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The Current Sales & Specials at The Ananda Apothecary:Be sure to check out all four sales and specials below and see what you qualify for!

Special #1: All our CBD formulas are On Sale. Take 20% Off all sizes and varieties of our incredible, ingestible CBD Blends.

Ananda's Five CBD FormulasSee individual blends below, or jump to our CBD  category page here

CBD ‘Calm’ – CBD w/Lavender
CO2 and Grapefruit essential oil.
• CBD ‘DeFlame’ – CBD w/Hemp
essential oil, Turmeric and Ginger

• CBD ‘Plus’ - CBD w/Hemp essential
• CBD ‘x3′ – CBD w/hemp essential oil
and Frankincense CO2 extract.
• CBD ’100′ – CBD with no additional

The constituents of essential oils have been positively researched for their synergy with Cannabidiol (CBD). We’ve carefully created these blends with purpose! Each formula delivers 1mg CBD per each 2 drops for accurate dosing.

All blends are in a base of fractionated coconut oil (MCT), keeping them liquid at cool temperatures, with a small amount of Rosemary Antioxidant CO2 extract – AND in UV-light-proof bottles so they’ll stay fresh and potent!

We’ve had many rave reviews from customers using our CBD blends, with excellent results, and published our latest one, received March 3rd, here…

Choose ANY of these formulas, and apply coupon code ‘CBD20′  at checkout. This will take off 20% off the currently shown price of each of these oils you purchase!

Would you like to learn more about CBD? Browse our extensive library:

Special #2: Right now, this incredible skin toner is Free with every order over $59. Unleash your “Wild Beauty”!

Get Your All Organic, Supercharged Facial Toner for Free!

This blend will make your skin glow… it’s great for all skin types and can be particularly helpful for those that are acne-prone.

We’ve just created this lovely smelling (and very functional) spritz that offers all the wonderful properties of Rose and Rosemary that’ll help unveil your skin’s true and raw radiance ~ and we’re seeking your feedback!

IMPORTANT: If your order qualifies, and you’d like to give this a try, please request ‘Wild Beauty’ in the comments box of the checkout page. And please, email us and let us know f you’d like to see it as part of our line-up!

Our Wild Beauty is a trilogy of precious ingredients including:

When tested in house, just a spritz of this and the face instantly feels refreshed, clean and looks youthfully new. Aromatically, this blend favors the Rosemary notes, but any keen nose will pick up the soft hints of the rose. We happen to find the uplifting, clarifying scent of Rosemary truly delightful.

Much like the Rosemary c.t. Verbenone essential oil, you’ll find the same therapeutic benefits for your skin. Rosemary has a bright ‘pick me up’ effect and welcoming anti-aging, cleansing properties.*

This particular Rosemary hydrosol has been distilled in such a way to concentrate the ‘verbenone’ (a natural chemical constituent of both the essential oil and the hydrosol) for it’s profound skin regenerative action.*

We are lucky to have it too – we are currently the only company in the USA offering it! During our last trip to France when we visited several of our organic distillers, one group had just distilled this Rosemary to purposely concentrate the verbenone constituent in the hydrosol with the intent to help their teenage son clear up his extreme acne.

Within three months of direct application daily, his skin completely cleared up and has never seen a zit since! We have to say, after meeting the young man, we would have never guessed he had any skin problems. His skin was clear and absolutely brilliant. Note it’s not just great for acne-prone skin, but for stimulating new skin cell growth and for a smooth, fresh glow.

Our Organic Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol’s aroma is just absolutely luscious – just like a delicate rose petal. Also known as ‘rose water’, is most often used as a facial skin toner and is super healthy for all skin types, particularly after cleansing. We like to think of Rose Hydrosol as the skin’s best friend, as it rejuvenates, hydrates, softens, calms redness and feelings of irritation, and if used over time, reduces the effects of time (as seen in facial lines and wrinkles).*

We infused our new Wild Beauty hydrosol blend with California Wild Rose flower essence as we figured, we all could use some love at any time. The properties of this ‘Biodynamic’© essence to balance the heart, offer a feeling of love for all (Earth and Life) and inspire enthusiasm to just do wonderful things in this world. For those of you who are sensitive to subtle energies or energetic fields around you, or if have worked with flower essences before and understand their generous, healing gifts, California Wild Rose flower essence truly makes this a complete skin tincture of both physical, emotional and energetic benefits. It’s all about bringing out that wild beauty in YOU!

Special #3:

Share Ananda on Facebook or Google+ and receive a free bottle of CO2 extracted French Lavender oil!

Share Ananda on Facebook using any page (like the Homepage) and we’ll include a free 10ml bottle of our new Lavender CO2 oil with with this order! You must request in the comments box: 1-”Shared on Facebook – include Lavender CO2″; 2- the date you shared it, and 3- the link to the page in which you shared it. Thank you! As we’ve changed the special, you’re more than welcome to take part in it again!

You probably have experienced great lavender essential oils, but this is an almost totally new creation. Because the distillation is done at temperatures far below that of steam distillation, the resultant chemistry of the essential oil is unique, with different levels of linalool and linalyl-acetate. Some say it is more akin to the plant’s natural aroma. The therapeutic differences are close to the steam distilled ~ for the lavender lovers out there, it’s very worth experiencing this beautiful oil. Use it in all the same ways as the steam distilled varieties, and see if you can detect the differences the cool-process distillation makes!

Special #4: Free shipping for all first-time customers. Use coupon code ‘first-order’ (without the quotes) after selecting and applying our standard shipping. Plus…

Free shipping on all orders over $99. Use coupon code ‘free-ship’ (without the quotes) after selecting and applying our standard shipping. Please note: this cannot be applied to orders of bulk bottles only. Thank you!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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