Specials, Free Shipping and New Products at Ananda

The Current Sales & Specials at The Ananda Apothecary:
Please read instructions on how to receive each special & free shipping.

  1. Use coupon code ‘oils20′ and receive 20% off Corsican Helichrysum, Moroccan Blue Tansy, Frankincense Carteri CO2, Myrrh CO2Balkan & German Melissa and Indian Sandalwood! We’ve just received new stock of these oils, and they’re all absolutely wonderful. Please note, this coupon cannot be combined with other discounts, except for free shipping & requests for Super Skin Care, below.

  2. With any order over $89, receive our very finest anti-aging skin care formula: Super Skin Serum, normally $42.00. We’ve just reformulated this blend to make it appropriate for every skin type, and would love your feedback!

    Simply enter ‘Super Skin Serum’ in the comments box of the checkout page, and we’ll include your choice with your order! Please note that only one of these specials may be ordered per day per customer.

  3. Share Ananda on Facebook using any page (like the Homepage) and we’ll include a free 10ml bottle of our very popular Italian Bergamot with this order! You must request in the comments box: 1-”Shared on Facebook – include Bergamot”; 2- the date you shared it, and 3- the link to the page in which you shared it. Thank you!

  4. Free shipping for all first-time customers. Use coupon code ‘first-order’ (without the quotes) after selecting and applying our standard shipping.
  5. Free shipping on all orders over $99. Use coupon code ‘free-ship’ (without the quotes) after selecting and applying our standard shipping. Please note: this cannot be applied to orders of bulk bottles only. Thank you!

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