We've been considering the effort of registering for the forums, and the hoops you've had to jump through to get to where we are, and chose this: You no longer must register to post in the forums. (Yay!)

With this change, we're hoping two things:

  1. That more people will be encouraged to use them, particularly those who may only use them rarely.
  2. That folks WILL still register to make use of some important functions. This includes your username alongside your posts, so everyone can get to know each other in this way. Also, you'll be able to contact one another via messaging within the forum system, and follow specific discussions via email if you wanted to.

And yes, regarding lavender and joining the forum, the requirements still stand :) It's not THAT hard to enter a username, password and email address once, and take part in the discussion. We'll be in there too, with all the knowledge we have to offer.

Please note: if you had registered before the evening of Thursday the 7th, and have found you could not log in using your original username and password, and would like to be a registered Ananda Apothecary forum member, either re-register using a new username (you can use the same email address) - or email us at community@anandaapothecary.com with the username, password and email you'd like us to reinstate, and we'll take care of that for you!

Also, non-registered user will not be able to post hyperlinks to outside websites, and registered users will need to request this permission. This simply makes moderation easier for us, so we can focus on the good stuff!

Thanks for taking part -- we're really very excited about the response we've had from everyone about how you are looking forward to a high quality forum to learn and teach, and all the other products and plans we have in the works. We're very much appreciative of your contributions and enthusiasm.

All the Best ~ From the Ananda Apothecary Staff.