energy/aid for digestive issues). I would suggest removing helichrsyum. It looks fantastic otherwise! Thanks.

  9. Tonie Silver says:

    I always like Rose Geranium in skincare. I see you have rose otto, frank, & sandal in the second set~ good. I find Myrrh is wizard in skincare. You may want to consider Palmarosa, Neroli, & maybe Euc Radiata… I also put Patchouli in all my skincare, but then again, I put Patchouli in everything.:) Hempseed oil, but perhaps just a wee bottle, as it’s so fragile. Pumpkinseed oil rocks hard. All organic carriers are a must for me!

  10. Sue E. Cruz says:

    GREAT Job Eric!

    For a chance to win a kit, here are my 5 suggestions:

    Having just read your blog post about Essential Oils for Acne and Psoriasis, I would suggest the following:

    1) Add Palmarosa and 2) Add Thyme to Kit #5 Therapeutic Skin Care Kit II
    3) Perhaps instead of actually adding these two oils to that kit, you could “upsell” for an additional cost the “Acne/Psoriasis” oils at a special price.
    4) You could eliminate the 2ml of Rose Otto and add: 12ml of Palmarosa & 12ml of Benchmark Thyme.

    My final suggestion, based on everyone’s comments is 5) that you add a few additional themed “Oil Bundles” that people can add to each of the kits. For example, the “Acne/Psoriasis” oils mentioned above. Other “add-on oil themes” might be Ginger & Plai for “Anti-inflammatory/Arthritis”, Clove & Wintergreen or Birch for “Pain Relief”.

    You have my best wishes for the kits to be a great success!

    All The Best,


  11. Lorah Super says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment. It has been enjoyable reading the suggestions of others – Ananada’s client base is pretty educated and experienced at using the products! I hope to add to my knowledge and experience. My two cents (and five suggestions) worth:
    1. For the Home Medicine Chest I agree with the concept of a “basic” home kit that is affordable, and additional kits (children’s, 1st aid, travel, etc) that could be purchased separately, that would not overlap ingredients and would add up to one great collection to serve many purposes.
    2. Including a small room diffuser and/or 12V car diffuser with the Home Med kits would be helpful and add value in addition to cost.
    3. Consider larger bottles of “workhorse” oils that get used a lot in the home – in my house, these are Tea Tree and Lavender (because they are affordable and work for many purposes). Might compensate by sending smaller bottles of remedies that aren’t used as often or in as large concentrations.
    4. To lower cost, consider whether any of the Ananda blends provided in Home Med kits overlap in purpose, or overlap with other “single” ingredients provided in the kit. The “single” ingredients could be reduced to smaller samples or eliminated in these cases. I would keep the Ananda blends, as these will likely lead to future sales of their individual constituents as well as the blends themselves.
    5. I love the skin care kit under $100. It is the perfect starter, and would make a great, affordable gift for a special person.

    Thanks for all you do – I hope to place an order soon.

  12. JoAnne Lingo says:

    I would definitely add Mandarin to the first kit to balance it. Even if a family doesn’t have young children it’s always nice to be prepared for visitors. All of the kits need more pipettes, you never have enough and five or even the ten included in the last kit are not nearly enough!
    I love the idea of the kits, they are a great way to get started and will be helpful and cost effective for all. Great idea!

  13. Cathryn says:

    I would add calendula to the home medicine chest. It worked wonders on minor wounds. I would also second the vetiver in the practioner II kit. It is very grounding and I find it especially good for helping an anxious teen calm herself and concentrate.

  14. Great idea Eric……Between what you’ve put together and the other comments….I have nothing to add except I love Ananda and would love to win one of these kits!

  15. maria says:

    I think the kits are very well done, but I just think that Thyme, “Benchmark” should be in any home emergency kit, but then maybe it isn’t considered an emergency kit?

    Great collections!

  16. Pat Deaton says:


    1. Cooks kit. Oils such as lemon, oregano, clove, Ginger, peppermint.
    2. Christmas kit with cinnamon, balsam fir, orange, frankincense, etc.
    3. A smaller beginners kit that I could recommend or have on hand for my reiki clients and students. Maybe lavender, lemon, peppermint, sandalwood.
    4. A Crafters kit for people making their own cosmetics, bath scrubs etc. Cornmint would be a definite addition to this kit!
    5. I like the idea of small bundles of the add ons that people might want to add to their collection. Like smaller vials of rose otto, Melissa, etc.
    6. A kit of just supplies. With bottles, rollon bottles, pippettes, good quality glass droppers, and maybe 2 or 3 carrier oils.

  17. Beth Yelensky says:

    To the skin care kit I would add cape chamomile and also calendula essential oil.
    You guys!!!!! You forgot to put in Blue Tansy as well….

    I would also add two or three nasal inhalers to the home medicene kit

    Good luck on this new endeavor!.

  18. Bridgett Magee says:

    Please don’t remove Helichrysm form kit 1 as some suggest. I use it ALL the time for many things. It is worth the expense. I would add Palo Santo to Kit 2. I just ‘discovered’ this oils wonders. It works well in medicinal blends and perfumery, as well. Tks for all your great work!

  19. Lisa Tolar says:

    I’m still new with oils. The Lord sent me to a Oils of the Bible class & from there I have learned a bit about these oils, but I wish to learn much more. You kits are awesome. I prayed about what company to purchase my oils from & I was told to use you guys. I have made Theives for my family & have even sold this blend to several people. I have a good friend who’s father has COPD, I read to mix Rosemary, Lemon & Peppermint, I made him the blend added prayers & the man hasn’t had a couching fit since nor has he needed his oxegyn…wow huh? They are now your customers also ! My suggestion to you is to put in a book with helpful blends, that can help people who don’t have total knowledge of the oils but wishes to work with them to bring about healings & wellness. Thanks guys for your awesome oils !
    Lisa Tolar

  20. Bridgett Magee says:

    whoops…did i suggest 5x…in case i was short.. here are a couple more suggestions. Remove Rosemary from Skin Care 1 and add sandalwood. It’s too good for skin to leave out of either. I enjoy roll on bottles for my deodorant in addition to perfumery, a good add. inhalers are great when you are in a some (i can’t imagine why!) may not like the fragrance??? Go figure.. any way .. these are in addition to my post adding Palo Santo & keeping Helichrysm. I frequently bump and make bruises which Helichrysm diluted in carrier casuses to vanish in 1/4 the time. Don’t leave home w/o it.

  21. Love the kits, and love the ideas that have been suggested by the other commenters! My thoughts:

    1. Add a conifer oil – Siberian Fir or Spruce – to the Home Medicine Chest. Invaluable in respiratory blends.
    2. Increase the amount of the Super Immune Blend from 5 to 12 ml.
    3. Consider adding Ravensara and/or Niaouli (MQV) to the Home Medicine Chest; both are such versatile antiseptics and healers.
    4. Specify whether the bottles include orifice reducers, spray tops, flip tops.
    5. Consider adding salts and/or castile soap as carriers.
    6. I love your choices for the Skin Care Kits, but do add Myrrh. It’s fantastic for a whole range of skin issues.
    7. Inhalers. Theme kits (children, pets, acne, pain relief, etc.): great ideas already mentioned that I agree with!

    Great job! You have put together very thorough and versatile collections. Thanks for all you do.

  22. K Gallagher says:

    Your kits are a fantastic idea and the lists look great. One oil that is noticeably missing however ( especially for the home kit) is clove bud oil. Clove has saved me a lot of ache, literally! For tooth aches there is nothing better. I use a drop on a cotton swap directly on the toothache area. A bit much for some I’m sure so a carrier like sweet almond will make it more tolerable, but for a “I can’t get to the dentist for days” moment there is nothing better in my opinion. Also I presume you are planning on including a book or guide of some kind especially for the beginners or for quick reference. Can’t wait to see the end product!

  23. ether says:

    1. digging the home medicine kit!
    2. how about additional kits that are for supplies only
    3. how about including some plastic/aluminum bottles for storing massage blends
    4. ooh! how about creating an “oils for the mind/spirit kit”
    5. how about including some simple stick-on labels for our newly bottled/jarred blends

    hope this helps,

  24. ether says:

    a couple more:
    – spray bottles! 1, 2, 4 oz
    - and for the skin care kit: pump tops for the bottles – the kind you typically see on 1 and 2oz bottles


  25. Bobbie says:

    I really would love to win a free kit since I am such a newbie to making my own choices and blends. The advice and clarity here is heaven sent.

    I am presently overwhelmed with the information I am finding on this site and yet filled with a feeling of “being home” and among folks who are on a higher plane than most when it comes to understanding essential oils and presenting them to the public. I have been looking to find a place like this for a long time and luckily found this place somehow among the zillions of possibilities on the web. This one looks safe, up to date and well used and of course 5 stars.

    My only suggestion and actually fear is that there are too many ingredients (5 :) and unless you have tried all of them individually you do not know which are a potential problem for you personally. However, having said that, you can try each one before mixing and blending?

    I am just right now figuring out my first order, came here for carrot oil and neroli, looking for a good price, and have been here for two days now! My order has changed a number of times going up and down in items and price, like a Christmas list.

    I have now place this website on my tool bar for quick access.


  26. I love these ideas! I love eo. I have just ordered my first order from you guys, I can’t wait to get it. I think the kits are great, I agree with a few others that maybe a child kit with lavender, tea tree, chamomile, eucalyptus ( super for coughs), and orange oil for cleaning up after kiddos, and I personally use a thieves blend of cinnamon, lemon, and cloves for the immune. In the first kit, I think helichrysum seems of less importance to me than say, frankincense, cinnamon, or clove. I love the addition of liquid soaps, I didn’t realize you had all these other things. Great job. I wouldn’t change much.

  27. Patti-Jo says:

    For the skin care kit, I highly recommend these oils as the base:
    Argan oil
    Tamanu oil
    Jojoba oil
    Coconut oil
    Evening Primrose oil
    Vitamin E

    I use this, along with my special blend of essential oils, as the base for my daily facial oil. These prevent wrinkles and crepiness and maximize hydration and elasticity.

    The top five essential oils most used in my special blend are these:
    Sea Buckthorn
    White Thyme
    Carrot Root

    It should be noted that I combine 19 essential oils and 8 base oils to create my blend.

    There!! :-D

  28. Christine says:

    Kit #1 – The Home Medicine Chest – I like this kit I think that the cost and oils are a good choice. This is what I would change:
    1.Add Carrot Seed oil 5 ml $5.98 we all need to detox due to foods, pollution and more.
    2.Drop PranaFy since it is similar to the Breathe Deep – $15.50
    3.Add a Plug-in Room Aromatherapy Diffuser $11.50
    4.Add a Pocket Diffusers $7.00
    5.Add a roll-on

    Kit #2 – Practitioner’s Kit I – I think that this is a good starter kit.

    Kit #3 – Practitioner’s Kit II – I would kick this up a notch. As a practitioner you would also have these items in your kit.
    a.Breathe Deep™ 12ml $21.00
    b.Moontime Balance™ 30ml $16.00
    c.Super Soother™ 12ml $29.75
    d.Lullaby™ 30ml $12.00

    Kit # 4 – Therapeutic Skin Care Kit I – very nice I would add a roll on

    Kit #5 – Therapeutic Skin Care Kit II – very nice I would add a roll on

    You should have one more kit that has cleaning both for humans (hair and skin) and house.

    Thank you for bringing these kits to us. You guys area really taking your company to the next level with all of these great new products. I love it!

  29. Irene says:

    Kit #1 – I would switch out the Purify for small chamomile and ginger, and consider adding small orange or bergamot
    Kit #2 – Add Clary Sage, maybe reduce Tea Tree to 5Ml to compensate
    Kit #3 – Add Vetiver, reduce Tea Tree to 5Ml
    Kit #4 – Add small Cypress for astingent, antiseptic quality for oily and acne prone skin
    Kit #5 – Would add 5ml Cypress, Bergamot and Tea Tree, reduce Rosemary, Myrtle and Sea Buck to compensate

  30. Regina Sargent says:

    I am looking into several companies at this time.
    I am a nurse, I teach Children’s Meditation and practice Healing Touch;
    I love that you are looking to your customer base for suggestions and ideas.
    I like the idea of the medicine kit, because I could encourage parents to purchase the entire kit, if not too costly
    1. If you could review the medicine cabinet with parents in mind.
    2. Stay close to the $100.00 to $125.00 mark is great, and that makes for an easy
    3. Smaller containers for the beginner
    4. A complimentary storage case for them to reside in, for easy access
    5. I would rather see thieves…or whatever your blend is for that
    a small amount of frankincense. clove and peppermint included
    6. A small guide book for use of the oils, or making blends within the kit
    soothing and calming…..respiratory complications, simple skin scrapes, foot/hang
    nail infections, stop itching remedy,(purification works well for me)
    viruses. and of course meditation blends/suggested !!!!
    I wish this company the best of luck and hope to find more information about you and your products.

  31. Marian Smartt RN says:

    Wonderful idea to make the kits available. For beginners, and maybe others, I would add a simple booklet that included some information about each oil and then a couple of recipes, maybe for some chest salves, bath salts etc. Who wants to pay retail for bath salts when it is so simple to make your own, same with medicinal salves and body products which are so easy to make. Educate us and we will buy more oils from you. Also, I think each kit should have some fracionated coconut oil…great carrier oil.

  32. Marjorie Roth says:

    Love love love your products!

    I would like to see –

    1. A Home or Beginner kit priced at $100. Just the wording & pricing will help a novice to get started – yet put their first kit together for them.
    2. Trinity – even a small sample – should be included in a beginner kit because when one truly experiences the peace that comes, purpose is found & their paradigm shifts.
    3. A Roll on bottle to be included
    4. An Inhaler to be included
    5. I also like a ‘child’ kit – easy for the beginner to feel safe

    You have done a wonderful job with your kits & your blends. The quality of your products, customer service & sharing of knowledge is to be commended.

    I appreciate you!

  33. Christine says:

    These kits are great, and it’s clear you’ve put educated thought into them. My suggestions are simply based on what I’ve found useful through my own aroma/essential oil practice, and creating my own kits.

    Kits #1, 2, & 3: Consider adding 2 or 3 plastic inhalers. Handy and easy for portable inhalation blends.
    Kit #1: Consider increasing Helichrysum to 12ml. Yes, more $$, but well worth it–this EO is very valuable in healing purposes.
    All Kits: Consider also adding Grapeseed oil–a great non-allergenic carrier oil.
    Kits#4 &5: Consider adding hydrosols of Lavender, Helichrysum and/or Rose. Hydrosols make wonderful bases for skin blends, as well as skin toners.
    All Kits: Consider adding more 5ml bottles. So often you just need to blend a small amount for whatever purpose you’re addressing. I think it’s better to keep your blends fresh, mixing only what’s needed at the time. With the wonderful power of essential oils, that’s often even less than a 5ml.

    Thank you for your products!

  34. Janine says:

    I really appreciate you compiling the kits as I have just been introduced to the essential oils and completely EXCITED with using them for acne aromatherapy and many other uses. Your website is AWESOME for a resource!!! I still remain a little confused so the kits will be very good for especially a newbie. Vanilla I missed in the lineup of the 5 kits and it is so relaxing pleasing etc Thanks Janine

  35. William Brown says:

    I am completely new to the whole world of essential oils, but after recently curing myself of a 20 year long Hemorrhoid problem using essential oils, I decided to research and learn more about them. Spending several hours on your website, I am intrigued, excited, and hopeful about the possibility of being able to not only create my own soaps and lotions from essential oils, but also to have found a way to produce these products in a healthy, safe, and natural way. I think that ‘Essential Oil kits’ are also a great idea, especially for people like myself who are new to this world of self healing, and excited about getting started, only to be discouraged by the price and wide variety of everything needed starting out. While my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt, since I am clearly a complete noob in this field, I wanted to make a few suggestions, in hopes if nothing else, that I would be considered to win one of the kits being given away. so here goes:

    1. Information – All of these kits need to include recipe formulas and information for each of the essential oils that are included in the kit, along with a conversion chart for diluting each oil included. This would give inexperienced users the confidence to create their own formulas based on the recipes/ information made available to them.
    This would also give buyers the confidence to be able to purchase these kits for gifts, without the fear of worrying about the product showing up with no directions.

    2. Package – A neat little fold-up carrying case would be nice. It not only would allow the customer to be able to keep everything together, but it would also make these kits more suitable for travel, or gift giving.

    3. Offer a kit that gives the customer the ability to choose any assortment of # essential oils of their choice for X amount of dollars.

    4. Offer Kits for 3 different areas. –
    A. Soap makers Kit, which would include everything necessary for a beginner to create soaps from scratch. Information, oils, and soap dispensers included.
    B. Aromatherapy Kit, would include a nebulizer, essentail oil variety, information/recipe packet, and handy carrying case.
    C. Basic Kit – Assortment of essential oils, Carrier oils, information, carrying case, pocket nebulizer, etc…

    5. There are usually two types of buyers….Those who buy quality reguardless of price, and those who will always focus on prices. I would offer a complete includes everything kit for the users out there who want it all. Assemble this kit with everything needed, reguardless of what the cost is….You might be surprised when you sell alot of these, even though the cost will be higher.

  36. I think the contents of the kits is perfect. I encourage you to either create a separate one or label the first aid kit also for college students. I have clients who are often concerned with the illnesses picked up by their son/daughter living away from home for the first time and eating “on board.” The food quality and preparation often brings on repeated illnesses and trips home to regenerate.

  37. Cheryl Clendinen says:

    Hi there,
    I love the kit ideas on your site.

    My suggestions for your consideration are as follows:
    1. Include fragonia essential oil in the practitioner’s kits if not to all the kits
    2. Include spritzer or hydrosol in all the kits
    3. Include a basic manual for the essential oils and what they are good for.
    4. Include a basic formulation sheet for mixing and blending the oils for general therapeutic benefits especially for beginners.
    5. It would be nice to be able to “substitute” items of equal value in the kits.
    A nice bonus would be a neat container! :)

  38. Lynn Cooper says:

    From what I can see I really wouldn’t change anything in the kit I am eyeballing (#5) ;) I own a salon where I use everything organic, natural or plant based as I possibly can. I use organic hair color holistic skin care where I mix up oil blends specifically for the clients skin type. I recently became a level 1 Reiki practitioner, I also use oil blends during this service. I LOVE the oils offered in kit#5 : Therapeutic Skin Care Kit II, I could use the oils for both skin care as well as aromatherapy.

  39. Sally Roldan says:

    Hello all,
    I am fairly new to essential oils but have been doing an extensive amount of research (because I’m new) to understand the uses for each oil. This is quite overwhelming. I was introduced to essential oils through Young Living but like most the cost is so prohibitive and the need is great. I was introduced to Ananda by a massage therapist and am forever grateful to him! You have such wonderful information about each oil and I can’t help but want to share that knowledge too. Blessing to you all for being so willing to share your knowledge.
    I stumbled on this page and honestly I’m just frustrated that I don’t see these kits available for purchase. Everyone has there budget so it would be hard to fit all but I love the suggestion of having multiple price points available.
    Based on the few oils I’ve purchased from Ananda Apothecary, all have been exactly as described, therapeutic grade, beautiful scents and great prices. Ironically, I have been trying to purchase oils that I can use as a “medicine cabinet” and from reviewing the list I was doing a good job. First, I trust what you have here as a basic kit which can take care of all basic needs and then some so I won’t presume to add additional but there are some great suggestions out there. Having said that, a book on essential oils being included would be helpful (not that you don’t have great info) just to have a way to learn and have access to the info at your fingertips.
    If these kits are available for purchase I hope I find them, if not please make them available. For new people that would be a dream come true!
    Sally Roldan

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