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State of the Art Storage for Your Essential Oils and Blends

With Swiss-made ‘violet’ bottles, and Rosemary ‘Supercritical CO2 Extract’, you can go “high tech” in preserving and storing your oils and blends – Keeping your essential oils and formulas at their optimal freshness. The main factors in aging of both … Continue reading

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Best Practices for Storing Your Essential Oils

We’re often asked what the “shelf life” of our oils are, or of a particular oil, as well as how best to store essential oils for their longevity. Here’s the scoop on how best to care for your oils! The … Continue reading

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The Three Most Popular Anti-Bacterial Essential Oils, and Which One We Think Is Best!

Almost every essential oil ever tested for anti-bacterial activity has shown at least a moderate anti-bacterial action, and there are a few oils that are most highly regarded for this property, namely Oregano, Tea Tree and ‘Benchmark’ Thyme – though … Continue reading

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