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Science Supports Essential Oils for Sleep, Anxiety, Antibacterial Action and More

Here’s two very interesting scientific research reviews published this year, which conclude essential oils to be truly supportive of our health. In producing these papers, the authors have examined a significant number of previously-published peer-reviewed studies to draw these conclusions: … Continue reading

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Frankincense: Sacra, Carteri or Seratta? The Science and Scents

With three kinds of Frankincense, with three distillation methods, which one do you choose? What’s the differences and similarities between all Ananda’s offerings? Here’s the scoop! Sacra, Carteri or Seratta? Steam, Hydro, or Supercritical CO2 distilled?What are the Differences and … Continue reading

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Scientific Research Says Inhaling Essential Oils Will Reduce Stress!

Science is validating that ‘aroma’-therapy can significantly reduce cortisol levels in humans through simple inhalation of essential oils! At the end of this post is the abstract of an important study which concludes that inhalation of Rose essential oil or ‘Rose Otto‘ can … Continue reading

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