Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, since it's inception, The Ananda Apothecary has had a single vision: To consistently deliver the finest, aromatically superior, medicinal-grade, essential oils available on the Planet, at affordable prices!

We can now proudly say we are The World's Best Essential Oil Source.

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You'll find Ananda is Different

We consciously choose to work with artisan farmers and distillers. This means we choose to work with people who are doing this with passion and for the LOVE of it! In this way, we are aligned with Our Core Philosophy: Where optimal health and wellness of our global community is the intention over consumptive modeling which has not yet proven helpful or healthful for people of our beloved planet.

We prefer to work with those who remain true to the integrity of cultivating aromatic plants, with respect for the Earth and mindful of the end user. In smaller farms, each step of the process is honored with the intention to provide the best harvest and end result for therapeutic benefit. We find supporting small to mid-size farmers helps keep the traditional practice alive for future generations with great appreciation for how nature works, rather than supporting processes for mass or global production which tends to be profit driven and forgetful of what our Earth can provide; and what the plants themselves can inherently offer in wild or organically occurring settings. The distillers we work with remain true to the herbology and science to produce the very finest oils in smaller harvests or batches. Think gourmet cooking vs. fast food. There is a huge difference in the preparation and ultimate presentation.

  • The Ananda Apothecary was founded by Eco-Scientist Eric Cech in Boulder, Colorado to provide access to aromatically superior,  therapeutic quality essential oils without financial burden.
  • We do Organoleptic testing for the scentual Ananda difference! Each oil we sample from distillers is 100% pure (using standard GC/MS and other analytical techniques), and from all the oils of the same variety, we discerningly select the most exquisitely smelling oil through our Organoleptic evaluation.
  • Our Intention is to offer you the MOST activated essential oil for EVERY application.  Organoleptic testing helps us reach this goal.
  • We believe the best oils for any use have a superior aroma over others in the same variety, AND they are 100% genuine.
  • We understand we are working alongside nature. This means each batch is unique each year, much like fine wine. Each harvest is unique.
  • We're committed to the Environment, and the People and Animals of the Planet. Our packing materials are 100% biodegradeable; we donate to charities regularly. Currently we're offering 5% of proceeds from sales of our Whale Song blend to the Ocean Mammal Institute. Whale Song is crafted in honor of our late founder, Eric Cech who loved whales and cared about their longevity and global communication abilities.
  • We're an 'old school' Ma and Pa shop. We have a small staff, and wear many hats. We work with passion and we co-exist like family. In truth we have Ma, Daughter and Son involved. Our staff is kind, too. We like each other. And we consider you an extended part of Our Family.
  • We strive to make a difference. Read more Details here.


Our Owner, Anita Lopez

Since the passing of our Founder, Eric Cech earlier this year (2018), his surviving wife, Anita now oversees the Ananda journey along with an exceptional, heart-centered team. Many of you have called to ask how we're doing in this transition, and with the utmost gratitude, we thank you for your concern. We've had a few bumps in the road and some re-mapping to do, but our core has not, nor will ever change. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we venture along, re-adapt, innovate, inspire one another and try to fill-in the adept skill, dedication and knowledge that Eric offered to Ananda and all of you. WE are all in this together. 

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