Since 2004, Ananda has focused on consistently delivering the finest, most therapeutic, medicinal-grade essential oils available on the planet! Here's a few reasons to consider sourcing your oils from The Ananda Apothecary...

  • The Ananda Apothecary was formed by Eco-Scientist Eric Cech, to provide an affordable source for the world's finest true therapeutic quality essential oils. Ananda has always focused on the importance of using authentic, pure, true therapeutic quality oils for medicinal aromatherapy practices.
  • The Ananda Apothecary maintains strict quality control measures to ensure our essential oils 100% pure, and that that each individual variety is among the finest distillation available, anywhere. These methods include GCMS analysis, optical rotation testing, organoleptic analysis, and more.
  • In addition to certified organics, many of our oils are distilled from wildcrafted plants. In many cases, the very pinnacle of therapeutic activity is found in oils distilled from plants ethically harvested from nature, rather than from farmed sources. While not only being free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, these plants receive crucial nurturing unmatched by even the most careful, holistic farming methods. We offer oils from wildcrafted sources such as Frankincense, Lavender, Cedarwood, Oregano, Rosemary and many more.
  • Ananda has developed relationships with artisan distillers around the world. These craftsmen specialize in producing the finest, medicinal-grade oils, using carefully controlled distillation methods. We also offer a variety of CO2-distilled oils, produced at significantly lower temperatures than steam distillation. This technique can offer an even higher therapeutic value of certain oils (though not all ~ that's why some oils are available as CO2's, and others via the classic steam distillation technique). Frankincense, for example, has vastly improved therapeutic qualities when distilled via the "supercritical CO2" method.
  • Our pricing is always wholesale, for every customer. There is no need to sign up or become a member of anything. We do not have seperate wholesale and retail "tiers", which would end up increasing the cost of oils for everyone. We also maintain a strong customer service ethic, ensuring your questions and concerns are promptly responded to by phone or email. We offer an absolutely no-hassle return policy on all our products (see Order Info).
  • Our oils are available in a wide range of sizes, from 2 milliliters (1/15th of an ounce) all the way to multiple kilograms (approximately 34 ounces). You'll save more by buying larger sizes in the oils you use the most.
  • We offer a wide variety of therapeutic blends, and are always adding more. By investigating the ingredient lists, you'll find blends you may already be familiar with. If you'd like something you don't see on our site, please email us you're request. We listen to our customer's requests, and will add the blends you desire to our collection.
  • We also offer a complete collection of aromatherapy supplies such as carrier oils, diffusers, bottles and measuring pipettes. Further, we have the complete lines of North American and English flower essence vibrational remedies, which can be used in concert with essential oils for many purposes.
  • Last but not least, we're commited to the environment, and the people and animals of the planet. We ship using packing material made from 100% biodegradeable and recycled materials, and have partnered with CarbonFund to offset carbon dioxide emissions related to shipping and other operations. We also donate a portion of sales to several non-profit organizations such as Smile Train, Defenders of Wildlife, the Dzi Foundation and others.

The owners and staff of The Ananda Apothecary strive to consistently deliver quality and support beyond your expectations. We're committed to the medicine that essential oils and flower essences truly are, and to offering these in a conscientious, professional manner. If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us!
We're happy to help - you may send us an email at or call 303-440-3766.

About 'Ananda': From the beginning, even the selection of our company name, 'Ananda' was intentionally chosen for the entire purpose of this company's existence. In Sanskrit Ananda is defined as pure bliss... joy, happiness. The natural state of each of us, at our core/soul, is pure bliss. Outside of daily challenges, ailments, activities, moods and mindsets, it's been stated throughout the ages that when the soul regains it's natural, pure state of joy, it overcomes it's limitations and realizes it's highest potential. We believe the natural, pure state of essential oils  is one way to help us overcome whatever may ail us. And quite frankly, some of the aromas are indeed so heavenly, they can, in fact, offer an immediate sense of pleasure, happiness and healing. May you discover Ananda an experience you choose!

About Our Owner: Eric Cech was a collegiate national road cycling champion, former professional triathlete & cyclist turned alpine mountaineer has career as an alpine climbing guide detoured by being hit by a speeding car on the way to the market on his bicycle. The accident results in the fracturing of 14 of the 28 bones in the skull. Doctors expect 3 months of in-patient therapy to teach him to walk and function again in the world. Instead, he walks out of the hospital in 10 days, w/doctors siting "miraculous recovery" on his chart.

He was introduced to essential oils and their healing potential, though finds the acquisition of the healing-quality essential oils difficult at best at local shops, and impossibly expensive through home-based distributors (MLM's). Eric then sought out sources for therapeutic quality, and then began The Ananda Apothecary to offer the finest oils, with the best, knowledgeable customer service, at prices those in need of the oils could afford.

Since its inception we at The Ananda Apothecary have always hired a diverse skill set that helps when dealing with a scientific and spiritual field. Our staff embodies all of the different types of persons who use essential oils daily. It is with this diversity and expertise from Eric that we have begun our journey to change the essential oil field for the better, and get high quality oils to customers at the right price.