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Mandarin: A wonderfully-sweet citrus oil known as "the Children's Remedy" in France.

We’re trying to get the word out about all our really wonderful oils. And here’s a chance to try something exotic for free.

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You may then use one of the following coupon codes either with your order today, or in the future. (If you’re trying to use 2 codes at the same time, simply ask for the 12ml yellow, green or red Mandarin, and note the code, in the ‘comments’ box). FIRST, add the 12ml bottle of the Mandarin of your choice to your cart, then apply the code.

The coupon codes are:


You may read more about each mandarin type on our main Mandarin Essential Oil page:

Mandarins are really wonderful oils. They’re known as “the children’s remedy” in France, because of their wonderful sweet aromas, their ability to calm hyperactivity, and even to ease tummy troubles. You can imagine the aromas run from slightly tart (green) to fairly sweet (both the yellow and the red). Thanks for taking part, and enjoy!

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