Specials, Free Shipping and New Products at Ananda

The Current Sales & Specials at The Ananda Apothecary:
Please read instructions on how to receive each special & free shipping.

  1. Receive one, two or three free bottles of our best Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral oils & blends with your Order. With any order over $69, receive a 10ml bottle ‘Benchmark’ Thyme, what we believe to be the very best anti-bacterial essential oil for topical use. We believe it’s better than Tea Tree for all around antiseptic use. It’s higher in what some call Tea Tree’s “active” ingredient Terpinen-4-ol, and smells like fresh picked Thyme herb. Use Benchmark Thyme it in all the same ways you would use Tea Tree. 

    Our Three Favorite Blends for Immune Support - for Every Purpose!

    With any order over $108, also receive a 10ml bottle of “PuriFy”, our own version “Thieves®” ~ which we find not only smells nicer, but tastes nicer too (yes, we do ingest a drop or two now and then, as our intuition tells us ;)

    With and order over $169, receive a 10ml bottle of “Super Immune”, formulated using essential oil research on Pubmed.gov about the anti-viral activity of essential oils. This is in addition to the 10ml of both Benchmark Thyme and PuriFy!

    BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR REQUEST IN THE COMMENTS BOX AT CHECKOUT FOR THESE! Our system (which is being upgraded!) cannot automatically include them with your order. You will not see them added to your cart in your order confirmation email – we will manually add them after reviewing the comments of your order here.

    The same is true for free shipping on first time orders, and all orders over $99 (see #’s 4 & 5 below). Our ‘dinosaur’ system only allows one coupon code to be entered. So if you use the ‘SuperCO2′ coupon code, and have an order over $119 for example, be sure to enter: “Benchmark Thyme, Purify, Free-Ship” in the comments section. Yes, we’ll have our new site up by the end of the year which will take care of it all for you at once.

  2. ALL CO2 Extracts are On Sale. Use coupon code ‘SuperCO2′ and receive 20% off all our Supercritical CO2 ‘Total’ & ‘Select’ Extracts. What is a CO2 extract, how are they made, and why would you want one? Please note, this coupon cannot be combined with other discounts, except for free shipping & requests for Benchmark Thyme, PuriFy and Super Immune.

  3. Ambrette Seed ‘Musk’ CO2-se
    Arnica CO2-to, Organic
    Calendula CO2-to, Organic
    Caraway CO2-se
    Cardamom CO2-to, Oranic
    Carrot Root CO2-to, Organic
    Chamomile, German CO2-to, Org.
    Cinnamon, Sri Lanka, CO2-se. Org.
    Cinnamon, Burmanii, CO2-se. Org.
    Clove CO2-se, Organic
    Coriander Seed CO2-to, Organic
    Frankincense Carteri CO2-se, Wild
    Frankincense Seratta CO2-se, Wild
    Ginger CO2-to, Organic
    Juniper Berry CO2-se, Wild
    Lavender, French Fine, CO2-se
    Myrrh CO2-se, Wild
    Rosehip CO2-to, Organic
    Rosemary CO2, ‘Antiox’ Org.
    Sea Buckthorn CO2-to, Organic
    Spikenard CO2-se, Wild
    Turmeric CO2-to, Organic
    Vanilla, Madagascar, CO2-to
    “CO2-To” is a “Total” extract, “CO2-se” is a “Select” extract. Read more about CO2 extraction here…
  4. Share Ananda on Facebook using any page (like the Homepage) and we’ll include a free 10ml bottle of our very popular Italian Bergamot with this order! You must request in the comments box: 1-”Shared on Facebook – include Bergamot”; 2- the date you shared it, and 3- the link to the page in which you shared it. Thank you!

  5. Free shipping for all first-time customers. Use coupon code ‘first-order’ (without the quotes) after selecting and applying our standard shipping.
  6. Free shipping on all orders over $99. Use coupon code ‘free-ship’ (without the quotes) after selecting and applying our standard shipping. Please note: this cannot be applied to orders of bulk bottles only. Thank you!

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