64 Bottle Essential Oil Carrying Case Portfolio-Style, Holds 64 Bottles of 5, 12, and 15ml

We've had the request for carrying cases for your essential oils for some time, and have finally found the ones we think best for quality and price point. In general, we currently stock two different types - one a binder/portfolio, holding a mix of 3, 5, 12, and 15ml bottles - up to 64 total. This style is great because you can see all your oils at once, and can easily pick them out by site.

Essential Oil Bottle Soft Case Soft Case, Holding Up To Thirty 15ml Bottles

The second is a smaller soft case, where each oil bottle (again up to thirty 15ml bottles) sits down in its well-padded slot, with a zipper opening 'round the top. This may be perfect for the practitioner who isn't taking a large number of oils with them all the time, but can keep your oils neatly stored at home - of course, it's easy to travel with as well.

See all the colors and styles of essential oil carrying cases here.

What's new in Essential Oils?


We've got a fantastic new Bulgarian Rose Absolute in stock, with fresh floral notes we've never had the opportunity to enjoy before. It may be that these roses are organically grown - rarely the case for roses becoming Absolutes - however, this is from the same distiller who produces our organic Rose Otto...the lovely flowers are at his beckoning to make the fantastic aromas he wishes.

This brings our total pure oil of Rose offerings up to 4, with a Moroccan and Bulgarian Absolute, and Turkish and Bulgarian Otto...all wonderful in their own right.

Cedarwood Tree, Source of Cedarwood Oil Cedarwood Tree, Source of Cedarwood Oil

AND, after perhaps a year out of stock, this week we expect the return of Amber oil, one of our favorite, straight-out-of-the-bottle natural perfumes of all time. Difficulty in acquiring the raw Amber resin itself had stopped production, though this bottleneck has been smoothly overcome. The Amber is a great base to accent with other oils of your choosing - Rose, Jasmine, Patchouli, Frankincense and Sandalwood are a few that will definitely blend nicely with the Amber as your base tone.

Among the now 4 cedar varieties we carry, the Himalayan wildcrafted cedarwood oil is one of the new favorites at the store, with a distinctly different aroma than the wild Moroccan 'Atlantic' cedarwood ~ the Himalayan is more full in the middle notes (this is a personal opinion of course), and the Moroccan rich in delicate higher tones. A cedarwood lover might try them both, or blend the two together at a ratio of their liking (we OFTEN find that two oils of very similar types blend very well together, making a brilliant, complex 'pure' blend of essential oil :)

Star Anise Seed Star Anise Seed

And finally, along with our lovely Anise seed essential oil, we've added an incredibly rich organic Star Anise. While the therapeutic properties are said to be similar - though the botanically names are wildly different - the organic source oil would make a lovely touch in natural perfumery or cooking, as well as any aroma-therapeutic applications. Very highly recommended, to try a sample at least just to get an idea of what perfection can smell like!