Our limited edition Whale Song blend was formulated with love by our owner, Anita, in memory of her late husband & Ananda’s founder, Eric Cech. Eric was a man of many talents and after a debilitating bicycle accident in 2002, took it upon himself to find a natural solution to help with his recovery. This one accident, almost two decades ago, eventually led to him founding the Ananda Apothecary. Eric’s mission: to bring the highest quality essential oils on the market to people of all income levels so that others could afford to discover the healing and therapeutic benefits of these oils. Our resolution has never wavered as we continue to carry this vision forward.

5 reasons Eric loved using the oils in our Whale Song blend:

Cacao is rich in antioxidants!

Eric loved Cacao and used it in its many forms daily for its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants inhibit oxidation in the body to allow proper cellular function and enable people to live a healthier and more vibrant life.

Frankincense reduces anxiety and depression

Using Whale Song in a diffuser can help with stress and negative emotional reactions. The frankincense component to this blend has both anxiety and depression reducing properties without the side effects that come with using more conventional treatment protocols.

Dry and cracked skin care

This blend can be used topically to help with dry and cracked skin. We recommend adding the Whale Song to a carrier oil high in oleic acid to extend the life of this product such as Sunflower or Sesame oil.

Protection from chronic disease

Whale Song also contains high amounts of sesquiterpenes and terpenoids which are known to help with inflammation, reducing the occurrences of chronic disease, & protecting against cell damage.

Regenerative properties

The Helichrysum found in this blend was Eric’s favorite oil because of the myriad of benefits associated with it. In particular, Eric loved the anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties of the curcuminoids found in this oil.

Eric had a deep connection with the ocean life on this planet, and especially the whales. In honor of his memory and his devotion to all ocean life, we are offering 5% of all proceeds of this exquisite blend to the Ocean Mammal Institute. Our intention is to both benefit our community through his life’s work as well as to help the oceans that he held so dear in his heart. Please join us today through February 28th to honor a great man and a beloved friend.