Finally off to a sweet start with the Ananda forums Finally off to a sweet start with the Ananda forums!

Well, now that our forums are up and running, they do look a little bare. And it's certainly a challenging situation, sort of a "chicken or the egg" scenario. We'd love for people to be able to go there to find others discussing the same topic they're interested in, or to find the answers to their questions that other have already asked.

Not to say that we'll be populating some of it ourselves, but we do have a few small requests:

  1. If you have questions about the use of an essential oil, or blending, or any aromtherapy topic at all, please consider posting it in the forums. Not only will our staff be providing answers through these pages, but other folks whom may have had success using oils in similar situations may be of great help.
  2. PLEASE suggest additional topics for the forums -- our selection was just a "first go" at it, and we know it could use more.
  3. Please consider answering questions posted in the forums, provided you have the experience, and possibly becoming a moderator (you'll just need to send us a note describing your experience with essential oils and their many applications for us to review) .

Thanks for taking part in whatever way you can! We're thrilled to have you as our customers, reading blog, and most of all, enjoying our oils as much as we do!