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First, let us apologize for our technical difficulties with our blog, and our sending of inadvertent emails associated with our postings. This will not happen again, we promise!!!

And Now: Read on for our CarbonFree Launch Promotion! (See coupon information below!)

Yes, it's been a few days in the works. Ananda had been developing a new blog, and because we've wanted it to be top-notch, it's taken a little longer than expected! (It is still in development, as we're really trying to make it perfect!)

So here it is: Carbon Offsets, A Big Promotion, and A Healthier Planet! Despite the fact that Ananda has taken many steps to be an environmentally responsible conscious company – from using 100% post-consumer paper, recycled packing "wadding", recycling all manufacturing materials in the manufacturing process, PLUS paying extra to the electric company to be tied into wind-power electrical sources, we still felt we had to go further.

And so we have!!! Ananda is proud to announce it's alliance with Carbon Fund, a non profit organization that offsets carbon dioxide emissions (for us primarily from shipping essential oils around the world) by planting trees to recapture this carbon, and develop other environmentally-friendly energy sources.

We have made this annual donation without raising the costs of shipping to you. It's just one more way of contributing not only to your health, but to the health of the planet!

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Only one coupon use per customer, and we reserve the right to end the promotion if we find it's terms have not been adhered to. Again, the promotion is over at the close of the day on May 24th.