Bergamot Fruit Bergamot fruit, from which the essential oil is pressed.

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Share The Ananda Apothecary with your friends and receive a 5ml bottle of one of our favorite aromatics in the store, ourItalian Bergamot essential oil.

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Bergamot Essential Oil Bergamot Essential Oil

Then simply note in the 'comment' box of the checkout page that you've either shared us on Facebook, or voted for us on Google, and request your 5ml bottle of Italian Bergamot.

A little about the oil: Bergamot is the #1 researched 'Anti-depressant' essential oil. It has been shown to reduce anxiety in placebo-controlled studies, though both inhalation of the aroma and topical application without smelling the oil at all. Further, it's been recommended by Italian researchers as a 'complementary medicine', as its inhalation was shown to reduce the need for pharmaceutical pain medication in patients recovering from knee surgery.








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