Share Ananda and Receive A Bottle of our Amazing Amber Essence with Your Next Order

Liquidamber orientalis tree

The Liquidamber orientalis tree, from which the incredible-smelling amber is harvested

Share the wonderful, therapeutic essential oils of The Ananda Apothecary with your friends and receive a 5ml bottle of one of our favorite aromatics in the store, our organic Amber Essence. We’re allowing anyone who’s taken part in this before to do so again! So if you’ve ‘liked’ us on Facebook, or voted for us with Google +1, please feel free to do so again to add a free 5ml Amber to your next order.

Amber Essential Oils

Aromatic light and dark amber resins, from which the oil is made.

click here to do this from our homepage) then please complete the quick Facebook or Google login to complete the process.

Amber Essential Oil

Our Amazing Amber Oil

Then simply note in the ‘comment’ box of the checkout page that you’ve either shared us on Facebook, or voted for us on Google, and request your 5ml bottle of Amber.

A little about the oil: Amber is naturally a solid resin from the Liquidamber orientalis tree. In our Amber Essence, it is emulsified with a small amount of complementary essential oils and a touch of sunflower oil. It is a fantastic natural perfume, and is well-known for it’s grounding aroma. We love it in a warming diffuser (it’s too thick to use in a cold-air nebulizing diffuser, but will work great in an ‘ultrasonic’).




1) GO to the Ananda Home Page, OR back to the page from which you came (only if you were already on the Ananda website!) and THEN click on ANY of the sharing buttons: ‘Facebook’  or  ’Google+1′

2) Complete the login and sharing process. You must have an account, or set one up, with whichever service you use. Really, this only takes a few moments!

If you have shared us with your friends on Facebook, we ask that you consider taking a minute to set up a gmail account (you can always use it for online shopping notifications!) and use Googles +1 service to ‘vote’ for us.

3) Whichever service you choose, PLEASE do complete the login process, ensuring you have actually ‘shared’ Ananda!

Again, you may do this from ANY page where the sharing buttons appear on our website. You can choose the Ananda Home Page, our complete List of Essential Oils, or, if you were already on our site, follow this link to return to the page you were just on.

IMPORTANT – To receive your oil! Once you’ve shared Ananda on Facebook or Google:

IN THE COMMENTS BOX OF THE CHECKOUT PAGE: Please request your bottle of Super Immune, and tell us where you shared the Ananda Apothecary: On Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 or LinkedIn!

Again, this need ONLY be done in the ‘comments’ box of the checkout page when you place your order.

Thank you for taking part!

All the Best,
The Ananda Apothecary Staff

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