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The Current Sales & Specials at The Ananda Apothecary:

Be sure to check out All four sales and specials below and see what you qualify for.

Wild Sacred FrankincenseWild Indian SandalwoodWild Ethiopian MyrrhWild Himalayan Cedarwood

Special #1: Take 15% off ALL ‘Woods and Resins’ essential oils now with coupon code ‘oils15′. These are some of our most revered oils, and we always keep a stock of these at home for many, many reasons.

• Amyris, Wild
• Cedarwood, Atlantic, Wild
• Cedarwood, Himalayan, Wild
• Cedarwood, Texan, Wild
• Copaiba Balsam, Wild
• Frankincense, Carteri CO2, Wild
• Frankincense, Sacra, Wild
• Frankincense, Serrata CO2, Wild

• Frankincense, CO2 ‘Extra’, Wild
• Palo Santo, Wild
Peru Balsam, Wild
• Rosewood, Organic
Sandalwood, Austrailian, Wild
• Sandalwood, Indian, Wild
Sandalwood, New Caledonian, Wild
Sandalwood, Royal Hawaiian, Org.

These are truly among our most cherished, and most used oils we carry. Our owner wears a combination of Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrrh just about daily. Not only smells good (thankfully, for his co-workers) but the aroma simply brings about a state of calm and joy.

We invite you to use the search box on this page to find more about the research behind many of these oils www.anandaapothecary.com/essential-oils.html

Choose ANY of these oils, and apply coupon code ‘oils15′  at checkout. This will take off 15% off the currently shown price of each of these oils you purchase!

Special #2: Receive a FREE 5ml bottle of CBD ‘DeFlame’ with any order over $129.                                ~This qualifies you for free shipping, too!~

If you have not used CBD before, or are wanting to try a different formula formulated for inflammation and pain support, CBD ‘DeFlame’ is an excellent choice. This ingestible formula, in addition to CO2-extracted CBD, contains Ginger & Turmeric CO2 extracts, along with hemp essential oil. These oils and extracts synergize profoundly with CBD to significantly enhance its effects.

This extensive white paper & research review discusses the many benefits of combining the terpenes of Hemp’s essential oil along with its cannabinoids, and hints that consitutents of other essential oils may synergize with CBD as well. The abundance of health supportive actions when essential oils and CBD are combined is termed “the entourage effect”! Many of Ananda’s employees use this formula daily to support health issues such as pain, anxiety, and inflammatory conditions (to name a few).*

Important instructions: This  formula normally retails for $18.25. To receive your free bottle with your order over $129, please note “CBD DEFLAME” in the comments section of the checkout page, and use the coupon code “free-ship”.

Would you like to learn more about CBD? Browse our extensive library, and see all our CBD formulations here.



Special #3:

Share Ananda on Facebook or Google+ and receive a free bottle of CO2 extracted French Lavender oil!

Share Ananda on Facebook using any page (like the Homepage) and we’ll include a free 10ml bottle of our new Lavender CO2 oil with with this order! You must request in the comments box: 1-”Shared on Facebook – include Lavender CO2″; 2- the date you shared it, and 3- the link to the page in which you shared it. Thank you! As we’ve changed the special, you’re more than welcome to take part in it again!

You probably have experienced great lavender essential oils, but this is an almost totally new creation. Because the distillation is done at temperatures far below that of steam distillation, the resultant chemistry of the essential oil is unique, with different levels of linalool and linalyl-acetate. Some say it is more akin to the plant’s natural aroma. The therapeutic differences are close to the steam distilled ~ for the lavender lovers out there, it’s very worth experiencing this beautiful oil. Use it in all the same ways as the steam distilled varieties, and see if you can detect the differences the cool-process distillation makes!

Special #4: Free shipping for all first-time customers. Use coupon code ‘first-order’ (without the quotes) after selecting and applying our standard shipping. Plus…

Free shipping on all orders over $99. Use coupon code ‘free-ship’ (without the quotes) after selecting and applying our standard shipping. Please note: this cannot be applied to orders of bulk bottles only. Thank you!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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