Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, since it's inception, The Ananda Apothecary has had a single vision:
To consistently deliver the finest, most truly therapeutic, medicinal-grade essential oils available on the planet, at affordable prices!

Here's a few reasons to consider sourcing your oils from The Ananda Apothecary...

We consciously choose to work with artisan farmers and distillers. This means, we prefer to work with those people who remain true to the integrity of cultivating aromatic plants, with respect for the Earth and mindful of the end user. In smaller farms, each step of the process is honored with the intention to provide the best harvest and end result for therapeutic benefit. We find that supporting small to mid-size farmers helps this traditional practice stay alive for future generations, with great appreciation for how nature works, rather than supporting processes for mass or global production of which tends to be profit driven and forgetful of what our Earth can provide, and what the plants themselves can inherently offer in wild or organically occurring settings.

In this way, we ensure there is Heart at the center of all processes from seed to sale. This means we choose to work with people who are doing this with passion and for the LOVE of it! In this way, we are aligned with Our Core Philosophy: 

Where Optimal Health and Wellness of our Global Community is the Intention

Over consumptive modeling which has not yet proven helpful or

Healthful for the People or our Beloved Planet.  

  • The Ananda Apothecary was founded by Eco-Scientist Eric Cech in Boulder, Colorado to provide access to aromatically superior,  therapeutic quality essential oils. Ananda sources authentically grown, pure, and highly potent oils from around the world from farmers and distillers that remain true to the herbology and science to produce the very finest oils in smaller harvests or batches. Think gourmet cooking vs. fast food. There is a huge difference in the preparation and ultimate presentation.
  • Our intention is to offer you the MOST activated essential oil for EVERY application. We do this by first ensuring every oil we sample from distillers is 100% pure (using standard GC/MS and other analytical techniques), and from all the oils of the same variety, we discerningly select the most exquisitely smelling oil through our Organoleptic evaluation.
  • We strongly believe the best oils for any use, be it aromatic or other therapeutic application are those that are 100% genuine, and have a superior aroma over others in the same variety. Through the combination of technological analysis and using more than one of our highly experienced "noses", we determine the very best oils available on the Planet per harvest, each season! This means each batch is unique each year, much like fine wine. For example: same lavender field, same grower, but a whole new and unique plant, aroma, and offering of its divine essence.
  • We carry certified organics, and distillations from wildcrafted plants. In many cases, the very pinnacle of therapeutic activity is found in oils distilled from plants ethically harvested from nature, rather than from farmed sources. While being free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, these plants receive crucial nurturing unmatched by even the most careful, holistic farming methods. Some of our wildcrafted oils include: Frankincense, Lavender, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Rosemary and many more.
  • Ananda through it's years has developed relationships with reputable artisans around the world. These craftsmen specialize in producing the finest oils, by implementing controlled distillation methods (different than those farming on commercial levels or making "food grade" essential oils, which are often distilled for very long times at very high temperatures - resulting in a loss of subtle notes and therapeutic qualities that are not found in those made for Aroma-therapeutic use. "Food grade" is actually generally a lower quality oil than those produced for exceptional aromas and healing properties).
  • We carry a variety of CO2-extracted oils.  These oils are coerced at significantly lower temperatures than steam distillation. This technique can offer a better therapeutic value of certain oils, thought not all. Hence why we offer some oils as CO2 extractions alongside essential oils captured through classic steam distillation and cold-pressing for citrus oils.  Frankincense, for example, has notably improved therapeutic qualities when distilled via the "supercritical CO2" method, and shows a wider range of natural chemical compounds than the steam distilled varieties. Yet this is not true for all CO2 oils.  Learn more about each distillation method and the differences in the oils they produces in our "Making Essential Oils" article here. You'll find we also carry Absolute oils too!
  • Our pricing is always Wholesale.  We provide access to the very best oils without overbearing financial burden. There is no need to sign up or become a member of anything, or even purchase certain amounts monthly. We prefer you use only as much as you need, when you need. Our prices are always  fair and reasonable since we do not have separate wholesale and retail "tiers".
  • We are your direct seller. There is no additional retail markup necessary. We operate an online store, rather than stocking shelves or selling in retail stores, or having sales distributors/representatives. Rest assured there are no markups for re-sellers or 'distributors' that may be 'above' you or taking a commission on each sale. We prefer you get a true value.
  • We maintain a strong customer service ethic. Yes! We still answer the phone. We work to ensure your questions and concerns are promptly responded to by phone, email or chat.
  • We have a no-hassle return policy on all our products that are NOT opened or of which have been damaged in the shipping process. (see Order Info).
  • You can purchase a wide range of sizes.  We sell oils in as little as 2 milliliters (1/15th of an ounce) bottles to multiple kilograms (approximately 34-36 ounces). We offer the option for bigger savings when you buy larger quantities of the oils you use the most, or offer your clients for clinical use.
  • We provide a wide variety of therapeutic blends, and incredible skin care formulas.  Look closely at our ingredient lists. You'll blends you may be familiar with from other sellers under other names. If you'd like something you don't see on our site, please email us you're request. We listen to our customer's requests, and often add blends you need or ask for onto our product line.
  • We supply a complete collection of aromatherapy supplies such as carrier oils, diffusers, bottles and measuring pipettes and books.
  • We're committed to the Environment, and the People and Animals of the Planet. We ship using packing material made from 100% biodegradeable and recycled materials, use recyclable materials wherever possible in our operation (and encourage you to recycle your bottles as well), and adonate a portion of sales to several non-profit organizations such as Smile Train, Defenders of Wildlife, the Dzi Foundation and others. Currently we're offering 5% of proceeds from sales of our Whale Song blend to the Ocean Mammal Institute. Whale Song is crafted in honor of our late founder, Eric Cech who loved whales and cared about their longevity and global communication abilities.
  • Finally, we are a touch of 'old school'. We're a Ma and Pa shop. We have a small staff, and wear many hats to make all systems seamless. We work with passion and we co-exist like family. In truth we have Ma, daughter and son involved. Our staff is kind, too. We like each other. And we consider you an extended part of Our Family. We listen to you and respond to your needs. We can do this easily and readily, because we keep it simple. We are not a large conglomerate or corporation. We are in the business to help and supply your needs, not ours. So Thank you for allowing us to serve you. It's truly our pleasure!


  • Since the passing of our Founder, Eric Cech earlier this year (2018), his surviving wife, Anita (also known as Shams) is now overseeing the Ananda journey along with an exceptional, heart-centered team to execute his and their combined vision. Many of you have called to ask how we're doing in this transition, and with the utmost gratitude, we thank you for your concern. Lots of re-mapping to do, but our core has not, nor will ever change. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we venture along, make changes, re-adapt, innovate, inspire one another and try very hard to somehow fill-in the adept skill, dedication and knowledge that Eric offered to Ananda and all of you. WE are all in this together. 


Read more about our owner and our staff on the 'Our Staff' page.