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The Current Sales & Specials at The Ananda Apothecary:

PLEASE read the instructions on how to receive each special, below. Free shipping requires a coupon code, and some may require a text entry in the ‘Comments’ section of the checkout page. Thank you.

  1. Start Smelling the Flowers! :)  Receive our exquisite EO & Absolute sampler set free with your order over $99.

    Mention in the Comments Box “Sampler Set” and we’ll include it with your order. See the detail of the set, and all about the science of lessening your stress with these aromas here. In order to receive your gift, you must request it at checkout. Limit one per day, and two total per customer during this special. Thank you!

  2. Our best diffusers ON SALE: Our Synergy Essentials® cold-air nebulizing diffusers are the most therapeutic means of diffusing your essential oils by using only a stream of air, almost silently.

    Each diffuser comes with a 5ml bottle of each of our Super Immune and PuriFy essential oil blends!

    We’re also offering these same 2 great blends with our new Ultrasonic diffusers too!

  3. Share Ananda on Facebook using any page (like the Homepage) and we’ll include a free 10ml bottle of our very popular Italian Bergamot with this order! See Full Instructions Here. You must request  in the comments box: 1-”Shared on Facebook – include Bergamot”; 2- the date you shared it, and 3- the link to the page in which you shared it. This is  available 2 times per customer, on two different social networks. Again, please include the link to the page you shared on your Facebook in the comments section.

  4. Free shipping for all first-time customers. Use coupon code ‘first-order’ (without the quotes) after selecting and applying our standard shipping.
  5. Free shipping on all orders over $99. Use coupon code ‘free-ship’ (without the quotes)  after selecting and applying our standard shipping.

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About Free shipping for all customers with orders over $99.

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After you’ve selected your shipping method. PLEASE ENTER THE CODE IN THE “WEB CODE” box on the checkout page to receive free shipping!!! International orders using this code will receive a $6.75 credit towards shipping. Please note, we cannot add this to orders retroactively – it must be included when your order is placed. Thank you!

New Products At The Ananda Apothecary

We’re now carrying 5 great CBD oil formulas~

Each contains 1mg CBD per each 2 drops, for easy dosing. We’ve included ‘straight’ CBD, CBD plus Hemp essential oil, CBD plus Hemp essential oil and Frankincense CO2, and CBD Calm includes Lavender, Grapefruit and Hemp EO’s. Check them out here!







86 Responses to Sales, Specials and New Products At The Ananda Apothecary

  1. what oils compare to young living oils, example:what would compare to theives

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi Kathy — we do have a few blends specifically formulated to match YL’s blends for our customers whom would like to use those. Thieves is our PuriFy, Valor is our Virya, Peace and Calming is our Shanti, Pan Away is our Super Soother, Brain Power is our Sattva, Citrus Fresh is our Tangy Citrus, Juva-Flex is our ReJuvinate, Purification is our Pure Aire.

      If there’s one we don’t have, that you’d really like to see, let us know and we’ll do what we can to put it on the site!

      All the Best ~ Eric

      • Rita Bacher says:

        I am so intrigued with your oils. I am familiar with Young Living, but they are so expensive and not personal. I am curious if you have an oil like YL “Gentle Baby”. Also, what would you recommend for migranes? I also am interested in any oils that could benefit someone with MS or seizure medication.
        Thank you so much.
        Rita Bacher

        • Aneah E. says:

          Rita, I use coriander in a blend I sell for headaches and migraines. As everyone’s migraines can be so different, it may or may not work for you. Mine is in a blend also containing lavandin, roman & german chamomile and valerian (along with organic menthol). Hope that helps you in your own blending!

      • deanne frattali says:

        do you offer an oil blend similiar to Melrose?

        • Eric@Ananda says:

          Hi – No, we don’t have blend similar to that, though it would be really easy to replicate. It’s simply Tea Tree (Melaleuca), Niaouli, Rosemary and Clove. Try10 drops Tea Tree, 6 drops Nialouli, 4 drops Rosemary and 1 drop of Clove…and/or simply replace drops with ‘parts’.

          All the Best.

  2. Aasrien Maria says:

    hi , i am really impressed with the detailed description of each oil. I would like to place an order and pay with my credit card from India and request the parcel to be delivered to my friend in San Franscisco and he will carry the parcel to India , with him by 1st of November.
    Please let me know if this is okay with you , so i can place my order with you as soon as possible.
    Aasrien Maria

  3. Michele Chelenza says:

    I love your company! The products, the way you take care of your customers (me) The obvious care you give to your products and how you ship them and your pricing. The knowledge base of essential oils. Just wonderful doing business with you all. Thank you. I’m wondering if its possible to blend up a similar formula to Young Living ~ Raven? Its really the only one I’d like to try and reproduce.
    I wouldn’t ask and then I saw a comment from someone and your response ~ so ~ I’m giving it a shot.
    Thank you.
    Michele Chelenza

  4. carol w says:

    Just wondering if you ever have oils discounted? or close outs?

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi Carol,

      You’ll see a link to “Specials and New Products” at the tops of every page. We don’t keep oils in stock long enough to have “close outs”, as we keep “this season’s” oils in stock where appropriate, and oils that age well actually increase in value as they get older…let us know if we can help you further!

  5. Tayna says:

    Just had to say I was surprised to see Miron glass on here. I ran across their website one night/early morning while looking for bottles for my creations. So happy to see a stateside company carry their product…they are amazing. Will be putting in an order soon.

  6. Maggi says:

    Do you have an equvilant of Young Living Aroma Siez blend found in their
    Raindrop pack and Aroma Life whihc is good for cardiac problems
    thankyou I am putting my first order together

  7. Leslie says:

    I’m very new to all of this. My limited experience has impressed me enough to know I want to purchase more oils. I’m intrigued by a few of the YL blends but after researching the products and company, I’m afraid to go down that road… thats how I stumbled onto your site. Do you have anything similar to the R.C. essential oil?
    Thank you!

  8. Shelly says:

    I did a huge search 2 years ago to find violet spectrum storage bottles and went to a lot of effort ordering these bottles from Switzerland. They are absolutely spectaculor and worth the cost. Kudos – Ananda for making them available to us here in USA!!!

  9. Sonja Christiansen says:

    I have been looking for a place to buy Essential Oils for some time. I was using YL. But did not want to continue down the ‘sales’ road. My husband has severer arthritis. He can’t find a medication that will help the pain and still allow him funtion. After speaking with your staff I ordered Athlete Magic. I can’t say enough good. The belend diminishes the pain in a few minutes and keeps him nearly pain free for several hours. I did not know I could get free samples or free shipping on my first order because I placed my order by phone and the staff person didn’t tell me. But I am extreamly happy with his recommendation. Keep well, Sonja

  10. Pat says:

    I am a little surprised at the number of inquiries about YL replications at Ananda. I have been mixing my own “Valor” blend for years. The oils included in YL’s blends are listed on their website (or used to be), and knowing how to mix them (see Connie and Alan Higley’s book, Reference Guide for Essential Oils, which also lists ingredients for YL’s oil blends) makes it relatively simple to come up with your own blend. I was even able to tweak my Valor knockoff to suit my personal tastes (heavier on the rosewood)!

  11. purnima says:

    do you have any oil for hair that can make hair shiney? my hair is very long and dry.

  12. Connie says:

    I have purchased a Kangen water machine and do laundry, dishes, scrub my floors, etc. with this water. It is great for cleaning but has no odor. They suggested I add essential oils to the water to make my house, sheets, etc. smell good. What would you suggest I use for this? I cannot find essential oils at any local stores.

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi Connie,

      You can add 4 drops for every 8 ounces (cup) of water of essential oils like Lemon, Eucalyptus, Lemon Tea Tree, Lavender, etc. There is no ‘hard and fast’ rule about the number of drops – you can choose the oil, and make the concentration to your liking. They all have some amount of antibacterial qualities. Simply shake or stir well before each use, as the water and essential oils will naturally separate (unless you also at ‘Tween’, which emulsifies the oil in water – though for your application, I wouldn’t recommend it…not necessary!)

  13. Rita Bacher says:

    Do you have a product similar to YL Deep Relief? I love your oils. I received my first order about a month ago, and I am getting ready to place another one. So excited to have heard about you.

  14. Kelehedo says:

    Do you have versions of YL’s Humility, Transformation, or (especially) White Angelica?
    Thank you!

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi – Sorry for the very delayed response. We do know that YL is very popular, though we encourage our customers to consider blending for themselves…the savings is rather dramatic. I do know that these blends contain MANY oils in each formula, though you’d be surprised how even 3 or 4 oils nicely balanced can be just as wonderful. Blending yourself is a bit of a challenge at first…we do it by counting drops of each oil, then letting the blend sit for a while, then adjusting…etc. This way one can take the next step and really formulate more personal recipes. Oh, and just a little tip, if you ever did want to blend your own, inhaling from a small bag of freshly ground coffee beans between smelling your blends ‘cleanses’ the olfactory sense. Cheers!

  15. Jennifer says:

    This is about my 7th time visiting your site, in the last few days. I am so intrigued with all of the oils you carry and the information you have. I’ve been looking for reasonably priced oils along with a website that shares the oils benefits. You also carry organics! I’m impressed, and now a life long customer. I wanted to thank you for the dedication you all have given to bring us this site. You are helping so many people…I hope you understand this!! :-)
    Oh, I placed an order the other day and its already been shipped! Another reason to brag about you guys! Get ready for a buncha orders! I’m telling everyone I know! :-) Thank you, Again! :-*

  16. Sheryl says:

    Do you have an oil similar to Joy from YL?
    I’m going to be ordering some oils to try and would like to be able to compare to what I’m familiar with. Although it sounds like I will be pleased!

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi Sheryl,

      We don’t at this time have a comparable blend…I’d encourage you to blend it, but see it’s rather complex :) Honestly, blending 10 oils together is VERY rare, as some of tfhe constituents get so diluted as to not really have much of an effect on the end product. Not to say it’s not a wonder aroma! Though you might consider checking out the ingredient list, and sampling the 3 oils that sound most akin to what you’d like the blend to do for you personally. I do hope this helps!

  17. maitri says:

    Love Ananda so much! I order regularly to create products with the oils, and for personal use, too. Would love Ananda to have have an affiliate program, so I could place a banner on my websites!
    Just a thought-b/c Ananda is my go to source for oils and information. Thanks for the great oils and essences!

  18. lin fredrickson says:

    looking for something equivalent to “Peace and Calm” I’ve seen elsewhere. It’s supposed to work on agitated husbands and black labs with ADHD. The oils I’ve seen so far are costly. Is there a more affordable blend that works?

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi Iin,

      Yes, our version of Peace and Calming is called ‘Shanti’. The blend with that trademarked name (Peace and Calming) is costly solely due to its producer’s MLM financial structure.

      Let us know if we can help you further.


    • Hope says:

      I can tell you from my own personal experience as well as friends (we’re all dog trainers) that the Shanti is wonderful for stressed animals, whether anxious or excitable. I use it at home and also keep an auto plug-in for traveling.

  19. Maggi says:

    I can’t find the new acne blend to place an order is it available yet. does it come as a 30ml or 12ml
    Also do you have an equivilant to Aroma Seiz from YL It has
    basil, marjoram, lavender, peppermint, cypress

  20. Diane says:

    I received my 1st order recently and love my oils, especially excited about Ravensara and experimenting with it….I was wondering if you have any blends comparable to DoTerra’s “On Guard” and “Digestyn”?

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi Diane,

      Thanks for your inquiry. We don’t have something similar to Digestn, but Super Immune is proprietary formula similar in properties to On Guard ~ We’ve had a customer recently relay that they believe the Super Immune more effective – see more here:

      Not sure about your desired effect of the Digestyn ~ stomach/intestinal cramps are quickly and profoundly relieved by massaging a sprinkling of Roman Chamomile mixed in your palm with any carrier oil and massaged on the abdomen.

      Hope this helps!

  21. Eric@Ananda says:

    Hi Charlotte – sorry for the delayed response. While I’d love to be able suggest something from our store, I’d HIGHLY recommend seeing a qualified Naturopathic Doctor in your area. This person will take your daughter’s entire health & psychology into consideration, and suggest natural treatments and lifestyle changes that may truly address the root of the condition. It won’t do any harm to do concurrently, if she’s already begun another course of therapy.

    Hope this helps.

  22. Kim says:

    I love your products. I use them for a ton of various things. I have other brands that I had before I found you. Yours work just as good as the “expensive” brands. Thank you for your variety in containers too! Very helpful. Kim

  23. Eric@Ananda says:

    Hi Sharina,

    Thanks for your inquiry…No, no kits yet…a VERY worthwhile product, we’ve just been so busy we haven’t had the time…please keep watching…

    Cheers and Thanks,

  24. Leslie says:

    Beautiful oils. Thank you so much. I am very pleased with the quality. So delighted with the Litsea “May Chang”. Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra) is amazing on tender joints. Thanks for the additional samples. What a fabulous business. Looking forward to indulging more in your oils in the future! There may not be a true “method to the madness” of treating diseases with oils, but it sure give us hope! Allergies, intensity, reactions, all must be assessed prior to utilizing them for medicinal purposes. But overall the future is very bright for our plant based health insurance!, Essential OILS! Go Ananda!

  25. Ruth says:

    Very pleased with my order, amazing fast shipping(from TX to NYC) but the best is the quality of your oils. Im new at this world of aromatherapy and blends but im so happy to have found your website. Ive learned how to make my own blend for acneic combo skin and OMG my face is almost clear, so clear and redness free that i want to cry!!!.Now im going for an acne scars blend!!! Any suggestions???

    Thank you Ananda,
    for me your site is my wonderland

  26. Terri Pack says:

    We have fleas horriblely. I have used Yl oils as what is mentioned but they are not leaving our little dog alone. I have sprayed a mixture of different oils on his bedding and on him and they seemed to like the oils and even get bigger. Now what is that about? Honestly I feel these fleas dijest these oils and grow. I hate the thought of spraying harmful chemicals on him and his bed. Please help.

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi Terry,

      A scientific study was just released indicating Geranium as an effective repellent for tics. I can’t say for sure it will work for fleas, but there seems no reason it shouldn’t. The oil researched was Geranium: make a 3% concentration spray using just the South African geranium essential oil in water, with ‘tween’ as an emulisfyer. Find tween and pipettes on our ‘Bottles and Pipettes’ page. Add 1ml geranium essential oil to each ounce of water, or 8ml essential oil to 8 ounces of water in a spray bottle. Add an equal amount of tween – the tween smells a little off at first, but will mellow out after a day. Shake vigorously, and spray and brush on.

      I do hope this works for you!

      • Terri Coalter says:

        I’ll definitely try the geranium. But for the time being, I have to share another product with you and Terri, and anyone who has a flea issue.. Cedarcide. Google it. Its a great little company in Texas…created the stuff for the military….Basically pure cedar oil, yet safe enough for a baby’s skin. I use the Best Yet in the house. It kills fleas, mosquitos, bedbugs, and a world of other things. They slipped into the mainstream back during the bedbug scare. I hope I never have to be without it. (You can also use it on furniture and wood floors…..and no, I’m not a marketer for them.)

  27. Anonymous says:

    I want to know roughly how many drops are there in your 12 ml bottle essential oils?

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi ~ there’s an average of 35 drops per milliliter of essential oil. It varies significantly – this page can be hugely helpful in making accurate measurements, as it shows our measurements using our 3ml measuring pipettes for each oil. 1ml in the plastic pipettes was also compared to a measuring glass eye dropper.

      Drops Per Milliliter of Essential Oils

      This works out to 420 drops in a 12ml bottle.

      Hope this helps!

  28. Jody M Turnbaugh says:

    I ordered a few things a couple weeks ago, received them safely, and fairly quick, too! Thank you, Ananda. I have been thoroughly blessed by your site, the amazing amount of accurate and precise information (for free! Thank you!), and very excited about your genuine products…as those are hard to find! I also was so thankful and blessed by the free products and am looking forward to experiencing the results! May the Lord bless Ananda for providing a wellspring of knowledge in the EOs and such, and for sharing it with us!

  29. SAP says:

    Hi Aananda,
    I heard about the essential oil from one of my friend,n I tried it .Its so good.
    I jst want to know do you have any effective oil helpful for people with arthrities/rheumatisam?

  30. Sarah Thomas says:

    What would be comparable to YL’s RC blend? I have not tried it, but find that the reviews on your site are far better for customer service and product. We have 4 young children who like to share all of their viral/bacterial germs and I would love to diffuse in their rooms and the house with something that will knock it out for all of us!

  31. Rab says:

    Your Melissa Oil seems VERY in-expensive compared to other companies that also sell pure organic Melissa Oil. Is this really pure 100% Melissa oil or is it cut or mixed with a carrier oil? I notice in one section of your website there are 2 offerings for Melissa. One is Melissa, Organic and the other is Melissa CO2 but they both bring up the same product stating its 100% pure.

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi – yes, well, you’ll find YL’s melissa to be about $200 for 5ml…melissa selling for significantly lower prices is often lemongrass & citronella essential oils, or cut with those.

      We receive ours directly from the certified organic distiller in Bulgaria, and have test results regarding its chemical analysis and purity. The CO2 – which we do not have in stock at the moment is simply made with a different distillation method that the ‘classic’ steam distilled oil. Both are 100% pure oils.

  32. Jean says:

    My adult son has soft tissue sarcoma (cancer). He is having serious side effects from the chemo. Is there an EO that will help with nausea ?

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi – yes, Ginger is used to quell nausea, and others use Roman Chamomile. Either or both may be applied by placing about a teaspoon of any carrier oil in the palm of the hand, shaking a few drops of essential oil into it – then massaging into the abdomen. The Ginger particularly is used aromatically for this purpose as well.

  33. c fraser says:

    Am always on the look-out for therapeutic grade essential oils! Young Living has excellent products, however a bit too pricey for my pocketbook. I am happy to find your website. Very useful information! Thank you! — C

  34. Kim Hamilton says:

    Im trying to find ledum but have only found it with one company. Do u have it & im missing it? If u dont have it, can you recommend something comparable? Its for use in a body detox wrap.

    • Alisa Breese says:

      Just came across this information yesterday -

      LEDUM alternative
      using the Common Note Blending System as taught
      by the NTCB Aromatherapy Intensive & developed by Dr. John Gilbert, ND

      Combine in this order:
      6 drops Eucalyptus globulus
      5 drops Celery seed
      5 drops Idaho Balsam Fir
      9 drops Parlsey
      8 drops Melaleuca alternafolia
      5 drops Hyssop
      4 drops Myrrh

      These oils were chosen based on known chemical constituents of Ledum. If you need more information on the individual oils listed above, please seek them out in a volume of the EODR or Higley’s Reference Guide to EOs. There you will find the basis of actions which simulate some of the Ledum properties listed below.

      • Kim Hamilton says:

        Thank you so much. I ended up substuiting carrot seed, as recommended by Ananda. Its worked very well for us. This sounds a little more potent so I will b trying it.

  35. Michelle says:

    Thank you Ananda! My order arrived promply, the Oils are exceptional in quality and as a bonus, with your thoughtfulness, the shipping was much less than expected into Canada!! Love it! Thankyou Thankyou!

  36. I am a huge doTerra fan, but I also am a HUGE fan of your oils at a much lower cost and the service is awesome! Thank you for keeping me in my Lavender oil and my Frankincense, and allowing me to stay within a budget!

  37. Patricia freedman says:

    I am about to place an order for the various essential and carrier oils I need to make the blend for treating alopecia areata…I am hoping it will help with my hair loss. Do you have any suggestions for blending and have you received any comments about this particular formula? Thanks very much. Patricia

  38. Betty Lambert says:

    Do you have a compariable blend of YL Joy?

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi – Sorry for the delay. No, we don’t have something similar, however, this is an easy blend to make. Really, bergamot, ylang ylang and geranium by themselves would be a wonderful combination. You simply blend these to your own aromatic preference, and unlike YL, and their cost, there will be no carrier. Please email me directly if you need more help!

  39. Pilla says:

    I have had a total knee replacement a year ago and still on Percocet for pain relief. Do you have any oils to put on topically or internally that will alleviate the pain? anxious for your reply. Thank you!

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi – Absolutely use Helichrysum. It has so many complimentary active constituents to reduce inflammation & pain, and stimulate regeneration. If you’d like MORE pain relief, blend with Birch (preferred) or Wintergreen – both are chemically ‘liquid aspirin’. So, Helichrysum either ‘neat’ or 50:50 in fractionated coconut oil, or 30:20:50 Heli:Birch:Coconut. These will be amazing.


  40. Rebekah says:

    When trying to create a blend how do you know how many drops of ea oil to use?

  41. Mary says:

    Hello Ananda, I just happened by your site !! I see you see Sacred Frankincense. I’m helping my sister who was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma. She is doing rad and chemo… but I have heard a million good things about Franc and myrrh. What is the recipe I would use to mix her up a remedy to use? Frequency…

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi – Really all of the Frankincenses are active.* Frankincense is THE most thoroughly-researched essential oil/extract for its anti-cancer activity…the CO2′s are great (see our latest blog post on CO2′s to know perhaps why), and it’s the Carteri CO2 that’s been used in more research than any (blending the two would not only make an exceptionally effective oil, but a great smelling one too – if you choose, try 50:50).

      So, yes, Myrrh as well. Blend the two (your Frankincense, either single oil choice, or combination) and Myrrh 1:3 (1 part Myrrh, 3 parts Frankincense). Blend at 10% in Kukui-nut oil (see our carrier oil page) and have her massage 3x daily on-location.

      It wouldn’t hurt to have her inhaling this fairly constantly from a cold-air nebulizing diffuser. She could have it on a timer while she sleeps. Duration and frequency are more difficult to address given the method, but I have seen recommendations such as “inhale directly from the diffuser until you are nauseous”…this, I don’t think this the call for her condition (leukemia or lung-related cancers may call for this). But as much as she’s willing and/or wanting to use is worthwhile.

      Note, too, that EVERY essential oil thus far tested appears to have anti-cancer activity. Linalool, highest in Lavender, appeared VERY potent in one published investigation. At the same time, not all these oils were tested to show that the same concentration that caused natural cell death in cancer cells left healthy cells healthy. No reason to assume they wouldn’t, given the oils that were tested (a very few are known to be harmful)…point being, the more she got into ‘aromatherapy’, the better off she’ll be, in our biased (yet ‘research-supported’) opinion.

      * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  42. Betty Lambert says:

    Love Ananda Apothecary. They have to most wonderful oils and the service is outstanding.

  43. Brent says:

    I’m not sure exactly why but this web site is loading incredibly
    slow for me. Is anyone else havfing this problem or is it a problem on my end?
    I’ll check back later and see if the problem sgill

  44. Nicole says:

    I have ordered from you before & love your oils. I have also used YL brand for certain blends & am wondering if you might have anything comparable to several blends that I am currently looking for. One is their Gentle Baby blend & the other is their Claraderm spray. Not necessarily needing a spray, just a similar oil blend. The Gentle Baby I was told will help with stretch marks & just simply relaxing during pregnancy as well as to use on the baby & the Claraderm I was told will help with the itching on my stomach & also with healing after the birth. If you don’t have anything similar may I ask what you do have that you would recommend? I already know that the baby will be born C-section so Im looking for something that will help with pain & healing from that . Thanks so much :)

    • Eric@Ananda says:


      Thank you. No, we do not have exact similar blends, but we do have a “gentle baby” blend on our blends page

      The healing after birth will most certainly be best treated with Helichrysum Italicum, blended in whatever carrier you like. Probably the best essential oil to blend this with would be Mandarin, of any kind. These are definitely the oils. Helichrysum at 10%, and Mandarin (red) at 3%. Helichrysum will be absolutely the best oil for treating stretch marks and scar healing. Mandarin will help the skin and area relax, and be the perfect oil for the baby as well. Please email me directly with any other questions you may have:

      Thank you! Congratulations!

  45. Cynthia says:

    Hi! Wonderful website!
    What are your recommendations for headaches, migraines, chronic knee pain and allergies.
    Thank you,

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi Cynthia,

      That’s quite a lot of question in one sentence :) Headaches/migraines: two oils are often noted for this use – Peppermint and Melissa. A drop of either placed on each temple is said to alleviate symptoms for many. Chronic knee pain: Helichrysum is excellent – anti-inflammatory and regenerative; Wintergreen and/or Birch are both ‘liquid aspirin’, which will be absorbed in the area (though must be used with care, as long-term, high-dose use, as if one were using aspirin, isn’t necessarily the best idea for everyone…) Our ‘Athlete Magic’ and ‘Super Soother’ are blends containing these oils which you may have a look at. Hope it helps!

      • Gail says:

        Might be good to let people know that some of the oils like Wintergreen and Birch should not be used for people who take blood thinners. Both of these oils have aspirin like qualities and could cause excessive bleeding.
        Love your oils!

  46. Kat says:

    I am a recent first time orderer. After my mother in law pointed me in your direction I fell in love. First it started with a pre filled jasmin diffuser. Anytime i was having anxiety issues I would simply inhale from my diffuser and start to feel some relief. I was amazed at this. I had to place my own order. I was lucky enough to get the citrus sampler special and my first order was a amazing! The Jasmine oil has become my favorite to wear as a perfume! It lasts a lot longer then perfume as well! The quality of these oils is far above the expectation I had, especially after trying some of the other oils out there. I can not wait to make another order soon. Thank you so much!

  47. ariell says:

    Hello. I am very impressed so far with what i am reading about your oils. I am familiar with YL and DoTerra oils and believe they are very good quality. The price of those oils are not impressive though and would like to switch to your oils. Would you say that Ananda oils are at same quality as YL and DoTerra? The potency, purity and the testing? Thank you.

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi…yes, this is what we do! Offering the highest quality oils direct you without their business structure costs. Potency, purity and testing…they’re all here!

  48. Laura says:

    Do you make custom blends?

    • Eric@Ananda says:

      Hi Laura,

      Sorry, we don’t. We encourage our customers to blend themselves, by offering an array of bottles, pipettes and carrier oils – it’s very easy to do, and by buying the smallest amount of each essential oil in your formula, you’ll typically be able to make a significant amount of any blend.

      All the Best,

  49. H.R says:

    Loving the Synergy Essentials Professional Aromatherapy Nebulizing Diffuser. Ordered the stained geometrical wood. Best location? My bedroom!
    It’s a whole different approach, very effective method and the best technology to get the most out of any pure essential oil for any purpose! Simply stunning!
    This should have been my first purchase! It’s amazing! Beautiful!
    Inhale the vapor directly.
    I love the Ananda’s Helichrysum Italicum oil, the Melissa (lemon balm) oil, Super Immune blend, Wild Lavender oil, and the Frankincense CO2 Carteri. All the pure essential oils I purchased from Ananda Apothecary are of excellent quality. Truly love their super friendly professional products, staff and service! This the best of the best.
    Highly recommend the nebulizing wood diffuser to everyone into oils. Must have!
    Very Grateful & Happy! Wish the same to all! HR

  50. Emmaline says:

    I love Ananda essential oils. I had examined Young Living and doTerra but both were just too expensive for me to justify their use. Then I found Ananda. Their prices are MUCH better, the oils are wonderful and the service they give their customers is superb. Thank you, Ananda.

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