damask rose The Damask Rose, source of the precious Rose Otto.

We've had such a great response to this sale, and really want more of our customers to enjoy these magnificent oils Each will be 20% off for one more week!

•  Rose Otto, Bulgarian Organic
•  Sandalwood, East Indian
•  Neroli, French
•  Jasmine, Indian, Sambac & Grandiflorum
•  Rose Absolutes, Bulgarian and Moroccan

Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto: One of the most highly-revered essential oils, both aromatically and therapeutically. Rose  is said to have the highest vibrational frequency of any essential oil. It is considered the premier 'heart-opening' aromatic, is excellent in tiny amounts in skin-care, and may be the most important oil of all for women. It's aroma is really out of this world, is very 'tenacious', and just a drop will linger, wonderfully, for hours.



Indian Sandalwood: Of any sandalwood essential oil, it is the wildgrown from India which has by far the highest levels of 'santalols' (around 90%) of any variety. It is the santalols which give sandalwoood its characteristic aroma, and which have been research for their deep relaxing (yet not sedating) effects. A very, very fine oil, which only gets finer with age.

French Neroli: When you need a beautiful, soft, sweet, calming oil, Neroli is the choice. Distilled solely from the flowers of the same tree which produces Bergamot, Neroli is thought of as the most gently calming aromatic. Neroli is considered one of the most important aromatics for treatment for anxiety, and depression resulting from stress and anxiety.

neroli Sweet, soft Neroli, is distilled from flowers of the tree which also produces stress-relieving Bergamot.

Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute and Organic Extract: Jasmine has been nicknamed 'Queen of the Night' and 'Moonlight of the Grove'. For centuries, women have treasured it for its seductive, beautiful fragrance. Jasmine oil is uplifting and stimulating for times of hopelessness and nervous exhaustion. It helps reduce anxiety and apathy, and can increase excitability when worn as a perfume. We have both a 'conventional' absolute and a purely-organically-extracted absolute. Also on-sale is our very-well-loved Jasmine Sambac absolute. The sambac is more sweetly floral, while the grandiflorum is the deeper, more complex aromatic.

Bulgarian and Moroccan Rose Absolutes: To round-out this beautiful set of aromas on sale is our Bulgarian and Moroccan Rose Absolutes. Quite different than the steam distilled Rose Otto, these are more potent in the middle notes than high, and absolute perfection either worn by themselves, or in blends as natural perfumes. Both are true aromatic treats ~ we've searched years to find you the very best of each and every of our oil varieties...we hope you enjoy them!

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