Sometimes we find new varieties of oils, though we already carry them from a different country or distiller, we find them so nice, we just have to add them.(And we've included a coupon to inspire you to try them out!)

Lemons on the Tree


  1. So today we've added a certified organic lemon, to accompany our great unsprayed - yet not "certified" organic oil.
  1. Peppermint Herb


    A incredibly floral certified organic peppermint from France, accompanying our certified organic oil for India (you might find French oil sweeter, and the Indian more "minty".

  1. And finally a vanilla CO2 called Vanilla Tahitenis, which has the aroma of vanilla candy -- a very pleasant scent worth experimenting with! It's also liquid at room temperature, where our other vanilla oils require gentle warming before most usesl
Vanilla Bean Pods


And as a promotion, you may use a free domestic standard shipping coupon if you order any of these oils any size larger than samples. Include one or more of these oils in you order, and you'll receive free shipping on your entire purchase. Use the coupon code "freeship-001" at checkout. The coupon may not be combined with any other promotions - as our system just won't allow it to happen!

About the Anti-Stress and Brain Boosting Effects of Lemon

Remember that lemon has an incredible host of properties just from inhalation. It has been shown to brighten the mood, and enhance mental acuity. One study in the Journal of "Psychogeriatrics examined the effect of aromatherapy on patients with Alzheimer's disease. It concluded with the statement "In conclusion, we found aromatherapy an efficacious non-pharmacological therapy for dementia. Aromatherapy may have some potential for improving cognitive function, especially in AD patients.". The study had used both lemon and rosemary for the stimulant phase of the testing.

In researched published in the journal of Brain Behavioral Research, Lemon out-shined both Rose and Lavender at significantly reducing stress when inhaled for long periods of time (the duration in the study was 2 weeks.

Peppermint for a Real Pick-Me-Up

Peppermint is the number one stimulating essential oil. Just a small inhalation from the bottle or a diffuser will clear the sinus passages and sharpen the mind. In research published in Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior, it was found that peppermint significantly increased activity of study subjects. We like to keep this oil handy in a pocket diffuser!

Fuhrer, peppermint oil is a tried and true remedy for irritable bowel syndrome, with significant amount of research published on the effects. Typically taken in capsule form, one can add a couple drops of peppermint oil in a small warm cup of water and take that way.

Vanilla Oil - the Great Calmer, and Bringer of Good Memories

Vanilla is well know as a favorite calming scent for children, particularly the very young. It is often included in infant massage formulas at a low 1% concentration. The aroma doesn't need to be strong to be effective for children. And with this lower cost and it's fantastic aroma, we highly recommend giving it a try wherever vanilla essential oil is called for, often in body care products of all kids. Very highly recommended!