Clove Buds, Source of Essential Oil Clove Buds, Source of Essential Oil

While we usually think of clove as an antiseptic, or something to have around when a tooth is hurting, the aroma of a very high quality clove can be out of this world. Spicy, complex, warm, and slightly sweet, our new Dark, Wildcrafted Madagascar Clove Bud Essential Oil makes a great addition to many natural perfumery blends - while still retaining it's classic therapeutic activities.

If you've ever thought about making your own natural perfume, you can try this little primer for a men's cologne using this new wild Clove Bud oil. Oils are categorized in 'base', 'middle', and 'top' notes, with some oils such as lavender and vanilla (particularly we find vanilla) to be 'bridger' notes ... aromas that help the other oils combine most smoothly.

For example, the Dark Wild Madagascar Clove is really a middle note, despite it's name. It would blend well with a base note of Vanuatu Sandalwood, Sandalwood 'Extra', or Cedarwood (there are likely many choices, but we'll keep it simple to start :) In this case, I would really recommend the top note to be the Organic (not conventional, because it's sweeter) Bergamot...and you may not even need a drop or two of vanilla at the end.

Some theorists recommend slightly more base than middle, than slightly more middle than top...others virtually the same for each oil type. REALLY, you are blending for personal preference, so here's the thing to do: add five drops of each oil to a sample vial, swirl and let it sit for half an hour (oils smell differently after they blend). Come back and give a test.

Want a little more of this, or less of that? Adjust SLOWLY...only one drop at a time, keeping notes, and waiting as long as possible before evaluating your new creation. Of course, if you're wanting LESS of a scent, you'll need more of the others, and don't hesitate at any time to add one drop of Vanilla CO2 oil, as you may really enjoy it.