The Patchouli Plant - From Which the Essential Oil is Distilled The Amazing Patchouli Plant

Many folks have absolutely loved our Corsican Helichrysum, and this year's distillation is now in stock. Plus, we've a new, lovely Dark Patchouli oil at a lower price, which Patchouli lovers will greatly appreciate.

Why Helichrysum? Well, it may be the most profoundly, quickly healing essential oil we carry, and the one our owner bathes himself in more than any other oil. Aches and pains? Injuries? Mild Burns? An application of Helichrysum will do the trick, and almost immediately.

Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil Corsican Helichrysum - Perhaps the Most Profoundly Therapeutic Essential Oil in our Collection

We love the stuff for muscles, tendons, and any physical injury that may be bothering you. Yes, our Balkan oil is also fantastic, yet the Corsican is considered the world's finest. Just a few drops do the trick - with many users calling it "the magic oil"!

Also, we've added a new, lower cost organic Dark now we carry three types: Aged Special Dark (5 years old, with a deep, musty aroma), our Extra Fine, with a sweet, floral aroma like no other Patchouli on the planet, and now our 'standard' Dark Patchouli.

We'd sampled Patchouli from several sources to find this one, and we think all you Patchouli lovers out there will greatly appreciate it.

Love or hate Patchouli, it has one of the greatest therapeutic profiles of any essential oil. Antibacterial, antiseptic, and esoterically, its aroma is supposed to ground one, and even be the bringer of abundance. See our Patchouli pages for much, much more information.

And don't forget! With every order over $49, we're including 2ml of Blue Tansy essential oil, which we've used and found remarkable at managing allergy symptoms - truly important at this time of year. See our Blue Tansy and Allergies post for more!